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I have to write this here since i want answer on why my body is doing these things to me

So here it goes...

1: Weird pain over my belly

2: My skin turn really grey all of the sudden .. like i been dead for a year grey

3: My fingernails turn purple doing breakfast

4: It fells like flames are going around my body, it doesn't hurt but it's a felling i never had before

Does anyone knows what is happening right now to me?

I update as soon as more weird stuff happens to me  

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My tongue is normal pink :-)

OH wow! Maybe you're transforming? I couldn't tell you, but... do keep us posted!

I will indeed! :-)

Never heard of these before, are they sold in normal stores too?

Yes. Look for the stuff with "The Mother" in it.

So i'm not the only one who has this too?

That's awesome, that kinda shows i'm not deadly sick :-P

I had a weird pain in my belly and I took a shot of whiskey, I feel like a million bucks I guess.
How long has this been going on anyways?

Hmm for about a week today :-)

Mmm...Herbs <3


Mr Bean Smoking Marijuana and s***! XD 

Sounds like the symptoms one can get if there has been a toxic chemical spill in the area... How are your friends and neighbors feeling?


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