• i am 77 yrs old.  when came here was lonely wanted to make new friends/connections.  as far as healing modalities, spiritual evolving, consciousness..i did the my own creativeness, freedom of spirit..basic morality = 10 commandments (suggestions really of being good human being)…more than can write here now.  Been there..done that..worked on self inwardly/outwardly (knew the difference)..but no man/woman/child/or animal is an ‘island’…we do need others.  

    where we differ from animals..we are not predators..kill for food/survival.

    and if unconditional on one kindness..patience as some are ‘slower’..or may be emotionally/mentally off-balance..those who are in-balance know what has

    to be done.   confused..and after reading all the ideas, suggestions, proclamations, i am now more lonely & if i follow or try to discern what people here claim.

    BEAUTY/LOVE/HARMONY et al that jazz; SIMPLE.  It seems the more

    we ‘try’ to calculate, the scales on either end become so heavily laden, they'll

    break under the weight.

    when i began as member (lonely) sought others who offered love/friendship welcoming me.

    It seemed fine idea to join triangle meditation.  Find two others and did by their willingness

    to meditate as triangle.   Right off the bat..even intentions of when to meet &

    merge our vibrations, share what came from the meditation, fell flat.went helter/skelter.  

    Then i contacted the coordinator who initiated triangle med.  Had no idea what/how/etc. to

    continue on any level of it?  

    She called upon her ‘buddies,’ as she had been on this scene for a while. ( I was brand new, did not know anyone yet)..who called me ‘stupid’..then she heaped on more insults by calling me ‘delusional’ and a ‘liar’.  WOW!!!

    it seems the ones who do comment/reply/respond are ‘all over themselves’.  Once in a blue moon

    some show up & are it seems true LIGHT WORKERS.  Like any ‘community’ where humans

    socialize..there are the good, the bad and the ugly~   No surprise to me this could happen here as well.

    Problem is..i am still lonely hoping to find a sentient resonant friend.  We needn't agree about ‘everything’.  Just wanted an ally, a relatively enlightened friend.  Come here to chat share recipes & ideas to help lighten the burden of survival in 3-D.  I like, enjoy companionship.  

    more than ‘have a nice day’, 'see ya’ sooner or later’, 'don’t be so negative’ or 'look within; love yourself first.'  well i love what i see inside myself as lovable.  What do not love about myself can also see & reasons why.  It is for me too hard to do by myself..i prefer companionship..even one would do..(for starters)    

    I work hard every day..provide for my my best to keep inside and out~and wish at the end of the day to know that someone else cares..  even a tiny bit..that’s all~

    Joyana Suwati

  • i'm very good at thinking, and seeing, not so good at feeling though... :P

  • you're right! I gotta be high! :D

  • um... are they all doors into different realities? :P

  • I'm an Aries, it should be obvious because of how I ram heads with people on this website. lol

  • what is Light without darkness though? or darkness without light? aren't both of them part of the same universe? :P

  • I've been doing that for a long time now.... I don't judge the darkness, I just accept both the light and dark as being part of the same thing. :P

  • Shadow Self? you mean the polar opposites of our personality? :P

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