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Michele Obama's Manly Whiskers Photo Released By Q!!!...What The Hell Let Loose

It is known Michael had 22 assistants to help him get ready for each morning…. to make the transformation!

By Indian In The Machine 

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What the hell let loose could he have fooled so many ...yet few knew the truth ...NOW THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD KNOW 

Really shocking story, Krishna... & did you also know that Srila Prabhupada was a crossdressing hermaphrodite? Of course his couture getups are a dead giveaway... but what the hell, THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD KNOW THE TRUTH!!! 

For fu@ks sake, Kalki... you're so lost it beggars belief. WAKE UP!!!!  You deceive only yourself... but more importantly, you shame the true message of your guru. Then again, looks like he's in on the joke. 

& Kalki, never forget rule #62:

Don't take yourself too seriously!!! 

Srila Prabhupada did more good on this planet then you will ever do Mr Stick 

Spoken like a true hypocrite, Kalki... & let me guess, you actually believe the bottom feeding, tabloidesque, low grade posts you regularly pollute the halls of ACC with fall under 'good works'? Too funny. Prabhupada would be so proud... NOT!!! Undoubtably 22 assistance would help you pull off your dress. 

“Some churches, sects, cults or religious movements are basically collective egoic entities, as rigidly identified with their mental positions as the followers of any political ideology that is closed to any alternative interpretation of reality.” ~Eckhart Tolle

stick does some good in this world-he gets us motivated to fight him and the the others

just to believe this picture is of Michele/Michael is laughable at best. but again some members here continue to prove that half brain still working. Well . there is still room for some improvements...............

Holy moly!

gruesome twosome..heh, heh, heh..michael/barry

            Greusome twosome indeed...

Ole Sheldan must loose sleep over his two long lost brothers malignant egophrenia..

Then again... they're all freakin nuts! ;-)

disgusting and crazy

No Pet Rock.. he was First Lady and some heads of states even kissed him or his hand ...what fools 



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