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Lewis Hamilton...Why The Hell Is He Bringing Corrupt Black Lives Matter Into Sport ???...SOROS BOY...Should Be Banned From Motor Racing For He Can Become Soros's Driver

Lewis Hamilton at London Protest:
I was proud to be out there acknowledging and supporting the Black Lives Matter


Austrian Grand Prix only driver wearing a black lives matter tee shirt

Went to his Neat Burger restaurant in Regent Street and found staff eating behind the counter...thus contaminated food never go again

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He should be smart enough to know that Black Lives Matter is a corrupt movement funded by SOROS and if he supports this movement he is part of the corruption
He should also know that it was a fake false flag ...see @

He should be banned from motor sports as he supports a corrupt movement.
He should have worn a tee shirt stating ALL LIVES MATTER

Warning to other drivers . He is a supporter of a corrupt movement and so should distance from him.

Lewis Hamilton should know this and act accordingly:

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter & Why? The Answer May Shock You! - Must View Video!

So basically BLM is an elitist funded mercenary army!

Black Lives Matter has been dominating the headlines for weeks and there has been a lot of speculation regarding the funding of this organization with many fingers quick to point at George Soros.

So the million dollar question is… Did George Soros fund Black Lives Matter? Yes, he absolutely did and we share the details in this report.

But George Soros is not the only source of funding for Black Lives Matter, in fact, Soros and his funding, is just another spoke in the wheel of a massive, well financed and politically motivated campaign with the desired goal of transforming the world by destroying the current system of control in, order to roll out a new system of control.

This certainly seems like a reoccurring theme right now, as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the Central Banks and Governments around the world are preparing for the ‘Great Reset’ and a global paradigm shift.

So let examine who exactly is funding Black Lives Matter and why?

I’m a black man and I’m ashamed of BLM.

Please do some documentaries on Soros. People dont get what he is all about.

If the mainstream media promotes it ad nauseam, it’s more than likely a propaganda tool.

Thank you, dear Spiro for this very important information. As a black American, I am vehemently opposed to this BLM movement and have been for a long time now. It is and has been so crystal clear to me that this movement is (even in the days of the Mike Brown group) that this is a too well oiled machine to be a “grass roots” movement. It came too quick and way too media-slick. In fact, I tell people all the time that the ‘M’ in BLM stands for ‘Maniuplated’. It is Black Lives Manipulated. I have heard rumors about Soros’ involvement and funding and that’s bad enough, but with your report, it is no longer a rumor. I intend to share this everywhere I can.

Soros contributed “33” million dollars!

George Soros he funds Antifa as well.

It’s even on Git Hub. Soros is funding Africa Check as well, so he is helping cover up the murder of White Farmers in SA.

The world is NOT divided between black and white… It’s between the rich and the rest of us!

BLM is just the direction they want us to look at, to prevent that we care about their other actions.

This has got to be one of your better short to-the-point vids. Your disgust and urgency to get this message out is felt Spiro. I will forward this to all the duped and confused people I know.

Your brilliance is shining Spiro! You are right, it never was about justice, only control. God bless you.

The money ends up in the Democratic Party!

This will be a war at some point it’s unavoidable now.

His true colour printed on his tee shirt says that he is a supporter of a corrupt organization so the rest who believe that ALL LIVES MATTER should keep away from him ...he is SOROS boy

Cheeky man wearing tee shirt with black lives matter ...he can join the group below the people he supports 


Aren't they going to sing the "black anthem" (whatever that is) before football games?

Lewis Hamilton must be told a sport is an event conducted in sportsman's spirit not bringing corrupt Organization black lives matter ... Firstly other drivers should distance from him ..secondly all that believe in all lives matter should no longer support him...thirdly countries that believe in all lives matter should ban him dare he brings corrupt black lives matter into sports..this shows his true colour a man who supports corruption ...Soros devotee can be Soros driver he will pay him well 


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