Love and light....and thank you in advance for your attention, your presence, your comments.  From what I have understood...the Annunaki (supposedly means royal blood) came to earth to mine for gold....the King "god" Anu had two sons who were half brothers...Enki and Enlil.  When it came down to it...they didn't want to do the labor themselves and thus used the Neanderthals for slave labour but the Neanderthals rebelled after 40 days.  Enki was in charge of creating a new slave race...he did so by using his own dna with that of the Neanderthals not without much trial and error learning as he went and creating many unsuccessful hybrids like cyclops, centaurs, mermaids (mermaids most likely were not very beautiful but a little grotesque and this coming from a mermaid enthusiast.  I love mermaids) and then we all know of Lilith, Adam, and Eve the first successful hybrids.  Today we all are the Annunaki and Neanderthal hybrid some more Annunaki than others...look at the human brain....there is a reptillian part of the brain that is used for fight or flight...survival.  

    This story is told every which way posing Enki as "good" and Enlil as "bad" and vise versa....but they both wanted to rule...they were both with an appetite to control the world.  Those from heaven came...and called themselves god and flashed their bling bling technology as though it marked their superiority.  We were telepathic communicators before the Annunaki...they taught us language, science, mathematics, architecture, technology, the secrets of the Kabbbalah/masonic teachings as well as every religion, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, there are so many.

It sounds as though they will all die if they do not use us for food...I personally would rather die than eat my offspring.  So that's where all the dragon and serpent lore come from...the Draco...the Annunaki...that's where the vampire lore also comes they eat flesh and drink blood.  We are like cattle to them....but we are also playing the same game on a lesser scale...look at how we treat our cattle/food...the brutal way we slaughter them, the hormones, and so on. 

    We are the "designer genes" and as far as I can tell we have one gland the Annunaki do not...the pituitary gland...when it's secret secreation can experience true immortality and longer in need of anything at all however continuing life for sheer joy.  Being present is all one needs...but in this world of distractions and then there is the is a constant effort to stay present.  Is there life after duality?  I feel there is.  The Annunaki have a great fear of death and are trying desperately to survive...many have not faced their own fears and simply keep running away instead of just being present.  It is said they have not the ability to incorporate the pituitary gland into their bodies and are envious of us.  

  Enki rivaled Enlil for world dominion...god against god...and it was Enki who wanted our race to live though for selfish reasons and Enlil who sent the great flood to destroy Enki's "work"...and Enki aka Yawhw told Moses to build the arc.  Perhpas Enlil thought they had evolved beyond owning slaves and knowing they would be used as food which is basicly cannibalism...or just jealousy of his brother Enki may have triggered Enlil

   Enki devised a great plan to fool the masses...creating the story of Jesus and acting it out as well...Jesus was most likely a man hosted on by Enki...Jesus the anti-christ.  Enki still has plans to follow up with the return of Christ...but it is all an elaborate cover to trick people into supporting one world leader but it will not come to pass...I feel the love on this planet is too strong and growing stronger.  People are waking up to see the truth...and to be the change they wish to see in the world.

  The truth is we don't need a world leader at all...we are a people...we can all work together at all times to create our one needs to follow fact it is crucial to "ascension" to take responsibility for the self..go within.  Enki through Jesus had enough conciousness to know the truth and relay it to others yet could not truely embody and live it.  He set himself up to be worshiped all because of a deep seated fear that he is not loved or lovable...he does not even love himself...he can talk the talk but I that does not mean he walked the walk.  Of course there is still time for Enki and Enlil and all creation to take a moment to go with his own way he is is approaching enlightenment/ascension...we all are...and it has only to do with going with in and being present.

  Leonardo Da Vinci shows us Jesus the reptilian in the last supper:


          I love all creation...I know we are loving this world into more love...we can do this with out one single leader...we are allllll leaders...we are all equal.   Thank you.  <3



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  • davincci is on on tv here on Sunday, a documentary so I will try to see this ...............................
    • He is very interesting Da Vinci...he used mirrors to paint in secret images that can only be seen when you reverse the painting upon itself.  There are many more secrets in the last supper as well as his other paintings, you can watch them on youtube.  Love and Light to you Netcae!
  • Wery funny Lord.
    That picture really got me.
    A byte i mean.
    That it is all who i miss.
    The red 3-rd eye.
    • Love and Light! Thank you Lord Jesus!
  • This is not mine.  Painting that I found forever ago, and absolutely loved (and continue to love).

    So, I feel that it fits (loosely) with the discussion.

    So, here is the link.

  • Netcae the action we made define us bad or good.
    So with other species are the same.
    It is not a sciance.
    It is what it is.
    So search in history.
    You will find plenty of example there.
  • love and light!
  • Do you think to Enki it will care about people?


    He care only about him and those who will worship and serve him and his needs.

    Hmmm...but he get away with this.

  • And he got away with that .

    The people has been taken to a safe location in the top of the mountain by huge ships named the Ark.

    And Moses has been give command by The Lord not by Enki.

    Enki loaded his ship and tray to escape from the punishment .

  • Beside the fact Enki did forbidden intervention to human and no human DNA.

    And create humans with animals, and animals who did not suppose to exist.

    But he like bestiality,and create monsters and giants of the old .


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