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Michele Obama's Manly Whiskers Photo Released By Q!!!...What The Hell Let Loose

It is known Michael had 22 assistants to help him get ready for each morning…. to make the transformation!

By Indian In The Machine 

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George (baby) Bush fell in love with him, & kissed him on the lip's, as well as his ass. Obumer, thought it was great, & laughed his ass off too!  Bush, probably thinking and wondering if this is a, (girl or guy if he has a weenie, or a catchers mitt). Scuttle butt is that Mrs.O. likes baby Bush too. lol.  Wow, a mistake made in the New's Media, as Barbara Bush looks on, watching out for Daddy Bush's wandering hands, while drooling down his shirt & wheel chair. What a disgusting X-President & Nazi, Satan lover. He's as bad as the Pope, only he is in white.


The so called before First Lady is a dude 

Like Steven Tyler said : 'Dude looks like a lady' and, it was written just about her..... Duh!

oh wow, great detective work krishna, really powerful stuff 

This is the top thread on this site? LOL oy

How did this dude ..sucker ..cheat...hypocrite...laying bastard manage to fool so many world wide ..the place for him is Alcatraz where he should rot in hell...and that’s only because I am being nice 

about 15 years ago the American AMA was lobbied to lessen the diagnosis on transvestism-though this is the basic sexual disorder;

Transvestism involves recurrent, intense sexual arousal from cross-dressing. Transvestic disorder is transvestism that causes significant distress or substantially interferes with daily functioning.

and anyway next thing you know hand picked obama-groomed for the exec position that brought us another 16 trillion in debt(stolen from the treasury in different ways) a culture of hate Americans , child /human trafficking for the most heinous crimes, actual SLAVERY of over 2 million PEOPLE, and the glorification of counter culture screwballs-DEVIANTS!!!!

It’s a bloody geezer fooling around 

found these pics of nazis cross dressing-funny that-obama backed the nazis in ukraine strting in 2013, no doubt from an order from soros ( a nazi collaborator during ww2, turned over jews for money-he himself a jew)

Happy holidays: German men in uniforms are seen enjoying a drink and dinner at what appears to be a Christmas lunch as a decorated tree is seen in the background. As holiday entertainment for the occasion, another German soldier appears to have been chosen to do a dance dressed in a long skirt and crop-top

The German forces' sweetheart: With the abject lack of female singers performing for these troops on the frontline, one of the soldiers has had to step up and take the stage in a dress to sing for his fellow soldiers

Fashion show: It is not known where this photograph was taken, but according to Martin Dammann it was taken on the front line during World War II and shows three German soldiers dressed up in long home-made gowns and hairbands as they look out over a village from a garden

Put your best foot forward: Five young German Nazi recruits are seen putting on a dance performance in skirts made out of what appears to be towels and a blanket



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