The session is closed. No more requests please.Dear friends

To those of you who would like to gain a deeper knowing of your mission here and between lives. I will be offering a reading of one of your jobs as a soul, to those of you who are interested. Our soul normally has around 3 specializations(between 1-4 is what I see).

So if you would like me to have a look at your akashic records to ask about one of your tasks, send me your full name, date and place of birth.

Please note that my answers will be put up as a thread to this subject. For your privacy, send your personal information to my inbox, so that it won´t be for everyone to see.

I will answer the request from the first 10 who reply.
So send your info and I will be happy to meet you.

Love and blessings Anneli


I will not be sending out responces personally, so respond only if you are comfortable with me writing to you here. It is less time consuming and gives me time to do more people in these sessions. Also the answer might be helpfull to someone else : )
Note that this time we are not doing soulgroups but soul specializations.
I read for you who have a heartfelt wish to know your true soul purpose so I can support you in your journey. Everything else is pointless to me and a waste of time.

Blessings Anneli

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  • Dear Phoenix11
    Your soul has a deep understanding of how systems and different structures work and how they affect each other. This must also show in your life here. You may be very interested in finding out how things work in the world. Many who have this understanding are drawn to physics, engineering, geology, meteorology or another work field where they can study structures.
    Love anneli
  • Dear Barron
    You are part of the melchizedek priesthood. Your soul works with healing and blessings for us on the earth plane. You have a specific gift within prayer practice and the likes of it and if you don´t already practise, please do. You can create tremendous results for your self and mankind.
    Blessings Anneli
  • Hi Anneli

    Thankyou. It is lovely and wondeful of you to do this.

    Nirmala Mandir, i go by the name of Nikki mandir . My birthdate is; 2nd April 1961

    L&L Nikki xx
    • Dear Nikki
      You are one of our wonderful peacekeepers. Please read more in the comment I left for Adonai El Ra about this beautiful speciality as it is the same for you.
      Love Anneli
      • Dear Anneli. Thankyou so much for this reading. I kinda do see both sides of the story but I tend to know things before I am told. I had most amazing unexpected reading 10 yrs ago soon after my trip to Egypt. I was told I was sent here now to reawaken /remember the knowledge I once knew from a past life, when I had been priestess or royalty and knew of the magic, use of the light as Egypt lived by the light at that time. I know the cure for cancer on a molecular level as I have done this before. When the time comes I will come forward to rid of DNA alien impregnation. I was placed on this earth to bring in more light! As yet, I have no idea what it is I know. Can you shed any more light on this as I am still confused with this reading?? Incidentally, I am a scientist in cell biology/pathology and have worked for Cancer Research Company for many years! Now I am redundant. I was also told that I will invent something to heal people, something of the light and the person I went on this trip is a surgeon from Brazil, a dear friend and Him and I in past lives have been together many times and researcher and assistant or husband and wife. Also, few years I was told by a light worker I am an indigo and yet I still don’t really know my purpose. I would so grateful if you can you help to clarify some of this please? Only if it is for you to find some enlightment on this as I don't want to trouble you too much. But I would be grateful for your opinion.

        L&L and blessings Nikki x
  • Se Lie
    november 11, 1987
    born in mentok-bangka, indonesia

    thank you for your time ^^
    • Hi Selie
      You are an energy expert. Please read more in my comment to Ishvar. You guys are part of the same energy worker team : )
      blessings Anneli
  • I also asked you before but I would love to know more =)

    Hope this isn't too much.

    Name: Owen Currie
    D.O.B: 20/10/1992
    P.O.B: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
    Thank you very much ~* x
    • Dear Oen Currie
      You work in your sleep in the astals, helping others to learn lessons in their dreams. Not all your dreams are your own and can be analyzed.
      Blessings Anneli
  • yes i often feel i am a scientific explorer and i love travelling and i like understanding stargates portholes and anything that is not normally in the mind of earth consciousness as of yet anyways.

    I am fascinated in pyramids, tunnels, water funels and anything that produces anomalies such as wind spouts and all things with vortexes.

    Like for eg that spiral lights in the skies over norway and parts of russia.
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