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   Hi, my name is Bryan. It a long-time since I been on this sight or any other.  Sometime times gets over complicated  ideas. Been trying too work  tthrough healing process.   Having problems with my low back  making It a nightmare at times.  So trying anything I can  too heal. But I come too realize it not only effects me, but other people i interact with.    So if anybody has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.  Under doctor care and there's not much their going to due.   Not to mention the monting bills.  So if anybody could help . If anything this has taught me about being humble.   An all those suffering.


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It is amazing you say that because that is how it is...I talk not only to Him but to God, Jeshua, Mary and many others...I feel them next to me...Blessings... and if you resonate with it allow them to help you and give them, especiallly Archangel Raphael permission to intervene on your behalf...

patiently calm and TRUST !! thank you and I am grateful for the much I got ..... !!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay will remain calm ,thanks

Bryan The Great:-here is Elzabeth Joyce-distance healing and chakra balancing

I met her in the late 80s and went through Clear Light Therapy and it changed my life!!!

Look under psychic services

bryan the great Are you doing better? I hope that you are! Sending Love and Light to you.

I don't normally comment on here but I felt compelled to give you a little information that I learnt from the Jerhoam entity, it may help you.

All ailments have a symbolism.  The symbolism for back pain is 'a feeling of having no support.'  Usually, people who suffer back pain also have a feeling of a lack of support.  They kind of go hand in hand.

If you work/meditate on this you will get your own answer and usually the symptoms just disappear!  Sometimes it is all you need to know is the symbolism.  I have had instant healing on this.

Also, according to Louise L Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) she writes:  "Do you feel 'burnt out?'  Are your finances in a mess, or do you worry about them excessively?  Then your lower back may be bothering you.  The lack of money or the fear of money will do it.  The amount you have has nothing to do with it

Hope this is helpful to you.

very simple solution, which 100 percent works, so is anathema to big pharma, junk food manufacturers,etc. research, then practice both ketosis and intermittent fasting. all inflammatory issues will disappear. recommend dr. eric berg. try his material on youtube, life changing.
you will never have health issues, including back problems.



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