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Their ships are much more active. I remember when I had to wait for hours to see a ship (an obvious one move about and around). That gradually turned into 20 minutes and now I don't even have to wait for 2 minutes, and yes this has started since last night July 4th. I don't just see one at a time, I can see about 2 or 3 at a time, then more one after the other. If I concentrate on a really bright one that appears closer to Earth, it is actually hovering and moving slowly. Also, their ships are moving through the highest tree tops in the neighborhood.


Okey, sky gazing takes patience and people care too much about sex, drugs, and power to stare at the sky, but it's worth it. For some tips on telling the difference between UFO's and regular planes or military aircraft: UFOs are soundless, airplanes and such make noise. UFOs are "hover" and change the speed and  direction of their travels. Their colours and lights change as well, random patterns and dances of light. Planes and such move in one direction and are slow in turning, and unless ascending or descending, their lights are consistant in pattern. I can see the aura or invisible lights from the UFOs as well, sometimes they connect to eachother (as ships).

Some of you should be able to spot out the Ashtar emblem from a group of ships by noticing the invisible, aura-like lights as well. Ah, I can spot out the star of david or pyramid like correlations they form ;)

I've been trying to communicate with them by using a bright light, mimicking their flickers with my own light (flashlight, lighter, ect), and it takes time but am rewarded greatly when they dance around.

I try to communicate telepathically, but I feel like it's futile. Anyone have other tips or any luck with this? Sometimes I hold my hand and reach out to the ships in an attempt as if to say, "hello, I am right here and I want to get onboard," LOL

The weather is getting hotter now. I hate it. I can only go running at 3AM because it is too hot when the sun is up :P

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  • I've been having contact like that without meditating, i see them fly over my house, sometime even in a formation! But wich button do you have to hit?

  • Hi solstar, thanks for sharing.

    I can't go out since fourth of July, as it has been over 100 Fahrenheit for last 3 days, too darn hot, even at night it's hot.

    I hope it cools down here to at least the 80's.

    But before 4th of july, a very small flying object said hello to me by the trees, hehe.

    peace love light

  • Check out Dr. Steven Greer's post on Coherent Thought Sequencing- Calling down the ships to your exact location.It may be in the Spiritual Forum section from a few months ago. It works every time for me!

    • Where can i find this?

  • Outside yesterday? huge yellowish moon :)

    P.D: mew~

  • Well, i hope they will show up in Holland, It's like i see once in a week a ufo. Moving stars, that's how i call them. I hope i will see more structure, you know, a disc, or a triangle or so..

  • nope you are doing fine it is how they slowly introduce themselves making you to aware to you and to people. You will have more experience and experience equals knowledge and sharing of that experience and knowledge equals wisdom. Tell all your knowledge and increase your auric energies as the cleaner it is the easier they will show themselves to you.

    • Thanks for your insight, Jason :)

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