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LOVELY LONG HAIR : The Truth About Long Hair, Spiritual Power And Why Natives Kept Long Hair

In Native cultures, men and woman are recognized by the length and glory of their hair. The cutting of hair by oppressors has long represented the submission and defeat of a People, through humiliation. The way a People comb (the Alignment of thought), braid (the Oneness of thought), tie (the Securing of thought) and color (the Conviction in thought), their Hair is of great significance. Each hair style represents a different frame of mind.
Hair is largely believed by them to be an extension of your thoughts. Hair styles are especially important for they portray and announce participation in various events. Your hair style indicates your state of merriment or mourning at a given time, whether you’re marriageable or married, your age, and tribal status. It is a representation of your feelings and your life situation.
Different styles signify the Tribe one belongs to and are worn to indicate times of peace or war. Hair is just not a fashion accessory for aesthetic advancement, it’s literally the pinnacle of their spiritual expression and is a source of their strength, intuition and power.
We usually think of hair as just being a matter of personal preference, but in reality its much more than that. Nature put every hair on your body for a reason. The hair of the legs regulates the glandular system and stabilizes a person’s electromagnetic field. The hair under the armpits protects the very sensitive area where the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems come together; this affects the brain and your energy level.
Eyebrows protect the eyes from sun and sweat. Facial hair on men covers the moon center on the chin and protects them from excessive moon energy. The hair on top of the head is very long, while the hair on the body is short. If it were only for warmth, the hair on the body would be long also. We only have long hair right over the brain. We are practically the only creatures designed this way. Some say hair is your antenna to receive a picture of the subtle world around you, to tell when people are lying, to feel things before they happen, etc..
The natural intelligence of the body is to maintain its hairs. If you allow the hair on the head to grow undisturbed; it will grow to a certain length required by your body and then it will stop. Perhaps you have noticed among Sikhs who do not cut their hair that hair length is different for each person. Each body has its own requirement. The hair also reflects the health of the individual.
It has been proven scientifically that people who have long hair tend to be less tired, more energetic and less likely to become depressed. People who have long hair also conserve energy and don’t feel the cold of winter the same as people with short hair. A person who has short hair wastes his body’s energy. A person who cuts his hair over his lifetime forces the body to grow 22 meters of replacement hair. A person who keeps his hair only produces 1.5 meters of hair over his lifetime.
Think of the story of Samson and Delilah in the Bible! He lost his strength when she cut his hair! Another example of the power of hair: To humiliate the conquered people of China, Genghis Khan made them cut their hair and wear bangs over the forehead! (Bangs cover the 3rd eye, inhibiting intuition and subtle knowledge.)
Hair is a conductor of the body’s electromagnetic energy. Ever see how the antenna wire in an AM radio is coiled in a circle? That’s because of something called induction. Induction causes any conductor of electromagnetic energy to induce a current in adjacent conductors. This means that when you coil a conductor, the signal becomes much stronger. Hairs on top of the head act as antennae. They conduct energy into the body.
Besides absorbing information, hair also has the ability to emit energy patterns and frequencies into the environment. This has been seen in hair experiments that involve Kirlian photography. For more information on Kirlian photography, read this enlightening article.

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Cut your hair and you cut an important part of yourself

adjection, I am higher spiritual involve, i am happy with short hair than long hair. It too hard for me take care of long hair. Dose not matter if you hair is long or short. I color my hair, My space family are happy the way I am. I don't had to be like everyone else. Hair length doesn't matter, there higher ET beings with long and short hair or no hair. People are making assumption. Be happy with your hair............ Freedom of choice!! 

This article mentions scientific proof.  I'd like to see it because I'm so calling bs on this.

I have long hair - I am depressed most of the time and tired most of the time - this does not resonate

I like this thought, but I can't help to agree with most people that it lacks a solid proof that long hair actually have this many benefits. I am growing my hair longer and I can't tell that I've noticed any large differences yet..

It's a big chance the author of this article has long hair :), if not, then strangely it would feel more believable. Else it just feels like an attempt to justify themselves as in the same way they wouldn't like an article saying the exact opposite; that short hair will make all these differences.

However when it comes to taste and aesthetics everyone should be free of choosing their hairstyle no matter if you're a man or a woman. I'm starting to see that it's becoming more accepted for men to have long hair in western society, whereas it's not impossible for a woman to have short hair either. The length shouldn't be connected to being male or female just because history is formed this way.

I wonder though, why has it become all across the globe in history that men kept their hair short while women kept their hair long? I would really like to know why it turned out like this and not the other way around. Does it have to do with male/female energy?

I think that the long hair with women originates with the "a woman's hair is her glory" from the Bible.

Still tough, long hair for women and short hair for men has been the common norm in history before the bible existed?

Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe men and women had equally long hair all across the globe in ancient civilisations. I don't think it's so easy to find out.

Yes in ancient past life, everyone have long hair, now days no. Man Made control society, I always see ET beings different hair style. One thing they tell me is be happy of your hair style, what make you "you" . not everyone with comfortable long hair.  

Bible man made or made by higher spiritual beings,

it ok for those to have long hair, it hard take care of long hair, I used have long hair few years. I got tired of it, I go cut it short and color it.  People with long hair can manage taking care of it. For me i stay with short hair. I am highest rate spiritual ability



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