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MAJOR ASTROLOGY ALERT: Horoscope Of The F.B.I. Looks HORRIBLE Relative To The Spring 2018 Mercury Retrograde. IS THE F.B.I. ABOUT TO UNDERGO SCANDAL??

I discovered this by accident. First off, let's review the Mercury Retrograde of Spring 2018:

This Mercury Retrograde will take place in the sign of Aries from 16 degrees Aries 54 minutes (03/23/18) to 4 degrees Aries 47 minutes (04/15/18, and then go forward in direct motion). Lets' look at the horoscope of the F.B.I.:

The proof that this is an accurate chart is largely due to the temper tantrum that surfaced out of the F.B.I. during the eclipse of January 31, 2018 (which fell on top of the Mars position of the horoscope). Mars represents the ego, and on January 31st the F.B.I. released a press statement that condemned the announcement by President Trump that he would release the Nunes Memorandum that revealed fraud committed by F.B.I. agents (and this fraud allowed the Obama Administration F.B.I. to spy on Trump's 2016 Election Campaign team).

The 01/31/18 Eclipse that hit the F.B.I. Mars is seen below (drawn in red) in the 11th House at 11 degrees Leo 45 minutes: 

Now let's look at the Spring 2018 Mercury Retrograde transiting the F.B.I. horoscope, circled in red. This Mercury Retrograde will form an incredible five squares (per transit via retrograde) to key planets (and the Moon) contained in the F.B.I. horoscope. 

The Mercury Retrograde will take place in the 7th House of the F.B.I. horoscope (which rules one-on-one encounters and legal involvement), and forms four squares to components of the 10th House (which rules the reputation of the organization/business and also the CEO/President/ Director of the organization/business). This strongly suggests the possibility of sharp conflicts and one-on-one confrontations that involve communications (which represent the Squares formed by Mercury) that may break out within the F.B.I. that concern the reputation of the F.B.I., along with possible involvement of the F.B.I. director (or those close to the F.B.I. director).

The possibility of whether or not the mainstream media will report on such conflicts is another topic. The fact is that the #1 story from the mainstream media (for 1.5 years) is still the "possible" Russia collusion with Trump (WITH NO SOLID EVIDENCE, AND ONLY CONTINUOUS HEARSAY FROM "law experts"). This proves that the mainstream media has a bias view of the president, and is thus not to be trusted.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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