Two huge, rotating, glowing, mist shrouded, mother-ship type UFOs have been seen by millons of residents in the Chinese cities and regions of Shahe, Xingtai, Ren County, South County, as well as Yongnian County.The event occurred on the evening of 20 August beginning at around 8:30pm.The UFO crafts hovered above, making large circles over the area, for over two hours and had locals terrified. Police received thousands of calls regarding the UFOs and various government authorities have rushed to the area to investigate further.Officials have offered explanations as to what the object was. One theory is that it was a laser light show. Another that it was a bizarre weather pattern.Interestingly China's mainstream media outlets conceded that the many witnesses who saw the UFOs were certain it was neither of these things.The event has been widely reported by media within China.Numerous photos were taken and one alleged image of the UFO can be seen below.

UFO mega event in China: Government releases amazing video!Just yesterday we reported on a massive UFO event that occurred on the evening of 20 August beginning at around 8:30pm.Two huge, rotating, glowing, mist-shrouded, mother-ship type UFOs were seen by millions of residents in the Chinese cities and regions of Shahe, Xingtai, Ren County, South County, as well as Yongnian County.Shanghai News quoted Li Baohong, an astronomer from Shandong University as saying:'It is rare that UFO sightings have occurred over such a large area although it would be difficult to determine the nature of the objects.'Many rather impatient readers emailed us wondering how can it be that if millions of locals saw the UFO there is no film of the event. In fact there were many if not hundreds of videos taken of the object.Xinhua, China's official government news outlet and that nations most repsected news service has reported on the event and has now released a video of the remarkable object. The video can be watched here on Xinhua Net: Viewers should note that this object was seen in numerous cities over a vast area. With that in mind, judging by the video the UFO must be have been absolutely enormous. One thing all viewers might agree on is that this isn't swamp gas or an unusual weather pattern: as initially suggested by the authorities. and PeaceThomas

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  • thats awesome news to hear and yes something is about to take place, also How dumb do the goverments thinks we are ?
    laser light show bizarre weather pattern yeah ok tell that to someone who just came from under a rock or fell off the pepper truck

    Stay blessed namaste
  • It can only be a good sign ;) ~*

  • they relaxed censorship to report this? hmmm..
  • looks like a ufo with an overdose of lipstick! Its not first a ufo has been seen and it wont be the last!
  • From the footage, they don't look like lightships as such, which would never come that low anyway into such dense and low vibrations. Looks like a local, human made 3D craft of some sort, piloted by one of the groups that have these. The strobe lights imply that it operates as part of a larger fleet and has a hangar/base somewhere, that requires it to have these lights. Getting into chinese airspace like that and just zooming around; you would have to assume that they are chinese, or allied with china, otherwise they'd have been knocked out of the sky with a beam weapon before they got close to any populated areas.

    Interesting agenda though, buzzing crowded areas like that. Possibly preparing for something. Very interested to see how this develops.
    • I wonder if it has anything to do with project blue beam? Almost looks like a projected hologram in a way. Just a thought. I do have to agree with you that if it really was a tangible object that low in the airspace and so close to other craft, that it indeed would have caused defensive measures. Espectially seeing how humans like to kill anything they do not understand whether they know if it causes harm or not.
  • Thank you for sharing this, this is wondrous. I am hoping there will be more sightings of this magnitude to come. I wish I could have been one of its viewers, but am thankful to see this second hand.
    • I feel the same like you. It would be great to be one of the viewers. But I have the feeling everybody will see it soon, I think the first official contact with our cosmic brothers and sisters is very close! I'm so exciting and I don't want to wait any longer! I have a feeling like a child can't wait for christmas ;-)
  • Great news, thanks for sharing :)
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