• I take it infrequently and irregularly.  By ingesting it, I feel I can manifest much more rapidly - so I only take it when I am without fear and clear as to what I wish to create.  Fear can hijack the manifestation.


    Much Love!

    • there are many alien ethnic groups who are interacting with us everyday. in fact one race is currently planning on slowing down the speed of the Nibiru System to lessen the effects it will have on a pole shift
  • You mean, what annunaki use to live forever?
  • Ed, Fear isn't controlling me, I just want to be totally informed.  


    I'll do more research.  People have to make their own decisions based on Intelligence, I do think that "fear" of some things is still needed in this world sometimes, especially when people come off very intense and forceful with their energy, it just makes me more concerned about whatever the topic is.


    I had already said that I would check it out, and I meant it, there is no need to tell me I'm controlled by fear, in an accusatory manner.  

    I am an open minded free thinker, who is interested in truth and intelligence. 12

  • Thank you Mr Ed, that makes me feel better already because I am in close contact with all of my guides, I feel marinated in the Christ Vibration and I guess if its alright with those in the higher levels, then its fine with me.. and I would only go ahead with something if I get the all clear from those who are assisting my Ascension in the unseen, my christ conciousness and those here in Ashtar Command who are heart centered and tuned in which I know you and the others are in here, so I feel blessed and gratefull to be sailing alongside you and everyone in this website..

    infinite gratitude and thanks to you Mr Ed and to all..

    Love and Light always,



  • Fair enough, Mr. Ed, I'll check it out.
  • I would be careful about taking any metals like this internally, I need to do more research, but in general, if I take colloidal silver, I take it in VERY small amounts, and apply it externally most of the time, mostly my nasal passages if I am congested.

    As far as Mono-atomic gold goes, I would also be very careful, taking any heavy metal into the body could store in your organs.

    It's something I need to look into more, but I would be careful with this.
    • Delilah, of course it's always good advice to be careful, though there are no metals in Dr Carla's Monoatomic Powders of Gold, whatsoever. She probably has the best WPG on the planet and knows more about it than anyone you will be privileged to meet that makes herself available to help educate people to empower themselves.

      Also, you can ingest a lot of colloidal silver and it will not hurt you. I give my kitty cat 3 ounces a day for several weeks at a time to get rid of a serious life threatening problem. The stuff is the best antibiotic on the planet and will save your life.

      Delilah, you said 'be careful' 3 different times in your short reply as if you even know what to 'be careful' about, except for what you don't really know coming from all of the fear programs you have running.  It is best advice to not foster the fear in you if you do not know what you are talking about, since you need to look into it and do more research as you mentioned.

      It does not help people when you spread your fearful concerns of something you are unfamiliar with, because it only applies to you personally and your own uncertainty about what you don't really know, so you need to 'be careful' about what you are intending to say, because you are probably not a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine like Dr Carla who is giving you free advice in this thread.

      • Yah, fear isn't always a negative thing Jewelz, it can be of use when you sense something that could be potentially harmful.  I don't think my words of saying "Be careful" are really that negative, I think doing research and looking at something from all perspectives is important.

        I will take your advice, but you are coming off pretty forceful with your energy....
        • Delilah fear is ALWAYS negative make no mistake about it - though I did not say you were negative, I said you were fostering your own fear by saying to be careful 3 times, when you need to research something you do not understand as you had stated - I also said there is nothing the matter with being careful - certainly

          Your idea of me coming off as pretty forceful as you say is also a negative program that is set up to deny truth information when you hear it that does not fall in line with your currently held belief system -

          There was nothing forceful about what I was conveying, as I was only telling and expressing truth information which appears to be foreign and unfamiliar to you -  You might be unable to consume that perspective in order to decode reality properly without taking offense when you hear it as most people do and are not used to telling the truth speaking their minds because they are more concerned about being polite when its just nothing personal whatsoever - so you end up taking something out of context and in your own defense thinking you were being attacked assume that you know how to read energy telling me I was coming off forceful when I was not -





This reply was deleted.

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