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Is there anyone here who dabbles in magick? Most of my journey I have been focused on my spiritual side, fully developing myself to be love manifest etc. I also am at a point where I fully beyond doubt Believe in myself and all of my truths. Recently I wrote an essay to be posted on my site at a later date about my thoughts on magick & the cultures/religions who believe in forms of it etc. I pretty much came to the conclusion that the real key to magick just like anything else you want to be successful at in this world is believing in yourself.  It's getting rid of all the old thoughts of what you think the world is, and just believing you can do anything.

Anywho about 2 months ago I had my first experience where I manipulated energy within the material world to do something that 3 months ago I would have never thought anyone could do. I'm very reluctant to say this as I know how I would react prior to my awakening and probably even prior to me doing it if anyone was to tell me they did, but to stop delaying saying it; I walked on water. It was only 3 steps but it was something I thought was impossible less then a year ago. A couple days prior I had finished reading Illusions by Richard Bach, in it the "god" in the story teaches the other man how to walk on water and manipulate the vibrations of the material world and self to do things otherwise unthinkable. The main teaching was that this world is an illusion. Which is something I firmly believe. An illusion in the sense that we are taught to think we are held within rules of other peoples understanding of things, when truly we can create our own because we are the masters of this domain.

So since doing that I've been thinking a lot about it and why I was able to & the only thing it always leads back to is that I belief in myself so much at this point that it's beginning to have an affect on my relation to the material world. When I tell people that everyone is "god" Me, you, everyone here, we are all the infinite universe, I truly am not just saying it without complete understanding of it, I really mean it, I know it beyond doubt. I literally feel no negative emotion within myself ever anymore. It's such an amazing feeling, so peaceful, so joyous, so perfect. Anyways I am running off topic, I guess I am yearning to get some other things out into the open about myself, but this isn't the topic to do it in, I will write a blog about it after I post this.

Back to topic, so ever since I walked on water, it really began to occur to me that if I could do that, what else could I do? I was very reluctant to research magick on a basis of beginning to learn and perform things due to the darkness that is also associated with the art, but I finally found a book the other day that seemed like a good beginning and that assured me that it wasn't all dark. Thus my journey with magick has begun. I also picked up some Shaman Oracle Cards and did my first self reading..... All I can say is wow!!! If their was ever a point where I didn't believe magick was part of spirituality I am definitely convinced now! I now realize they are actually one in the same.

Anywho Does anyone else practice any sort of magick, and also has anyone else done anything in the material world that is of significance that can relate to my experience?

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  • Hey,did it make your feet tingle?
    • Hugh... I've dabbled in Magick many times since childhood.. I used to do candle rituals with friends to clense .. and a fair amount of group meditation energy going into the practicle use of Magic for healing.. these days I meditate more than practice Magic(k)

      The most mystical expierences I have seen were from reading a book called ''The Way of Merlin'' and ''The Way of the Goddess'' .. both by Ly Warren Clarke and Kathryn Matthews, published by Prism Unity, available on amazon. This is the Merlin tradition andf delving into it may bring you some deep mystical expierences in the elemental kingdoms.. best read, I found, before you plan to sleep, with a short meditation using crystals before you drift into the arena of these wiccan dream landscapes.

      ''The Way of the Goddess'' gave me the most mind blowing lucid dreams for weeks.. and will transport you into these mystical worlds should you allow them.

      Not to be confussed with another book of the same title by R.J.Stewart which is also a beautiful book that offers you insights into the healing techniques used in the Merlin tradition..

      This is Light based Magic(k) and mainly used for healing .. I wish you well in you adventures into Magic(k).. whatever path you should so choose. Remember, you are always safe in the Christ Vibration in any channeling or calling in any Spiritual beings..

      Magic(k) is powerfull and some freinds of mine spoke about the performance of the Abre Melin operation.. which involves a lot of ritual preperation and cleansing, fasting and can take from six to eight months to complete.. it is supposed to bring you face to face with certain guides form the unseen including, your holy guardian angel ( apparently) It is hundreds of years old and apparently very powerfull.

      By the way, I wouldn't attempt to perform the Abre Melin operation or any Magic(k) unless my aura is cleansed, healed and sealed to all but the Christ Vibration. Remember, what is liken unto itself is drawn.. so even by thinking about it, you are attracting more Magical energies.

      Best wishes Huge.. with Love and Light :)

    • Not tingle, but my body definitely felt a large amount of energy surging through it. It was as if I could feel every living cell and energy particle in my body, almost as if I was sensing the tiny vibrations of my entire body. It was amazing.
    • The book is called the Sorcerer's Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magic. by Jason Miller. I am not far into it yet, but I am enjoying reading it for the knowledge and talk about the diffferent plains etc. It very much reflects my beliefs in the spiritual. Seems magic is more spiritual then I originally thought, it just dabbles more directly between the"3 levels" as they call it.

      As for the experience I had thanks for recognizing the bravery aspect. It isn't something I tend to share, though lately I have told the circle directly around me in my life as I have individuals in my life who I am very open with about my journey. I figured I would lay that part of me out in the open here and see what the response would be. To be honest I was hoping others would say they had as well. There are still more experiences I've had that I am not yet ready to share here but want to hear if others have had the same. People can think what they want, it is of no consequence to me, only to them. Like the ONE Conciousness told me through divine being: "They will either believe your truth or they won't. That is not for you to decide, all you can do is know your truth & experience & use it awaken others." It is in judgment of others that people fall away from centre, because in placing themselves higher they only lose there balance. I only judge myself, because I am aware that is the only person worthy of my judgment and the only person who will take note and adjust course.

      Love you Laurie,
      Goodluck with your magic.
  • Herm, maybe they are the same thing, magic and the "walking on water"?
    Dude, if I were you, I would pursue walking on water, that's a lot neater and more direct than magic, you know? You will it and it is done, instead of a bunch of rituals and stones and whatever.
    So, it is possible.
    • I'm very reluctant, since that day I have yet to try it again. I'm sure I will, but i dunno, their are avenues of myself I am still not ready to explore, that is one of them. There is much more to me that I don't share, and that I am still thinking about how to go about dealing with them, as such walking on water isn't something I should be doing. I'm not ready for those implications.

      As for the magic, I want to learn about the energies involved, If i can begin to understand how magic works I can begin to apply it in my own way within my thought and own experience. No rituals or stones etc, unless I am unable to, but something tells me differently. Knowledge is power.
  • wELL Jesus could walk on water and he could manifest all the food water and Gold and money instantaneously but i wouldnt call that magic
    • I've read the bible but I don't recall him manifesting money... Not saying you're wrong, just saying maybe my memory is off, do you know what passage I can find it?

      As for magic, it's not magic, but really I believe there is a point when you do not need talismans and chants, rituals etc, there is a point in consciousness where you're realization of ONE is much more then just thought, you allow it to be. That is how Jesus could do the things he did and how I believe my walking on water came about. My belief in me being everything, being the universe, being god jsut as you are god as well as everyone, me being energy, infinite spirit, I say belief inorder to put it into terms that other people can understand, but it is beyond belief, it is knowing to a point that it just is. Hard to put into words.
      • Taxes were due, and a fish was caught with a gold coin in its mouth, that was used to pay the tax. I dont rememeber the verses, but thats the story. I think what we call magic, is really the normal state God created Adam and Eve in. I dont know if they walked on water, there is much we dont knw?

        I agree, being metaphysical has been blackballed by religions and govmnts. Most of these are controlled by the dark side, etherians- from the unseen realms, who can do all these things, being of higher vibrations, tho being dark. Thats why, thru thier influences over us, they dis-credit these things as, not valid for the masses. but the truth is, if all humanity was like this, they couldnt controll us very easy as babylonian slaves. It is about intent. The bad guys have evil intent, but most humans are moms and dads with sons and daughters, which means by nature, we normally have good intent.

        This is war. Millions of peace makers almost had the matrix, so the bushes and cheneys started a war, to create fear in the massess, which gave the morpho-genetic grid back to the dark ones. These kind are capable of releasing virsus to kill off billions, if it takes that, to keep controll of the matrix. Do not be fooled, it will take Yashua and those forces from Heaven, landing on earth, to finally shut down the dark Lords.

        But we still have to try "doing the right thing". Its what we are, love, kindness and right doing. I wouldnt want to be any other way..peace----dennis
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