Mutual Respect :)

After seeing and reading the vast amount of bickering that's been going on I thought I'd write a post on mutual respect. We are supposed to be living in times where love will conquer all and duality finally ceases to exist. Some people call us the way showers yet what way are we showing at the moment? I often look at things from a detached perspective and looking in on here sometimes all you see is a mass battle between people. When I spiritually woke up I was taught people have the right to their proof of spirituality and will not blindly just say 'O ok I believe everything you tell me although I have no direct experience of it'. Some do blindly follow yes but the majority won't I have found this out the hard way, when I was so excited as to my spiritual experiences that had happened I just wanted the world on board feeling what I was feeling. It didn't work out that way and many just thought I was mad. That is because they hadn't experienced what I had and so life was the same for them as it had always been. It took a lot for me to get this and I used to argue my point and feel myself getting quite heated with their points.

Pro GFL what you need to understand is people have the right to question, doubt if they choose and not just take everything said at face value. You need to allow them to question without getting mad and throwing insults back, it really doesn't do any of you any favours, looking in from the outside it's not a good look. Highly evolved beings will not be offended they will understand people's doubts and their right for their own experiences, their own proof, and hey if what your saying is true and mass landings and contact happen well there you go your point and beliefs will be proven. You say they are delaying the outcome by doubting well your delaying it by retaliating too. There's a little phrase 'rise above it'. 

I'm focusing my energies on my visions, working on my family unit where we are supposed to start. Healing ourselves and our relationships with our loved ones then our neighbours etc like the ripple effect we can then spread it further and further. The moment we put others down we place ourselves below them delaying our own growth, we are all at various stages on our paths and that is simply fine. Compassion is what's important now if we show the world looking in one thing let it be to keep an open heart filled with compassion. If we can keep compassion in our hearts whilst dealing with any situation it can only do good for the greater good. It will help us let go of lower emotions that create feuds. Surely we can do this and try and keep mutual respect for each other and each others beliefs. If we can't lets ask ourselves how we are really different from all the battles that have gone on through the centuries, we're not. What was it Gandhi said 'be the change we wish to see in the world'. Let others question if you don't agree by arguing it escalates and becomes more than it ever had to become. If you can't answer with mutual respect and compassion maybe don't answer at all. I'm trying this and it works great. Love to everyone even those that have disagreed with me and me them it has taught me a lot <3 

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  • Thank you Namaste Semile <3

  • Thank you for this wonderful post, I could not agree more with you, and am going to continually remind myself not to let people push my buttons, which happens from time to time.  I want to walk the walk because I truly care about people and do not like to see people angry or on the offensive or defensive for that matter.  We all need to support and respect each other, no matter the idealogies and beliefs we each may have.  That is what loving is all about.  Thank you for this post, and beautifully said.

    • This is what it's about Marique there's always been rows throughout history and life for our beliefs and people having other beliefs surly the time is here for us to at least except that we all have different beliefs and hey that's ok we should still look upon each other with compassion, love and respect. I love compassion it's a beautiful energy.

  • Great post Louise.  Its time people start accepting others for who they and their beliefs too.

    • It sure is Lucy and thank you :)

  • I think that people sometimes use the "Highly Evolved Beings" categorization as a way to constantly attack, not just here but on many sites I've been on.  I'll "Be the Example I want to See in the World" and then someone will mess with me, over and over again just so they can make the point to themselves that I'm not an evolved being... And that they aren't or don't want to become one either.

    I can not say with any true honesty that I am thankful for the people that attacked me for different reasons, but I am thankful to myself that I can hold my center and rise above all the negative things that have happened in my life.  It's up to us to not allow things to trigger us, and to hold our Light, Stay in our Center, and shine like the Stars :)

    We all have Mantra's that we Create for our Reality, and it's important to look closer at what those Mantra's are, and where they will lead us ~


    • Hi Delilah, thanks for your input on this. I use the 'highly evolved beings' as for me they are an example and an inspiration if we don't allow others words or attacks to bother us and can turn the other cheek then we are really growing. If another is not going to try and just talk in at least a decent way i'm not buying into their energy battle. If I don't buy into it it can't really go any further as it takes two to make it evolve into a row etc.. I would rather not give it my energy. I'm all up for chatting about theirs and my beliefs but i'm at a stage where if a person is just looking to provoke a response unlucky :)

      The reason I am thankful to all that have disagreed with me, agreed with me, challenged me etc is because it's all of these experiences that have brought me to where I am now. I know my beliefs and will stand firm on what I feel in heart to be real but if others can't hold mutual respect when they speak to another well I shall op out and make a conscious choice to not give it my energy while they are picking for more than just a decent heart felt chat. <3

  • You stated some good points. I agree with you and will act accordingly in future.

    • Thank you Cortex and I shall too :)

  • I hope it's the last and even if we believe in and work on different projects in life lets try and hold the love and compassion for each other regardless. 

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