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  • Dear Dolphin,

    Have a great trip in Florida, I will be sending engery to you for land and river blessing,

  • Miss you.
    hugs, Ying-Ling
  • Your Welcome sister. Thanks for taking the time from your day to read it. This picture I took of a glass dolphin in the shadows. Your turn,

    picture me . :) Love Ya,
  • I checked out the dolphin photos and this is what came out.

  • Thank You
  • Have a clown-a-rific day toooooooooooooooooooooo. Oppsie, I left out one more o. :)
  • Part 2.....
    I have enjoyed your posts on Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Have you read "Jesus and Mary Magdalene: The Eternal Heart of Love", by Yael and Doug Powell. Or literally through Yael, my dear friend. Jesus comes to her to allow their true love story to be revealed at this time. There are more books scheduled to be released. Their website is I have been to their workshops and they are dear friends of mine. It just seems that you already know the story, so I had been wondering if you had read these books or you found the information through another source. Truth is truth it doesn't matter from where you heard of it.
    Yes, I am real sensitive as well feeling like a stranger upon this planet. Know that it is our open loving hearts that are our true protection. This is a little unnerving at times, when others are so busy throwing their energy carelessly about with anger and frustration. As long as I keep my heart open and flowing I can allow this energy to pass through without harming me. But, I don't like it sometimes. I don't date because of this. Most people don't realize that their thoughts and attitudes affect the hearts of others. I am hopeful that there are those who care about how they affect others in relationships, like us sensitive light workers.

    Have a truly blessed day. Know that your rain is a blessing and I see you are already in gratitude. I am glad you already know the keys to the way to keep your thoughts in the Christ vibrations.
    Best wishes,
  • Dear Bert, (Part 1, it wouldn't let me send the entire message at one time)
    Thanks for sharing. Yes, I understand exactly the way you feel. So, I smile with much compassion as I read your precious words.
    I am doing well today. We have sunny beautiful weather in the Southeastern, US. It is around 60F/?C. It is probably like your late spring in the Netherlands. Yes, I have traveled to Holland many years ago. It is a beautiful country, but it is cold and has the aromas of Cows. Ha!
    I was given the remembrance of where I came from years ago in a dream/vision. I remembered my world and the happy/joyful little people we were. We were visited by a being, I believe to be Jesus. He asked us to go on a journey to help another world. Many of us left and came here. I miss my world, but I am glad I finally was given why I ended up here and that I can eventually go home again. I am also aware I am living parallel lives in the ocean as dolphins at the moment. It must explain why I transform so much stuff and why I feel so connected to them. I am glad a part of me is there.
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Evans, GA


April 30

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I am very spiritual and intuitive. I believe in following the Golden Rule. This is the path of Unselfish love that sets us free. My lifestyle of healthy eating and time spent on meditation is something I have been doing for the past 20 years. I keep myself well with my diet, vitamins and herbs. I also take responsibility for my own emotional and spiritual healing with different methods to raise my vibration. I am emotionally mature and very grounded in my responsibilities to care for my family. I like stability and peace in relationships with others. I am sensitive but not controlled by my emotions. I know how to transform and heal my emotional issues. I am capable of making unselfish decisions for all concerned even if I don't get what I want. Unselfish love is true love in action. I am focused on my career right now because I spent many years devoted to my children and my spiritual growth. I am now at a point to integrate all that I have learned in my career in education in service to God/Goddess. My children are 14 and 15 years old. They are joy in my heart. Raising them has taught me patience beyond belief. I do have a big space in my heart for a soul-mate/twin-flame relationship. I hope to meet the right man that will complement my gifts. I see a perfect relationship where two souls have found their own God-connection and are completely open to service to God. This involves reflecting God's love to each other as divine masculine and divine feminine. This also involves staying in higher energies of love and joy and not falling into limited emotional ego illusions. I seek my galactic brothers and sisters to share communication with at this time. I have been on the warrior path for at least 17 years now and I find it inspirational to hear where others are on their path. Namaste.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Gautama, all beings of light, Austria, and Ilse

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"Thank you for your light that you share with the world."
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"Namaste, Matt. Thank you for your kind gift. I hope you enjoy your communications here on Ashtar. There are many interesting people with so many positive spiritual insights. I don't chat a lot because I am very busy. But, I do enjoy good spiritual…"
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