The Capricorn line-up of 2020 will have a huge impact on world events! Here are my astrology predictions for 2020 relative to this line-up, along with other astrology events of 2020....Enjoy8111322887?profile=original8111322896?profile=original 

United States of America – 2020 - The first half of 2020 will feature a massive transiting lineup of planets in the sign of Capricorn (in the U.S.A. 8th) that will Trine the natal U.S.A. Neptune (in the 4th) and will also form an Opposition with natal U.S.A. Mercury (in the 2nd). This defines shocking or very intense news and media coverage (or news that concerns the media) that will be subjective towards one (or more) of the following areas: (a) scandals involving politicians, elected officials, or very powerful people in business (b) problems involving banking, insurance, real estate, pensions, or tax policies (c) news-worthy sexual scandals (i.e. Jeffrey Epstein or related) (d) scandals or news coverage of areas that concern areas related to espionage or spying on others. - Transiting Uranus is in the U.S.A. 11th (while this massive Capricorn lineup will be forming Squares to natal Chiron in the U.S.A. 11th). Expect very vocal and possibly physical protests and conflicts taking place throughout 2020 in the U.S.A. These conflicts may be due to friction concerning associates and alliances (i.e. local and state governments, neighboring countries, allies). The strongest probability for physical conflicts will concern grassroots protests, and these protests may be due to politics and/or financial concerns. - With Saturn in Capricorn going direct and Mars in Aries going Retrograde in September 2020 (and forming hard aspects to the natal U.S.A. Pluto), expect much violence or intense grassroots conflicts on U.S.A. soil to be very probable in the second half of 2020. This may escalate as elections are approached in November 2020 due to the transiting North Node approaching the U.S.A. Mars at this time.


Russia (Belavezh Accords) – 2020 - The massive transiting 2020 lineup in Capricorn will be placed in Russia’s 5th House. This lineup will be forming hard Sextiles to the natal Venus Conjunction Pluto placement in the natal 4th during the first half of 2020. Hence, for the first half of 2020, this event suggests one or more of the following possibilities for Russia: (a) increased tension between younger people and their relationship with the government and/or financial institutions (due to the 5th House defining younger people and the 2020 Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto taking place there at 22º Capricorn) (b) corrective activities taking place with financial institutions or government agencies as a result of legal conflict or scandal (c) disappointing news regarding home sales or real estate activity. - A very hard Square takes place involving transiting 8th House Neptune to natal 4th House Mars throughout most of 2020. This defines probable fraud or similar scandals taking place in Russia in 2020 involving banking, insurance, finance, pensions, activities of the elite, or taxation. The second half of 2020 looks especially probable for these activities to take place. - Uranus enters the 10th in spring of 2020. It will be forming Squares to natal Saturn in the 6th and natal Chiron in the 12th; the Square to Chiron in the 12th will be particularly strong in the second half of 2020. This Uranus Square Chiron transit may indicate conflicts or disagreements within the ruling party (and possibly including the general population) regarding one or more of the following: (a) government surveillance of the population (b) government policies regarding advanced technologies such as A.I., the internet, and defense technologies (c) policies that involve spying or intelligence gathering (d) scandals involving the three areas named above.


China – 2020 - The massive Capricorn lineup of winter 2020 will transit China’s 12th House and form Conjunctions to the natal 12th House Jupiter and form Sextiles to the natal MC. This strongly suggests much conflict and/or activities involving China’s intelligence gathering apparatus throughout 2020, and it will have an impact on “the reputation” of the nation as a whole. The 12th House has a lot to do with “secret enemies of the government,” and while China has been successful with taking care of this issue for many years (as evident by the non-afflicted Jupiter placement in the 12th), China will be challenged very hard during 2020 in terms of the use of their intelligence gathering ability. There is a real possibility of Chinese intelligence set-backs and scandals during 2020, along with Chinese spying scandals both in China and abroad. - HOWEVER, Pluto will be forming a hard Conjunction to Jupiter from August to October of 2020. This may indicate successful espionage or spy missions of some kind (especially foreign-based) taking place. And yes, this can indicate political assassination of some kind involving an enemy. - China gets the return of their Jupiter in March, July, and November of 2020. This may indicate some sort of “important financial or international trade deal” made with others during 2020 to indicate a change in philosophy. - Saturn Conjunction Ascendant is strong from March to June of 2020. This may indicate massive Chinese government restrictions placed in the Chinese environment (including Hong Kong) at this time; military or police involvement is a real possibility. This time-frame can also represent trade problems, foreign policy disputes, or international issues imposed on China as a result of certain actions or disputes that have taken place.


India – 2020 - The massive Capricorn lineup in winter of 2020 will transit India’s 10th House. This suggests much continued conflict from both the voting population and from neighbors of India. This will be prominent throughout the first half of 2020, and is strongly indicated by: (a) Uranus Conjunction Moon transit (possibly indicating riots or population unrest) (b) Neptune Opposition Saturn transit (with transiting Neptune in the 12th ; this may indicate government fraud or bureaucratic deception that is exposed) (c) Jupiter Square Neptune (which may also indicate government fraud or bureaucratic deception, especially involving money or the law) and (d) Saturn Quincunx Uranus transit (which may indicate conflict or tension within India’s provinces or with foreign neighbors due to a transiting 11th House Saturn). These transits will all take place during the first half of 2020. - Transiting 10th House Jupiter forms a Conjunction to natal Mercury in February, August, and October of 2020. This may indicate some good news for India’s ruling government per foreign areas (such as treaties or trade), but this may manifest in the second half of 2020 due to the presence of many negative transits taking place during the first half of 2020. - Transiting 12th House Neptune Square 9th House Chiron will be very strong from October to December of 2020. This could be a very bad time for espionage activities for India, and may represent a spying scandal. Because Chiron is also related to healing activities, this may also indicate a crisis or scandal involving public health or health care in some way. Public health deception regarding finances is a possibility. Finally, another possibility is a crisis involving advanced technology or the internet. It has suddenly become “fashionable” for governments to tolerate and accept internet censorship.


United Kingdom – 2020 - The massive Capricorn lineup in winter of 2020 will transit the United Kingdom’s 4th House and form a hard Quincunx to the natal 11th House Saturn placement. This suggests much tension throughout neighborhoods of the U.K. and possibly open conflict. Particularly concerning may be with possible violence from voters of the non-ruling party to manifest throughout Great Britain’s government functions during the first half of 2020. The ruling party won by a huge margin in 2019, but expect conflicts to arise from the non-ruling party voters or from certain neighbors of the United Kingdom (and especially from governments who are European Union members, such as France and Germany). This will be prominent throughout the first half of 2020, and is strongly indicated by: (a) Neptune Square Mercury transit (possibly indicating “disappointing news” due to a transiting 6th House Neptune applying to a 3rd House natal Mercury (ruling “the media”) (b) a tense Uranus Sesquiquadrate Mercury transit in January 2020 (indicating “shocking news”) and (c) a very hard Saturn Opposition Jupiter transit (in May of 2020) that may indicate international conflict or issues with finances, trade, or international agreements. - The second half of 2020 looks very promising for either banking, finance, agriculture, or home sales due to: (a) a strong 8th House Uranus Trine Sun transit from June to October (b) a Jupiter Semi-Sextile Mercury transit (“good news”) taking place and (c) a Jupiter Conjunct Moon transit to also take place during this same time-frame (indicating “public happiness”). - The transiting Jupiter Conjunction Saturn placement in the sky will form a very strong Opposition to the 10th House Jupiter on December 30, 2020. Expect major changes regarding international issues or trade as 2020 ends.


France – 2020 - The public violence against the ruling party that erupted in France in 2019 will probably continue during the first half of 2020. This is because the massive 2020 Capricorn lineup will stay in the “ruling party” 10th House throughout the first half of 2020, and leave the 10th during fall of 2020. This Capricorn lineup will also form a hard Semi-Sextile transit with natal Saturn in the 8th House, and this suggests much tension to manifest from the ruling party activities (especially involving banking, finance, pensions, taxation, and activities of the elite). The Capricorn lineup will also form an Opposition to the natal 4th House Moon. This could be particularly harsh in January 2020, but other factors suggest the first half of 2020 to contain “shocks to one’s beliefs” and “shocks regarding relationships with friends or others.” This is due to Uranus Opposition Neptune, Uranus Quincunx Venus, and Uranus Trine Pluto transits. - Transiting 10th House Jupiter forms a hard Semi-Sextile to natal 11th House Chiron during the second half of 2020. This Jupiter transit takes place as transiting Mars in Aries leaves the 12th House and enters the 1st House. This combination could indicate much use of French surveillance for controlling terrorism or public unrest, but it may also indicate tension regarding the French health care system (and resources used for this system). - Mars retrogrades back into the 12th House in October of 2020 as transiting Uranus forms a Trine with the MC. Mars then goes direct in November of 2020 and forms a very hard Trine with natal Uranus in the 5th, while a transiting 10th House Jupiter Conjunction Pluto in Capricorn forms an Opposition with the natal Moon in the 4th. This strongly suggests a “victory” for the French public in some way, either via: (a) changes in the ruling party (b) concessions made by the ruling party (c) victory for French protesters or (d) victory for terrorists or enemies.


Germany – 2020 - The transiting lineup in Capricorn does not do much to Germany when compared to France and the U.K. Also note the return of Germany’s Jupiter (and with it a subsequent transiting Conjunction with Uranus on the Ascendant) to take place shortly before the Capricorn lineup forms a Square to Germany’s natal Mercury in the 9th House (“media international news”). This doesn’t mean that there won’t be conflicts in Germany in the news due to the Jupiter return. Similar to Taurus Israel and Aquarius Iran, Germany has a fixed sign Scorpio Sun placement (indicating a stubborn personality). And just as Jupiter returns in Israel and Iran did NOTHING to change their political philosophy or world view, the same may be said about Scorpio Germany in 2020. Hence, the probability for conflict in the 1st House environment of Germany (especially via 1st House grassroots causes and ideologies) is very probable throughout 2020 due to a very strong Uranus Square Moon transit taking place throughout the summer of 2020. But don’t expect these public conflicts and riots to be anything like the ones in France or the U.K. in 2019. Conflicts from the German public concerning the German government will be probable throughout 2020, but not in ways to make major international headlines. And they may even yield victory. - Neptune will form a Conjunction with the 2nd House natal Chiron two times during 2020. This strongly suggests continued problems with the Euro currency, but it may also indicate problems with Germany’s health care system. Spy scandals are also possible, along with internet censorship conflicts. - The transiting Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (near the end of 2020) forms a hard Quincunx with the natal Saturn in the 6th House. This indicates much in hard choices to be made by the German government in regards to government services, jobs, and international agreements as 2020 closes out.


Saudi Arabia – 2020 - The 2020 transiting lineup in Capricorn will impact Saudi Arabia in two key ways during the first half of 2020. Because this transiting lineup takes place in the 3rd House of communications (and forms a T-Square with the natal placements of Uranus and Pluto), areas of international finance (represented by natal 9th House Pluto) and terrorism (represented by natal 5th House Uranus) will probably be very strongly in the news and bear important communications with others during 2020. This is because the 3rd rules the mainstream media. - Natal Uranus in the 5th was strongly indicative of terrorism in Saudi Arabia during a Pluto Square Uranus transit that took place in 2019. This same transit takes place again in 2020, along with transiting Saturn forming a Conjunction with this transiting Pluto (with both forming a very hard Square to the natal 5th House Uranus placement). These transits are thus probable for terrorism events to hit Saudi Arabia any time during 2020, with the first half of 2020 being most probable. Another interpretation of this is disruptions with oil pricing due to speculation. Expect very wild swings in the price of oil in 2020. - Natal Pluto in the 9th represents Saudi Arabia’s religious philosophy and also the huge connections they have with world financial services due to their petroleum assets. These assets may have an international impact on finance (such as interest rates) as a result of terrorism taking place, with oil values swinging wildly. Another possibility may be internal conflicts due to mandated changes in their religion or the religious traditions in Saudi Arabia. - The transiting Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in late December of 2020 will form an Opposition with Mars in the 9th House. This may indicate news concerning real conflicts taking place in Saudi Arabia due to changes in philosophy, especially if these changes are being mandated by the government.


Israel – 2020 - Similar to Saudi Arabia, the 2020 transiting lineup in Capricorn will take place in the 3rd House of the mainstream media. This Capricorn lineup will Trine Israel’s natal Sun placement in the 7th House. Thus, this transit may have an important impact on either: (a) Israel’s relationships with others (b) important legal decisions or changes in law or (c) major shifts in politics or political ideology within the state of Israel. The 7th House rules relations with others, and Trines are often viewed as harmonious aspects in astrology. But don’t expect major international relationship changes with this transit. As with most countries in the Middle East (including Iran), Israel is run by religious zealots. And as mentioned with the 2020 Germany forecast, a fixed sign Sun is usually stubborn in regards to their philosophy, especially involving political or religious ideology. Hence, there is a strong possibility of some major legal impact taking place within Israel with this Capricorn lineup, or a change of political ideology or politics within Israel. And this legal impact may (more than likely) affect important people in the government or the military. - Transiting Uranus forms a very hard Quincunx to Natal Neptune in the 12th House during the second half of 2020, along with a Saturn Square Ascendant transit. This looks like terrorist attacks to be likely occurring in the second half of 2020, especially in summer of 2020. Another possibility is major tension developing within Israel due to political or legal conflicts involving religion. - Transiting Neptune forms a hard Sesquiquadrate to the natal Moon throughout most of 2020. This indicates tension involving the public, and this may concern Neptune areas such as religion and challenges to ideologies. This can represent acts of terrorism taking place in 2020, but challenges to areas of religious ideology and religious practices are also possible with this transit.


Iran – 2020 - Iran’s natal Pluto in the 7th House will still play an important role in 2020, just as it did in 2019. The good news for Iran is that their Pluto Square Pluto transit is finished for 2019. The bad news is that Iran will now have to deal with many hard transits from a transiting 12th House Neptune. Neptune Quincunx Pluto takes place throughout most of 2020, and this transit defines continued tension and possible incurred deception regarding Iran’s relationships with others. Important 7th House issues within Iran will concern religion, relations, philosophy, political, and legal ideologies that may be in dispute during 2020. - Neptune Trine Uranus is strong throughout 2020, and this transit may define some sort of understanding with others regarding their nuclear technologies (since Uranus rules nuclear technology). But don’t bet the ranch on it. Another interpretation of this transit may define success from radical or rebellious organizations, such as terrorists or organizations seeking to generate important changes in Iran per legal, religious, or philosophical areas. - Neptune Square Neptune will also be strong throughout 2020. This indicates many challenges and conflicts per international agreements, along with conflicts with others due to religious and legal ideologies and doctrines. Disappointments involving espionage or social services is another possibility. - Similar to Israel, the 2020 Capricorn lineup will apply to their natal Sun position. But this aspect will not be harmonious. The Capricorn lineup will form a tense Semi-Sextile aspect to the natal Sun Conjunction Mercury placement in the 11th House of associate governments and neighbors. This defines continued tension regarding relations with local governments and neighboring countries. The good news is that some aspects of relations with others will improve after 2020 due to positive transits of Jupiter (when it enters Aquarius in late 2020).


The Federal Reserve – 2020 - Similar to China, the Federal Reserve is a cardinal sign Sun (and in this case Capricorn). Hence, the Fed may be flexible in regards to making changes in its philosophy. And like China, the Fed will get its Jupiter return during the first half of 2020, along with the 2020 Capricorn lineup forming a Conjunction to their natal Jupiter. But unlike China, the Fed has their Jupiter in the 7th House. And because the first half of 2020 will feature a developing Uranus Square Uranus transit taking place (which may have caused a shocking change in policy in 2019 with the Fed lowering interest rates instead of raising them (and the Fed stated in 2018 they were going to raise rates 2019)), interest rates may stay unchanged or be decreased during the first half of 2020 in lieu of this Uranus Square Uranus transit, along with the return of the Fed’s Jupiter. The second half of 2020 is questionable, as described below. - The 2020 transiting Square of Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn (during August through October of 2020) will form a T-square to the Fed’s natal Neptune in the 1st House. This may indicate possible threatening news by the Fed, or disappointing statements in reference to the economy. I don’t think there will be an interest rate hike during this transit since it will be near the election. But there may be some new concerns voiced by the Fed at this time, especially if the stock market is reaching new highs or if the economy is roaring. - Throughout 2020, transiting Neptune in the 9th will form a Conjunction with the natal North Node and form a Square with natal Venus in the 6th. This is indicative of great deception being employed on friends of the Fed. I suspect this may be a refusal of the Fed to raise rates, possibly to the chagrin of enemies of President Trump  who want to ruin the U.S. economy via high interest rates.


The New York Stock Exchange - 2020 - The 2020 Capricorn lineup will transit the N.Y.S.E. 6th House and form hard Squares to the natal 4th House Jupiter and form T-Squares to the natal Saturn Opposition Neptune placement (and note that natal Neptune is within three degrees of Conjunction with Jupiter). This appears to indicate very wild swings for the stock market during the first half of 2020, with a new high possible after winter of 2020 due to a January transit of Saturn Conjunction Pluto (forming a Square to natal Jupiter in the 4th) followed by a March Jupiter Conjunction Pluto transit (that also Squares the natal Jupiter in the 4th). - The 2020 picture for the stock market is one of severe speculation due to the involvement of Neptune on both the transiting picture and the natal placement picture. Transiting Neptune in the 9th will be forming a hard Opposition to the natal 3rd House Mars position throughout 2020; this may indicate attempts by the media (which may be defined by natal Mars in the 3rd) to draw people into the stock market who have no business being there, which was done during the summer of 1929 while Neptune and Mars formed a Conjunction over the star of Regulus (which is a star associated with riches and royalty). Also note that the natal Neptune placement will be subject to three Squares in 2020 with a transiting Saturn in Capricorn that will be near the Descendant (which is known as “the area of open enemies”). This may represent concerns from government agencies over excessive stock market speculation activities. - Note that the 9.3 year North Node Cycle of Lt. Commander Dave Williams issues a sell signal in June 2020, which is fifteen months after the sell signal of Bill Meridian’s Mars/Vesta cycle. This may be more evidence that the stock market may be approaching an important time-frame that warrants selling of one’s holdings. High bullish consensus figures will also confirm this warning.


Vladimir Putin – 2020 - The year 2020 begins with the 2020 Capricorn lineup transiting Putin’s natal 3rd. Transiting Jupiter forms a Conjunction to natal Chiron, while the Saturn Conjunction Pluto transit Squares natal Mercury Conjunction Neptune placement in the 12th House. Also note the lineup forming a hard Quincunx to Putin’s natal Pluto in the 10th . This may indicate much involvement and work with secret police or intelligence agencies during the first half of 2020; the reason for this may concern the recent massive protests in Russia by young people demanding new candidates to run against Putin and other elected officials in Russia. Possibilities to prove this assertion include: (a) new regulations or restrictions regarding protests (b) new bylaws that concern internet use or public speech (especially if censorship is declared to be used on the internet, or claims of government censorship by Russian citizens) (c) new rules issued regarding citizens running for public office in Russia. - Transiting Uranus will be forming a very hard Opposition to the Ascendant during the first half of 2020. This may indicate new “surprises” in the environment that Putin will be forced to confront that he may not want to confront. Dealing with protests from young people is certainly a strong possibility, but so are possible relationship issues (intimate or professional (or both)). Thus, the energies of Uranus Opposition Ascendant may result in Putin being forced into working out some sort of “deal” with other parties that he may not want to work with, be it professional or non-professional. - Transiting Neptune in the 4th forms a hard Trine to the natal placement of Uranus in the 9th throughout 2020. This may indicate much involvement with Putin working with and making needed changes that concern the internet, protesters, technology, and/or terrorism throughout 2020.


Donald Trump – 2020 - The Capricorn lineup of early 2020 will form Oppositions to President Trump’s natal 11th House Saturn and 11th House Venus placements, and thus may define a real crisis for Trump regarding his government associates (Saturn) and close friends (Venus). HOWEVER, the really nasty transits of this 2020 Capricorn lineup take place during the first three months of 2020, and there are current motions from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to delay sending the Articles of Impeachment “well into the next year” according to the Wall Street Journal (12/20/2019). It is thus likely that President Trump may use this 2020 waiting period as an opportunity to either: (a) openly attack high level profiled government individuals involved in the impeachment and with his previous conflicts (including a former U.S. President, a former U.S. Vice President, or a former Secretary of State) OR (b) do the usual “rope-a-dope” routine and allow his critics to attack him while he sits in the White House playing with Twitter all day and doing NOTHING in early 2020 per his defense. - Transiting Neptune will be in Trump’s 7th House throughout 2020. Neptune forms a hard Square to natal Uranus in the 10th House during the first three months of 2020, and this represents a timeframe in which there may be shocks to Trump’s beliefs or open crisis issues regarding either (a) his legal encounters or legal advisors (b) his wife/relatives OR (c) his adversaries and competition. - Transiting Uranus will be in Trump’s 9th House, and forms a very hard Square to Pluto in the natal 12th House in the second half of 2020. This appears to be a possible conflict involving spying or foreign agreements. This is a very good time-frame for Trump to watch his health and be wary of possible assassination attempts, which will be addressed in the 2020 U.S. Election Analysis Horoscope Report.


The 2020 U.S. Election Analysis - There is a high probability of U.S. public violence and riot activities to manifest as the November 2020 U.S. Election draws near. This will be especially probable during the timeframe of August through October of 2020. Mercury goes retrograde at 11º Scorpio in mid October of 2020, and will be forming a hard Opposition to a slow moving Uranus at 9º Taurus. Mars in Aries goes retrograde at 28º Aries in September 2020, and Saturn goes direct at 25º Capricorn during September 2020 as well. This slow moving Square between these two planets will apply hard to the U.S.A. natal 8th House Pluto (which may represent “the U.S. government elite” AND “the D.C. swamp” (as well as the U.S. banking community AND U.S. spy community)). This 2020 Square will be particularly “hot” to the natal U.S. Pluto in September of 2020, and takes place as transiting Jupiter goes direct at 17º Capricorn 24’ while Mercury is fast in motion at 11º Libra (AND TRUMP’S NATAL JUPITER IS 17º Libra 27’ !!!! TALK ABOUT INCREDIBLE LUCK !!! THE SEPTEMBER 2020 MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER FORMS A SQUARE AT 17º 26’ OF THE CARDINAL SIGNS !!!) Thus, watch for potential violence as the 2020 U.S. election approaches, especially if Trump is destroying his competition in the polls. There is a real probability that some people may indeed “hang from nooses” if Trump wins, as Hillary Clinton reportedly told her staff after an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer in 2016.


- NOW A WARNING TO PRESIDENT TRUMP … the traditional Uranian Astrology formula for “one’s own death” is Mars + Saturn – MC. This point lies at 26º Libra 16’ on Trump’s horoscope chart. The 2020 Mars / Saturn Square will be moving over this point strongly in the second half of September of 2020. This explanation is displayed below on the 90 degree dial.


Also noteworthy is the 2020 Mercury Opposition Uranus (“shocking news”) formation (with Mercury in Retrograde) that will form a T-Square over Trump’s 12th House Pluto in October 2020. This is important because President Trump's natal Pluto placement is equal to natal Venus/MC ("affection or friendship with others").. THIS CAN DEFINE A BETRAYAL OF SOME KIND, OR A WILD SWING IN POPULARITY TO THE "plus column." EITHER WAY, PLEASE TAKE APPROPRIATE MEASURES FOR SAFETY .....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, MR. PRESIDENT…

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • thanks Malcolm-

    • HEY do you like my interpretation of Iran? .... "CONTINUED TENSION WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AND NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES" ... Trump sends his regards to Iran on how to deal with tension caused by the likes of Benghazi mass murderers like Iranian General Qasem Soleimani  ....  No photo description available.

      • lol-some of those terrorists probably like that scenery and would want access-crazed islamists rape each-

        good  that the scumbag terror general got eviscerated

        • NOT CORRECT, PET.... Hard-core Islamic followers of ancient Islamic traditions still throw gay adult men off of high rise buildings or mountain tops, but these same followers celebrate sexual relations between adult men and male children... here's what Michelle Malkin had to say about this "wink wink" to Islamic pedophilia acceptance that is still practiced today by some Muslim adult men, and how U.S. troops were ordered to turn a blind eye when seeing this horrific practice... click

          Yes, our troops were ordered to ignore Afghan pedophiles
          American soldiers are being punished for blowing the whistle on the systematic rape and enslavement of young boys at the hands of brutal Afghan Musli…
          • yes-raping each other in barracks supplied by US tax dollars in Afghanistan

      • Here's the story... click

        The shadowy Iranian spy chief who helped plan Benghazi
        As a radical Islamic army marches across Iraq, America is making a deal with the devil. Qassem Suleymani, the head of Iran’s secretive Quds Force, is…
        • he was the Wizard of Terror-

          guess who messed up a chance to wack the terror general;

          Report: Obama Administration Stopped Israel From Assassinating Soleimani in 2015

          According to a report from 2018, Israel was “on the verge” of assassinating Soleimani in 2015, but Obama’s officials foiled the plan

          •'s another U.S. official supporting Soleimani, Pet...

            Image may contain: 1 person, text

This reply was deleted.

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