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  Hope 12/21/2012 is treating you well :)  I recently took a photo and saw the clearest picture of an "orb" I have ever seen.  Here it is...



I made it black and white so you can see the contrast a little better.  But there it is.  If you would like a closer-up picture click on the attachment and then you should be able to zoom in a little better. 


So what do you think it is??


One Love, One Heart



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Even in the spiritual forum, f-o-e

what is f.o.e? or just foe? I know what foe are ;)

They're from Etrian Odyssey, a Nintendo DS game. FOE stands for field on enemy, and they are little orange fuzzballs to represent enemies on the field until your party of adventurers gets into melee range where a battle will be initiated.

To explain that picture, this is an excerpt from a wiki

"In April 2007, a Flash animation by IOSYS satirized their annoying tendency to pop up at inopportune times during play. It turned them into a popular meme within Japanese imageboard culture."

They've since made cameos and crept their way into lots of fan games, and are similar enough to a common fuzzball enemy in the "bullet hell" game series "Touhou" that they're often depicted as the same thing.

For some reason they've been depicted with a °д° face in fan works even though they aren't like that in any of the official games.

..Yup! That's what that orb reminds me of. And staying true to the meme I did NOT expect to see it here.

Here is one I got after my partner passed on. The next one is my guide.  The last one is when I was decorating for Christmas and I felt their presence. I have so many more but these ones stand out.

Sorry I didnt think they would come out so big. I have found that the more your intention is to get orbs in your pictures the more they come. Figured out how to put them on here. You got an orb which are spirit entities. If you ask them to show up they will and will pose where they can best be seen.

Those are cool orbseeker.  I haven't had anyone pass on recently.  I have no idea "who" it is, but every time I look at it I get a big smile on my face.


And what's funny is if you zoom in on my picture, it looks like there are lines in it with a face in the middle..pretty detailed

They may be guides or may be angels if you ask they would probably answer you telepathically when they appear do you get a loud buzzing or humming or ringing in your ears. When they are around do you get a weird sensation like some one is touching you. sometimes you will hear a sound sorta like windchimes plus you can see shimering lights small orbs this is the presence of angels. I hope this helps love and light



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