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State of the Nation

Deep State is getting very desperate

Las Vegas Local Newspaper:  Las Vegas Shooting Framed As Lone Wolf With 20 Dead And 100 wounded!

Like so many other staged mass casualty events, this  [SHOCKING] shooting staged at the “country music concert in Las Vegas” was deliberate and multi-purposeful.

Because of the immediate floating of a lone-wolf shooter, it’s clear that a patsy was pre-identified to take the rap. Las Vegas Shooting Framed As Lone Wolf With 20 Dead And 100 wounded!

Though there were initial reports of multiple shooters and multiple incidents up and down the Strip, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said at a press conference held at 1:30 a.m. local time that it was believed that there was only one suspect.

That man was killed on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay after officers responded to the shooting. Lombardo said that investigators are looking for the suspect’s roommate, an Asian woman named Marilou Danley.

Lombardo declined to identify the suspect, who he called a “lone wolf.”

Asked about the shooter’s motive, Lombardo said, “We don’t know what his belief system was at this time.”
(Source: Massacre At Mandalay: Las Vegas Gunman Kills At Least 20 At Country...)

The crime scene hasn’t even been thoroughly investigated and the local county sheriff has already called this false flag mass shooting a lone-wolf operation!  That, right there, is a dead giveaway.

There is also an increasing trend over the past couple of years whereby these BIG false flag operations are executed at night.  The cover of darkness gives the real perps so much more opportunity to cover their tracks and manipulate the crime scene to fit their predetermined narrative.


Things have not been going well for the globalists.  Their New World Order agenda is in complete disarray.

First, the NFL Kneelgate scandal has really back fired…so much so that the NWO ruling cabal has to change the national conversation.  Nothing does that quicker than a mass casualty event (MCE).  The NFL crashes and burns! Collapse of the celebrity culture now i...

With the NFL in a free-fall collapse, the globalists were forced to divert the attention of the American people.  The institutional responses to the NFL fiasco were particularly impactful with NASCAR completely rejecting the practice of kneeling during the anthem.  The NBA likewise sent out a memo banning the same form of protest both individually and collectively.  NBA memo warns teams to stand during national anthem ‘OR ELSE’

This sudden reversal of fortune for the globalists was both embarrassing and unexpected which demanded an expeditious response … … … like a horrifying MCE in their view.


There’s no question that the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico has been transformed into an unparalleled disaster area.  The extent of the human catastrophe alone is still unknown because of the inability to get to many parts of the devastated island.  Many are unaware that Puerto Rico has experienced 2 major superstorm hits: first from Hurricane Irma; then from Hurricane Maria– the first category 4 to hit the island since 1932.

The key point is that Puerto Rico has been evolving in the direction of a major political football.  The Democrats, especially, are attempting to seize any political advantage they can in an effort to tarnish President Trump with his first “Katrina”.  SOTN is writing an investigative report on the reality in Puerto Rico and the extent of the political subterfuge being used by the locals.  The Democratic San Juan mayor seems to be a major player in these machinations, although a verdict on her official conduct cannot yet be rendered conclusively.

Is the San Juan Mayor blocking hurricane relief or are logistics in...

The bottom line here is that the globalists are clearly using the island Democrats to sabotage Trump’s relief effort.  However, the Alt Media is catching some of the more obvious acts of subversion in real time.  This is making the cabal’s plan to ruin Trump’s reputation as a compassionate nationalist quite difficult to execute.

With each passing day, successive Trump’s tweetstorms expose this perfidious globalist scheme.  Thus, the NWO cabal is compelled to rapidly change the conversation.  This is where MCE events like Las Vegas get the job done faster than anything.


How do the FEDs get away with so many in-your-face attacks on the American people?

These exceedingly violent MCEs have actually been made ‘legal’ by the most recent version of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), that was aggressively pushed under Obama.

Yes, this legislation may sound totally insane, and it is; but it is also enshrined by legislation passed by Congress and signed by Obama.  As follows:

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of De...

The unending spate of mass shootings and bombings is a direct result of this fundamentally unconstitutional and unlawful federal statute.  And hardly anyone knows about it!


As this Las Vegas PsyOp continues to unravel in the days ahead, other objectives will make themselves clear.

The very fact that so many were apparently killed and wounded makes this a classic black operation conducted by the C.I.A. in close cooperation with the F.B.I. and local law enforcement.

Whenever an MCE is analyzed so quickly as a lone-wolf mass murder, who could not possibly have shot so many people so swiftly, the U.S. Intelligence Community is obviously behind the whole charade.

Does Deep State really expect US to believe that the “National Security State” is inacapable of detecting such transparent acts of domestic terrorism? 

State of the Nation
October 2, 2017


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Have a look at this site 


Hey's a pretty good video that sums it up in 2.7 minutes.


more shooters mike-could be links to antifa;

<iframe width="475" height="266" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

LOL. Here's a twisted perspective on this shooting (we need some form of humor at a time like this):

Here's a good question to ask about this shooting...

You are using this tragedy to prove a ridiculous point.

All I have seen is people are dead and you are using it as a means to prop up your personal agenda

HEY ANDROMEDA: your video cannot be seen in the U.S. per Youtube.

HEY ANDROMEDA: please don't forget to complain about Hillary Clinton, the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and Jimmy Kimmel as well. The above posting is a response to them and their "personal agenda" over this tragedy; sorry I didn't mention it.

By the way, you need to complain to Feather Winger below, as she is also making a "personal agenda" about this tragedy as well. I made such a complaint, so I can somewhat relate.

The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots.

Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.

Our grief isn't enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.

elements of the gov wants to confiscate our guns



Well, no, I do not agree with this articles  reason for this.  Like so many of these conspiracy theories there is a false premise that leads to false conclusion.

´´´This is making the cabal’s plan to ruin Trump’s reputation as a compassionate nationalist quite difficult to execute.

With each passing day, successive Trump’s tweetstorms expose this perfidious globalist scheme.  Thus, the NWO cabal is compelled to rapidly change the conversation.  This is where MCE events like Las Vegas get the job done faster than anything.´´

Right now there are several factions of the NWO fighting with each other.....Trump is the front man for the billionaires, bankers , military industrial complex, Saudi and Israel.  His continuation of war and further war mongering  is to create a one world government by putting puppet governments into power (and keeping the ones already there) around the world.. He is also very successful at keeping the people of the UA with his comment about the football players..

Not saying that what we have been told is exactly right, but this article is useless..   I have seen several vids about this and several of them said that he was a Hillary supporter and this proves he could not have done this because people on the left do not have enough intelligence to plan joke, they really said this  and this is what they believe.  When we see all these dumb premises and where we come from, it is easy to see why so many of these theories are far from the mark..




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