Love, Power, and Galactic Contact

It feels timely to revisit methods of contacting star family/ETs, and why it is vital to have a clear, steady inner heart connection as the foundation we build that contact on, within and from.

This morning, I watched a video on this site, offering a course for a method of ET contact by developing our 'super powers' of the mind - psychic powers - also known as Siddhis in Sanskrit. 

It introduced a number of Siddhis, citing Mahima Siddhi or remote viewing, as the way to make contact with advanced ETs, and opened with the Vashita Siddhi (which is described as the ability to control another's mind, or bring others under one's control.)

Siddhis, in this video, are said to "offer a kind of mental influence over those around you."

Does this sound like a loving, peaceful, mutually respectful way to connect with ETs - or indeed with anyone - to you? Is using psychic powers to influence or orchestrate a contact in alignment with the universal principle of free will, of respect for other beings? 

While it is true that opening the pineal chakra/third eye, developing and refining our natural psychic abilities is part of connecting with advanced/higher dimensional/interdimensional ET beings, if we are to have any discernment and clarity about what and who we are connecting with, then the basis of our contact needs to be from the heart centre, the seat of the soul, which is where the innate sensing of the energies of any being takes place. The ability to feel into energies, and what their truth is, comes from the inner heart, the 'tiny cave' or zeropoint within. Psychic powers/'remote' viewing can give an impression, image or voice of a contact, but the inner heart's intuition is what interprets its energetic truth, and inner viewing really needs to be deeply united with the heart's sensing, to know what it is we're connecting with.

True responsibility to each other and to our star sisters and brothers means approaching them and each other from the Whole of who and what we are - not just through projected 'powers' from our mind, but through the place where we are innately in unity with the Source of all life, the pure and eternal spark or 'soul' that dwells within the heart centre in each of us.

That is the first step to true connection with higher dimensional beings of Love - to open, unblock, and refine the energetic centrepoint of the inner heart. In fact, when we do this, and we are truly vibrating in love, peace, and unity with Source, then latent psychic attributes open and flow naturally, because the ego-mind has come into alignment with the soul-centre of our being.

When peaceful, clear intentions are combined with the inner heart's awareness, the universe opens, and the connections that are perfect for us, flow to meet us. Like energies converge.

Namaste, Joanna. 

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  • From Carlos Barrios:

    “The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.”  

    The real knowledge is free. Find your heart, and you will find your way.  

    For those who are in states of doubt, fear, confusion or pain, you have the inborn ability to dissolve it all, and transform your relationship to yourself, to life, and indeed to our star kin. 

    The first step is to focus into your heart centre, to clear, unblock and open it, and to do so wisely. Some first heart centering practices can be found here, for those who would like some guidelines.

  • Damage was real, and so it must be with healing, or else, there's no reason to sustain life anymore.

    I'm going into the center of trauma. Where truth resides, that which is persistent despite belief.

    Everytime I enter myself, the realization is painful.

    Healing, and the answer as to why life is treated this way.


    • ....Feels Like...Juggling Balls............9......

      • ...Hmm I Would Share My ...9 ..With You.....But You Seem....Pretty Intent On Being.....Stuck In  The 5....Hmm......... Shame Really.......x.

  • Please be very aware, people, of the importance of clearing, balancing and raising your energies, from your heart centre, before and when opening to galactic communication and contact.

    Understand that an approach based in mind powers, and mental (psychospiritual) techniques, will open a convergence with beings who are skilled in mental techniques and powers, and who may be 'advanced' technologically, but not necessarily advanced in Love.

    Approaching from a clear, balanced, loving heart/soul, opens a convergence with beings who are themselves loving, balanced and clear.

    May wisdom prevail.

  • Beautifully written and very true. 

    • Blessings.  

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