• Wow, I sat on the edge of my chair watching this.  I had heard the conversation in the beginning before on Art Bell and many people said it was a hoax, but I would expect that from people, things that are terrifying and unknown are always called hoaxes or fabrications, and I do not know if it is true, so will not comment on the first part.  What I do feel could be real is some of the footage from the moon, although it could be clever CGI.  But the thought that the government would withhold all this information sounds true to my ears, because the government and PTB also withheld about the grays and giving permission for the Grays to abduct humans and perpertrated a lifelong coverup and discrediting of the victims and silencing people when necessary by why would I not believe them lying, discrediting and just pulling the wool over peoples eyes.  That there are interdimentional demons almost seems possible to me.   The grays reminded me of deceptive creatures that were pure evil and they were defiling and horrifying and unnatural and everything they did was so unbelievably "alien", so I cannot rule out that there may be truth to that.  I have never taken the bible and other religious books as the literal truth but upon studying for many years about the bible and the other religious works I am beginning to see that there are truths in there that we have overlooked or mistunderstood.  This video paints one hell of a fear inducing scenario, and I honestly cannot say it is entirely false.  It certainly has made me do some major thinking and makes me wonder about things in a different light.  I am not going to say that it is fake or real, but it is definitely food for long hard thought.  It has cast a shadow over my evening and has me thinking all sorts of shadowy things.  I do not think it is deliberate deception, it is definitely convincing to me that the person who made this video put a lot of thought and attention to it and appears to totally believe what he is saying.  Many people will dismiss this because it will be outside of what their belief systems are comfortable with, but I do not dismiss this as deception, I just don't know.  That is the part that makes me so uncomfortable, the fact that I don't know.   

  • It is not true

  • I think their world is behind our universe. Think about it, our universe is binary, everything is pairs, male and female, light and dark, here and there, up and down, now and then. Spirits and aliens are typically non sexual or single sex beings. So maybe, behind the world of two is the world of one. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. If energy and space can be eternal, so could spiritual entities.

    Now heres the flip side of that: my research and experience with spirits and demons (saw one once and used to know someone who was involved with summoning them) suggests they cannot take flesh and walk among us, or mate with humans. The sons of God of Genesis 6 would be acurately called fallen angels who left their first estate. There are numerous incidents of angels taking on human form for lawful purposes as well. Spirits and demons can appear as light or holographic, but they must rely on possession. There are certain weak inbred bloodlines that are most susceptible for that purpose of perfect possession.

    Lastly, I find the assumptions about space travel to be rather ignorant and inconclusive. For several reasons. In one scenario the governments are detecting them and not telling us, in another they are using intersteller technology that cloaks them. Portals could be from other spatial locations. There are a huge number of stars out there and there are actually other planets that Astronomers are locating that are reasonably good candidates for supporting life.

  • for real the beggining you have seen but not the rest. ive never seen this before....

    some reason the main text box wont let me enter httml for video so i put in the comment area of my group check out the other videos as well....

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