April 14

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searching for information all my life and knowing that there is more than what we see in this reality

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The teachings of Abraham, The Law of One

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  • Hi there I feel that every soul is a lightworker but not all souls have chosen to wake up in this lifetime as part of their souls mission and those that do find this hard as we are judged by the ones who do not and it is not every soul on the planet right now that has chosen to wake up nor wake up  the others its a tough road but with this you find a sense of wholness in your heart, and if you are on this site i feel you are one of the chosen ones who is to wake up for the ascension.  Im not sure myself sometimes how I became like this but its a great place to be with likeminded people. So i wish you all the blessings and love and light and hop you enjoy this site and it provide and guide your sould in the direction that you feel is the right one.



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s_e posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
s_e replied to prophecy_chillihound's discussion mono atomic gold
"You mean, what annunaki use to live forever?"
Oct 4, 2011
s_e commented on Shaun's video
"sounds like kind of disclosure ;)"
Sep 17, 2011
s_e replied to Ali's discussion Not feeling anything in this Ascension Process?
"Same here. I've been reading about this stuff, but never experiencing one. I have a headache in my forehead for some time, but I suspect that is because I don't wear my glasses, don't remember my dreams etc.  And I feel kind of depressed this days,…"
Jul 31, 2011

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"Globalism is in absolute panic stations over the UK Truss government's fiscal policies, which are going against the orthodox grain of the IMF and ECB....We have had several US bankers in London today, pleading with the UK to get back on track with…"
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"It would have been even more revealing, if that Polish MEP had thanked Task Force 68, of the USN 6th fleet's, naval under-sea warfare centre.....
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"🇵🇱 This was posted on Twitter by a Polish member of the EU parliament, Radek Sikorski.

Chairman EU-USA delegation @Europarl_EN; VP EU-UK Friendship Group; Senior Fellow@Harvard; Distinguished Statesman@CSIS

“Mała rzecz, a cieszy. As we…"
3 hours ago
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Beloved,.....These are troubled times. It is the boiling up of the broth that emits the steam, but also purifies it in the process. What is no longer required is alchemized into the ethers. Do what you can to stay grounded and centered in these…
3 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We are pleasantly surprised by humanity all the time. We feel you energetically going in a particular direction, and then you will take a sharp left turn. And most…
4 hours ago
ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"I also bought one of these, but I haven’t used it so far.

4 hours ago
ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"I will stay with vegs, fruits, oils and nuts for now 🐿

When necessary I may add supplements like minerals.

I’m planning to order organic nuts online. Maybe 2 kg in total, that would make perfect snacks. The bags are sealed, so these nuts are…"
4 hours ago