Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine have begun manipulating residents by sending out mass text messages to discredit Ukrainian authorities, a military spokesman said.

"They have equipment that mimics the work of mobile phone operators. On April 6, for example, they sent out mass text messages to mobile users with the following message: ‘Hr 10 has been deducted from your account to support anti-terrorism operations.’ In reality, no money was taken from these accounts. It’s a psychological operation aimed at inattentive mobile phone users. We call on all residents to be careful and not fall for these provocations from our enemy,” Ukraine military spokesman Andrey Lysenko said on April 10.

Lysenko also said three Russian electronic reconnaissance stations had been spotted not far from Gorlovka and Dokuchayevsk, and 14 drone sightings had been recorded within the past day alone.

His remarks come as both sides in the conflict accuse each other of violating the February ceasefire agreement, which managed to secure a lull in fighting.

As Ukrainian defense officials and international monitors warn of an increase in shootings and provocations, however, many fear the shaky ceasefire will not hold – a concern that has been intensified by a separatist leader threatening a return to all-out war if Donetsk does not get independence.


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  • the soviets are a death cult from the inner hell realms -one of many-whose goal is genocide;

    Starting from the late 1920s, Ukraine was involved in Soviet industrialisation and the republic's industrial output quadrupled during the 1930s.[57] The peasantry, demographically the backbone of the Ukrainian nation, suffered. Stalin instituted a programme of collectivisation of agriculture and enforced the policies by the regular troops and secret police.[57] Those who resisted were arrested and deported and agricultural productivity greatly declined. As members of the collective farms were not allowed to receive any grain until sometimes unrealistic quotas were met, millions starved to death in a famine known as Holodomor or "Great Famine".[c] Scholars are divided as to whether this famine fits the definition of genocide, but the Ukrainian parliament and other countries recognise it as such.

    • PET ROCK: PLEASE GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT. Actually it was J.D. Rockefeller banking interests and European banking elements (with many of these bankers were Ashkinazi Jews with no Middle East Jewish links whatsoever) who originally financed the Bolsheviks which led to the slaughter in Ukraine AND Russia, and these same elements own (AND STILL OWN) the western mainstream media.  And this is the same media who scream HOLOCAUST, HOLOCAUST, HOLOCAUST, and say nothing about the slaughter of millions of Russians and Ukraine people that took place, which you blame completely on the Soviets, as opposed to blaming the original source of U.S. and European bankers (who Putin is not cooperating with). So please get off of this "Putin is an ex-Soviet, hence 100% bad" bullsh!t. 

      Aleksandr Solzhenitysyn said it the best for what really happened:


      • Putin is not Old Soviet Order, Putin is New Soviet Order. But.. It's still Soviet Order, unfortunely.

        • ACUTE OBSERVER: YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. Was Brezhnev and Khrushchev elected by the people of Russia OR a Central Committee within the Soviet Government?  Putin was elected by the people of Russia, and not a Central Committee. PLEASE GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT, and stop using your shill-style "art of words." You are making yourself look like a paid shill, as well as being foolish in lieu of the facts. Putin isn't perfect, but note that Putin still has a popular rating among the Russian voters (as opposed to a Central Committee that doesn't exist anymore).

          • OK OK Malcolm-but tell that to the Ukranians-and the russian peasants and others-fact is soviet solders. kgb did the slaughtering

            • are we still judging soviet policies based on something that happened some 90+ yrs ago ?....come on.....................

              • It is importent to know that the people behind the sovjets where the same group that are controling Nato as well. Now there seems a diffrent situation where Putin put in the sadle bij oligarchs has turned against these western suported oligarchs and hase chosen for Russia and people. That is the reason he gets demonized by western propaganda and the war in Ukraine started because big compagnies are not aloud to rob the country and the cabal can not get a big foothold in russia.

  • Get you paid to post this nazi propaganda or are you just not so smart and read only newspapers and watch the news on tv?

    • How can you ask that question while at the same time, post a major space-filler "virus"-jpg in order to make the discussion more diffult to have?

      You accuse me of being a paid shill while you, quite professionally, behave as one yourself?

      That's quite, unprofessional. Please give me the number to your employer. I intend to apply for Your job and I am sure that I will get it, and you will be let go.

      Klaas, as I've told you in another thread already. We know who you are, who you work for and what you get out of it..

      If you have nothing to add to the subject posted, there's no reason for you to post anything at all.

      But in answer to your question: No, Noone payed me to post this. Ever since the active charlatans forgot about Ukraine, I felt it important to keep posting news of it. If you cared once about Ukraine, you should STILL care about it, and therefore also care about news from it. 

      I see though that you have chosen sides, which is interesting to hear from a man who claim to be on the path to ascension. ;)

      • When i left the bs out out of youre reply there is no reply left.
        But you proof here that you are a real troll and king of bs of Asthar command.
        Youre are just full of sh#t and dont know me at all.
        Youre are a traitor to humanity paid or not and youre days are ending so enjoy youre last useless efforts to pee on humans.

This reply was deleted.

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