I started tantric sexual practices when I was younger (Nearing 27 now) with a girlfriend who very tragically died.  This sent me into a three to four year gap of intense solitude, mourning and reflection.  I have slowly come out of this intense meditation and am looking to gently restart practices.
Tantric sex can be practiced by yourself, with a partner at a distance or in person.  I am looking for any like minded individuals that would like to start a practice with me online, sharing our divine love, raising our root chakra together and experiencing bliss.

Please send me a message if you are interested! 


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  • Hi Silent Storm,

    While I love Osho myself, and have practised many of his meditations (Nataraj, Kundalini, Dynamic, All Dimensions etc.) and read most of his books... I fear the west interprets his sexual teachings in a manner that is best suited to fulfilling just the baser instinct.

    If you've read his book, SEX & SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS... you will know, that he advises people to learn tantric maithuna rituals because he wants the individual to raise their consciousness from mere consciousness to super consciousness. Tantra has always been a science of the extreme. The idea behind doing anything to the point of extreme is that when you have only darkness around you, you have no choice but to penetrate the darkness so much, that you force yourself into the Light. The same can be applied to the maithuna rituals... you go to such extremes in the sexual techniques... that you start seeing these as mere tools to be in certain state of consciousness. (You may very well know that when a body goes into orgasm, what the mind experiences is a moment when it does not think, it allows the divine consciousness to enter the mind just for that moment, and give you a glimpse of what it is to unite with the divine.) There will come a day when you don't want to go through sex to reach that state of consciousness, that state will be a part of you, and be you.

    Unfortunately most individuals don't make this journey. They get stuck between the gates of sensory fulfilment and this is not tantra.

    If cody the lightworker has experienced something out of the ordinary with his earlier partner, he will never be able to feel the same with anybody else. Westerners dont understand this concept, for that matter Indians dont either. Nowadays we copy the path of the West, almost to the rulebook. But then that is the aftereffect of the Kaliyuga for you.

    You have to bring the purity of Love in a relationship, before asking around for any online partner who knows the so called tantric sex rituals. Without love there is no Tantra. Tantra is sacred. It is not an online market where you go and buy your wares. If you keep its sacredness intact it will give you the entire universe, if you don't, you will get pebbles instead of pearls.

    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,
    • Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I agree with you.

      Love and Joy,

  • I am aware of the power of soulmate love and the ability to love through the ethers. I have experienced this with a soulmate already without being with him physically. There are some problems with the lack of a physical relationship that would caution me on your proposal. I have done research and found out about a trantric practice that is practiced by monks in a Tibetan monestary by the "Children of the Law of One". (www.atlantis.to) They use this as in a commited relationship as part of their path to enlightenment. A special bond occurs between partners and allows the flow of universal spirit through your partner and you to them. This is not something that I would even practice with a partner I was not committed too or involved with in a physical way. The whole point is to integrate on all levels of consciousness. To practice without a physical relationship and a true love basis is still avoiding a true intimate relationship with God and to our soul-mate. This is a powerful tool and should only be used with the utmost commitment to the Universal Spirit to help bring this world back to love. Otherwise it will only empower or selfish self and keep us avoiding our true surrender to love. It can open us up to channels of energy we aren't able to handle and it can backfire. You obviously have the ability to share a special gift of loving a woman in a beautiful way. Cherrish this gift and keep it sacred for service to God. Thank your girlfriend for showing you a possibility that you can have with a twinflame relationship in your future, one that you can share oneness on all levels. Have a blessed day.

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    • Silent storm,

      You should read what "out of Blue" wrote in response to my post. Raising base energy in the root chakra is not Tantra. Tantra in sanskrit comes from two words "Tan" pronounced as "ton" with a soft T pronunciation and "tra". Sanskrit is a complicated language where words mean different things when the context they are spoken in changes. Tantra can mean a tool most literally, but the actual meaning of Tantra is "Expansion of Consciousness" through the secret techniques of mudra(hand gestures), anga nyasa (body postures), mantra (chants), kriya (action) and yantra (cosmic diagrams).

      Sharing energy and building a connection can be done with a simple distance reiki exchange, you dont need Tantra for that. Tantra is a specific tool perfected by individuals who have practised for years (and not ONLY sexual techniques for that) the secret techniques of its science.

      I would recommend reading "Tantric Quest: An Encounter With Absolute Love" by Daniel Odier. In this book, you will read about how the author was made to stand on the edge of a waterfall for months, before he was even given a taste of raising the kundalini and uniting his consciousness with the divine through sexual practices. I am not going to spoil the surprise for you and tell you why he had to stand on the edge, you'll come to know eventually. If you can digest all that happens to the author as written in the book, I'd say you are worthy of uttering the word Tantra. Practicing Tantra, now let's keep that for another day.

      with intent,
      much love, light and laughter,
  • Listen dude.. stop clowning around.. Practice it with your dead gf then... That is what it's meant for.. To bring 2 hearts toether no matter where they might be in the universe. WHat u describe in this thread is something that befalls pure undefiled souls, those that have been in cummunion with their twin flames. This is not for your average everyday person
    • Thank you for your words, OUB (can I call you that? ;-) )

      For a long time I have asked this same question to every non-indian who seems to be involved in tantra (only of the sexual kind) and most of the times they did not have an answer. Your answer has been one of the most authentic and is so straight from the heart, that it compels me to honour it.

      Unfortunately, the particular sexual practise that is practised in Tantra, has a specific name, and I have yet to hear any person using it, when they talk about the subject... this tells me and anybody else who has at least 30% knowledge in Tantra/Sri Vidya that they don't know what they are talking about.

      Most dont even know that when a tantric adept practises the maithuna(sex) ritual (and no this is not the name i was talking about) with his/her consort (partner), the experience is so out of this world, that that person will for his lifetime, never practise it with anyone else. Moreover, one such episode is enough for the body and the soul to go on without sex for more than a year. This is not the Tantra I hear being talked about by the westerners. Sex for today's generation is never enough. If you ask me, the way they go about it, they would be doing the so called tantric sex experiments five times a day and say that they are raising their consciousness.

      So you are right - in saying that the West should not use Tantra as their brandname. Holistic sexuality... well I am not entirely convinced :D... but for now OK.

      with intent,
      much love, light and laughter,
  • http://www.yourlightwithin.com/MagicOnenessMeditationFOrCouples.htm

    A friend/reiki teacher of mine made a nice audio meditation for couples (or those looking) to consider your chakras and spirituality into romantic practice. I'm about to listen. Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the meditation link.
  • I've been wanting to learn more about this, and incorporate it into life, do you have any good books or articles?
    • "A systematic course in the ancient tantric techniques of kriya yoga"
      • Tantric Techniques of Kriya Yoga???
        By who?

        This is getting weirder and weirder.

        I am a second level initiate in Mahavtar Babaji's Kriya Yoga... and so far I have not heard of any connection between Tantric sex techniques and Kriya Yoga. And this I can say because I have some in depth knowledge on Tantra too.

        Is Kundalini so cheap that she can be aroused just by practising Tantric Sex? I do know that the energies of the Aquarian age, are going to facilitate Kundalini awakening in more and more individuals, but this online tantric sex is taking things a bit too far.

        As I wrote in my group here on this site - Kundalini Teachings - "Tantra has for long been sensationalised and misrepresented as just sexual practices by popular western celebrities like Sting his wife Trudy Styler and Heather Graham." and everyone wants to have a slice of this supposedly infinite ecstasy.

        To Ali,

        I'd like to quote from what I posted on Understanding Tantra - The Basis of Kundalini Yoga

        "In earlier times, when esoteric knowledge was under jealous guard, a spiritual aspirant usually had to endure years of patient waiting before being taught. Now that information has become an article of commerce, all manners of secrets would seem to have suddenly become available to anyone who has money enough to buy the book or tape. Though words can be bought and sold, the living wisdom that lies confined in them must still be earned...

        ...Among the long-hidden arcana now being packaged for sale, especially to westerners is the lore of Kundalini, the root from which all spiritual experiences sprout, and most of the writers who have tried to present it to the world, have managed at best dead words. This is because the ancient view of Tantra is veiled in mystery, and the only way to penetrate this veil is to patiently cultivate the ability to see the universe the way the tantric masters do....

        ...Accomplished Tantrics see the world and everything in it as an indivisible whole – as a tangible manifestation of the DIVINE MOTHER. This is not a metaphor for them, nor is it a philosophical premise; it is a living breathing reality. Where we see duality – young and old, right and wrong, male and female, pure and impure – a Tantric adept sees only ONE.

        The Divine Mother is not in the world, She IS the world. Indeed She is the entire universe. Indeed She is the entire universe, and to SEE any difference between the individual self (the existence of which is thanks to the dormant Kundalini) and HER (awakened Kundalini) or between Her and any natural force or cosmic influence is misperception."

        As Heinrich Zimmerman observed, “The best things can’t be told; the second best are misunderstood.”

        with intent,
        much love, light and laughter,
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