I am a fairly active guy and and have been pretty in shape and involved
in sports and various activities through out all of my life and stopped when I graduated high school
back in 2003. I still play recreational sports now and then for fun but the last 2 years (2008-2009), it seems I've gained the most weight than ever before, around 20lbs or roughly 9 kg.

My eating habits are not the best in terms of howmany meals I eat a day (which is not many because of my hectic working schedule) and I haven't had fast food in years. I did try a vegetarian diet for a while and that just seemed to make the issue worse so now I'm back to my
normal diet which includes fish and chicken but no other type of meats.

Having said that my first question is,

Isweight gaining a normal sign, a good sign or not so good sign in regards to this ascension process? Is this the result of my physical body adjusting to the higher frequencies? I am not able to see any other reasons why I'm gaining so much weight...

or perhaps...the other question I was thinking about is,

Does karma have to do with this? I mean, do you guys think that it could be all of the emotions that haven't been released yet?

I have heard that if one doesn't release their karma, let go, forgive and process all of the bagged up emotions and relationships one will not be able to move on tot he higher dimensions yet. As above so below, right.

There is no right or wrong answer, just want to know your thoughts on this and perhaps there are others that may be experiencing the same thing.

Thank you for your time,

Love & Light to you all!

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  • hey cidrec you are right it is all to do with blocked energy i like the way you explained it but it has all to do with letting go, i know i am experiencing this always almost all the time, but strange i started losing the weight gain by reading the letters to the christ on www.christsway.co.za
  • Get your thyroid checked. Mine has been low for 6 months now and just stablized. That can explain the wieght gain. Plus, metabolism generally decreases with age and the body starts storing more fat.

    Good luck!
  • I do not think karma has anything to do with it. But i do think energy is involved, we are moving into a new reality that has a diff energy and i believe that the body gets afected a lot because of that. Before it gets better it always gets worse. I also believe that it is a natural reaction to the opening of the schakra system that we put a barrier inbetween in the form of fat. This is on the lower level,the Ego thinking,whenever there is change the Ego reacts to it and it does that only to protect itself and that does not always meen it has the right answer. It is scared right now and it is putting up reserves because of the feeling of lack it has. This is just my thinking i might be totally of.
    • I totally agree with this observation and opinion Cedric! So if you are off, I am definitely out there with you, lol.... That is how the body does work! I had anerexia very badly in my 20s and almost died and was down to low 90 lbs. I had to be hospitalized for six months, tube fed, and then rehabilitated. The doctors there told me that I would have a problem with my weight and (trying not to gain tremendous amounts of it) without overeating because of this biological fact. The cells in you body have "cellular memory". He told me that my body cells would remember being starved almost to death and from that day forward would always store every bit of fat it could as an unconscious to me defense mechanism for survival, which is the stongest impulse in the human and body. This is a very true thing and highly documented with anorexia sufferers who have survived and a biological fact that your whole digestive system and metabalism changes and never is the same again. I can personally account to the fact that it is true, believe me. So I believe that you are correct that the body ego would indeed feel a lack or difference in energy and react in a flight or fright mode at the cellular level. And we all know when we are faced with stressful situations or changes that it most often affects the appetite and digestion on one way or another, also documented. Some people overeat, some people get ulcers and digestion troubles, and some people starve themselves because they feel out of control of their life and can't handle the stress and lose their appetite completely as I did. My ego said to myself, I may not be able to change the horrible situation I was in but I could control SOMETHING, and in that case it was my food intake, because everything else going on in my life was out of my control (unwanted abductions, abusive relationship and much more). I felt powerless to change anything so anerexia was the result. It is kind of like your stomach in a way controls the rest of your body. So yes, Cedric I think what you said is spot on in my way of thinking....and I am getting fatter by the day, lol.
      • Nice to see that people know cells have memory. i have tried to explain to numorous people that the same aplies to cells after surgery. I have had 3 major surgeries in my life and i always seem to re-feel them at the same time and date as they were performed.Only by the years the pain gets lesser and lesser but i always get reminded by my cells even if at the moment they were under narcose.The same with the fact that my mom did neglect me the first year of my life i seem to have a jo-jo thing going on with food.Whenever things go realy bad i seem to gain and lose kilos without anny aparent reason.
        • The same thing also applies to phantom limb syndrome. Even though someone may have a leg or arm or any limb amputated, people sometimes get horrible pains in a limb that is no longer there, and this has been documented. I had to have my teeth pulled out when they got all bad from the anerexia and to this day sometimes I get really bad toothaches even though my teeth are false now and sitting in a jar, lol. So yes there is definitely cellular memory and also why starvation diets that the media pushes on people when putting pressure on the public as a whole to be skinny skinny never works, just sets a person for more weight gain. Ask any woman over 40 trying to stay skinny, starving and extreme diets only makes it worse.
    • Interesting take Cedric! Chakra meditation is my priority. Have been doing a lot of that in the past year on my chakras. Sound healing for chakras and all of that. There are a few people I know that are losing tremendous weight and tell me it's part of heightened frequencies, so I thought mine could be a similar condition effected by the current shifts.

      Thank you Cedric
      • Not sure if you are into astrology, but I had the same issue...no matter how much I exercised/dieted I was above my average. It coincided with a strong influence of Jupiter in my chart. Jupiter is now gone and the weight dropped very fast since. Also, try to avoid growth hormones in you dairy/meat...go organic, preferably vegetarian. Book: Skinny Bastard.
        • This also should be taken in acount, fergot all about it,thanks Ali
        • Very nice! Thank you Ali. I will have to look into astrology a little bit deeper and will def get that book.
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