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Ga Ga's 'people' say she's a tyrant..

LADY Gaga has been hit by a crippling illness which could end her stage career.

The US singer last night cancelled the rest of her world tour after she was left unable to walk due to synovitis — a chronic condition which causes joints to swell.

Gaga, 26, had tried to hide her agony from staff, but she was in such pain she could no longer perform. Now she has pulled out of the remaining 21 dates of her Born This Way Ball tour.

She blamed a tear in her right hip — an underlying cause of synovitis — which will need surgery to repair.

Gaga told her 34 million Twitter fans: “I’ve been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for some time now and over the past month it has worsened.

“I hid it from my staff, I didn’t want to disappoint my amazing fans.”

Gaga was in extreme pain after her show in Montreal, Canada, on Monday.

She added yesterday: “I could not walk — and still can’t.” Fans with tickets to the scrapped shows will get refunds, but she said of the cancellations: “I hope you forgive me, as it’s nearly impossible for me to forgive myself. I’m devastated.”

Synovitis is linked to arthritis and auto-immune disorder Lupus — and regular bouts can lead to a crumbling of the joints.

The singer has previously confessed to a history of “borderline lupus”. Her aunt Joanne died of it in 1974.

Gaga is being sued for £250,000 by ex-aide Jennifer O’Neill, who claims the star is a tyrant who demanded that she be on call 24 hours a day.

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ah she's going to need plenty of rest from all that stage performing... she should recover with plenty of rest rest rest! but thats impossible sometimes in the celebrity world of "Hollywood". I like her uniqueness, lol

'bad romance' is the only song of hers I know-catchy tune

haha... ok... enjoy thisssssssssss  then lol GAGA OOO la la ...ra ra..ra ra ra lol

Yup Lori, when she came out with that I was singing it in my head for weeks and weeks. It is real catchy and has a lot of symbolism in it.  Guess I like it because I am a survivor too, and I know you are as well.  I have always been drawn to strong women songs. 


Hope she feels better soon. Autoimmune diseases are a b****. 

Not sure if you are commenting to me Lori, but I did not say she is a must be talking about someone else even though your comment came after what I said, lol.  I think that she is talented and  I like a lot of her music...I pass no judgement on her, she is a performer doing what she does.  I do not know her personally in any way so would never call her a satanist.  People jump to a lot of conclusions and that is part of society's problems.

The words she speaks are not as influential as the subtle and not so subtle symbolism in her videos and performances.  Your subconscious mind picks up the symbolism and is influenced by it.  I pass no judgment because I don't know if she is aware of the symbolism or not.  However, ignorance is not an excuse either.  My humble suggestion is to research occult symbolism and you will understand why some of us are disturbed by her performances.  

Awake and Aware

Much appreciated")

Occult simply stated... means hidden.  When I use the term I don't use it with the naive idea that it means satanism.  Symbolism and mathematics are universal and together they are sacred geometry.  A good place to start would be to look up the occult symbols in corporate logos.  People love PRODUCTS because the subconscious mind recognizes the sacred geometry.  Example; When people look at the Mercedes Brand/Logo they see a star or a triangle.  Your subconscious mind expands the image 3 dimensionally and sees  a cube inside of a circle.   Look up the flower of life and tree of life patterns...that is sacred geometry.

How this relates to Ga Ga and many other "Strars" is that people are dazzled by the performances and are mesmerized by the symbolism.  They end up worshipping things an people that bring no value to our lives and they spend money on things we don't really need.  That money feeds the machine that keeps us enslaved. If we listen to music often enough, you end up with that playing in our minds instead of listening to our higher selves.  Listening to our inner guidance allows up to wake up to the fact that our reality is not what it should be and we then begin to change it. Lady Ga Ga might say some positive things, but I suggest you watch her videos with a discerning eye, after you have done more research on symbolism, and you will notice they can be pretty vulgar.

Much Respect 

I hope she takes the time  needed to recover.  She has an amazing powerful voice.

Feel sorry for her even though she's a Satanist.

she might be a worst satanic influence on our youth today so I guess her ailments might be the karma result .................I cant wait till the day her influence on blind masses is over...............................

Your sources aren't exactly credible.

...So Lady Ga Ga......May Be Gone......Hmm......Was She All There...In The First Place... Lol......Never Been Into Her Stuff Her Well With The Pain.....xx.....



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