This conference concerns the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The conference is divided in three areas: part one is basic astrology aspects, part two is tales from ancient Egypt and their incorporation in Freemasonry and occult human sacrifices (and applied with the assassination of John F. Kennedy), and part three is Uranian astrology aspects applied to the JFK assassination. This conference may be "over the head" for people who never studied astrology, but the Egyptian and Freemasonry areas will be fascinating, along with the occult areas pertaining to human sacrifices. Please print out the handouts provided in the post and follow with the posted videos in this post if you really want to learn what happened with the JFK Assassination (from a very different point of view). Enjoy.


PART ONE: Basic Astrology Analysis of The JFK Assassination (Nov. 22, 1963, 12:30 PM, Dallas, TX)

For video (featuring yours truly), click


And below is the same horoscope with discussions that ensued from the video discussion. The T-square of Mercury-Chiron-Uranus represents "shocking news under control by those involved in surveillance," Mars / Neptune and Star of Yed Posterior (defining "acts of deception" and "The Man of Death" respectively) equals the MC (Midheaven, which rules "reputation") defining "The reputation of the event will be remembered for acts of deception involving death." The star of Sirius is strongly in conjunction with the North Node, and the North Node on a mundane chart usually rules "associations and connections." Because Sirius is strongly associated with Freemasonry and occult organizations, this defines involvement of these organizations with the assassination of JFK. The midpoint of Neptune / Chiron ("deception involving surveillance") indicates that these named organizations were involved with helping to deny proper surveillance protection needed for the president.


And below is JFK's natal chart with transits of the assassination event applying to it. Note the JFK Assassination 4th House transiting Saturn ("government") applying a hard square ("conflict") to JFK's natal Vertex ("fated encounter") in JFK's 8th House ("death; transformation"). This defines "a fated encounter with government that results with one's death or with significant transformation."


And below are the transits of JFK's Assassination to Lyndon Johnson's (LBJ) chart. Note the transiting Uranus / Pluto midpoint ("shocking transformation") in the 1st House equal to LBJ's Part of Fortune ("career; personal fortune"). Talk about a shocking change in LBJ's career and fortune! The North Node / Sirius transit is applying hard to LBJ's natal 5th House Uranus ("friends that one likes to 'play with'") strongly implies a connection of LBJ with LBJ's Freemason friends during the assassination of JFK.


PART TWO: Continuation of Basic Astrology Analysis of The JFK Assassination (Nov. 22, 1963, 12:30 PM, Dallas, TX) AND Introduction To Ancient Egyptian Lore of The Star Of Sirius, Sirius In Freemasonry, The 3rd Degree Meaning In Freemasonry, And Aleister Crowley's Explanation of The Human Sacrifice.

The video for this is a must see if you are interested in secret symbols of Egypt, Freemasonry, and the occult involved with the JFK Assassination. Please follow it with the handouts provided; please print them and follow with the video (along with the other handouts). For video, click Here's a the last chart involved with the Basic Astrology, the transits of the JFK Assassination applied to the horoscope to the U.S.A. Note the transiting Mars ("weapons") is exactly in Conjunction with the U.S.A. Descendant ("area of open enemies") and is in Opposition with the U.S.A. natal Mars ("ego") in the 1st House. This defines "use of weapons or an open conflict due to ego conflicts." Also note transiting Saturn ("government; restrictions") in Conjunction with the Moon ("the public") in the 9th house defining "restrictions or government impacts that involve the public")


And here are the Egyptian lore handouts pertaining to the tale of Osiris, and the relationship of Osiris with the constellation of Orion and Isis with the star of Sirius. Note that as with similarity with the JFK assassination, the wife of the king (Isis) was absolutely not to be hurt in anyway. Claimed JFK assassin James E. Files reportedly stated that he and the other assassins were told that Jackie Kennedy must not be hurt or hit, and that JFK was the only target. This reflects the murder of Osiris by Seth; Isis was not to be hurt in anyway during this murder.




Now onto the Freemasonry incorporation of the star of Sirius. Go to highlighted areas if you want to "skip to the chase."


And other definitions of Sirius, from astronomer Jay B. Holberg and Crowley occultist Kenneth Grant:


Now onto the Freemasonry 3rd Degree Initiation, as described with the handout below. Three "hobos" (with fairly new clothing) were taken off a train near Dealey Plaza and "paraded" through Dealey Plaza before their arrest (and yes, Dealey Plaza was at one time a Freemason lodge in Dallas). The three hobos represented the three "unworthy craftsmen" in the 3rd Degree Freemason initiation ceremony who killed King Solomon's master mason (Hiram Abiff) for his refusal to reveal the secret password allowing access to secrets of King Solomon's master masons. And yes, there is a mock killing of the 3rd Degree candidate with this initiation ceremony for his refusal to reveal the password.


And what was the time of the JFK Assassination according to the clock on top of the Texas School Book Depository (facing Dealey Plaza)??????


And here is Aleister Crowley's explanation of "the human sacrifice."



PART THREE: Continuation of Aleister Crowley Defining The Human Sacrifice, The Application of The Human Sacrifice With The Ancient "Killing of The King" ceremony, AND These Applications With The JFK Assassination at Dealey Plaza. The Introduction With Uranian Astrology is  Near The End of This Video.

This video "brings it all together" in regards to "The Killing of Osiris," the 3rd Degree Freemason Initiation and "The Killing of Hiram Abiff," the human sacrifice and "The Killing of The King," and JFK's assassination at Dealey Plaza. click Below is the J.G. Frazer reference from Aleister Crowley's Chapter XII handout (indicated by the star) regarding human sacrifice and "kings" per J. G. Frazer.


This poster below was spread all over Dallas one day before the assassination, and concentrated heavily near Dealey Plaza.


And now onto Hebrew Kabbalah numerology. 33rd Degree mason Aleister Crowley wrote a book on this, and here's what he said about the number 33...


And check out Dealey Plaza below, where President Kennedy was assassinated. EXACTLY 33 degrees north of the equator. And with a triangle that points to this important latitude. And yes, triangles were used in ancient times for the sacrifice of a ram as the Sun entered Aries. And yes, sometimes "kings" were included as well, with blood flowing into the triangle (just like the blood of a sacrificed ram, as the Sun enters the sign of Aries).




For those who do not understand the 90 degree dial used in Uranian astrology, below is an example of one.


Note 0 degrees through 29 degrees represent Cardinal Signs, 30 degrees through 59 degrees represent Fixed Signs, and 60 degrees through 89 degrees represent Mutable signs. Hence, a planet at 15 degrees Libra would be 15 degrees, a planet at 15 degrees Scorpio would be 45 degrees, and a planet at 15 degrees Sagittarius would be 75 degrees. This results in Squares, Oppositions, and Conjunctions all showing up in the same "sector," and Semi-Squares and Sesquiquadrates showing up in the exact opposite position on the dial. And these are the only aspects that Uranian astrology is concerned with; we are not concerned with Sextiles, Trines, Quincuxes, and Semi-Sextiles (which are not used in Uranian Astrology). Now onto advanced astrology applications involving Uranian astrology definitions. In our previous basic astrology discussion, we looked at the T-square of the JFK Assassination placement Mercury-Chiron-Uranus ("shocking news that is under surveillance"). The average of these planets in this T-square is 69 degrees 54 minutes.


Now let's look at this same degree placement (69 degrees 54 minutes) on the 90 degree dial of JFK's natal chart. It is VERY CLOSE to JFK's natal placement of Uranus / Hades, which is defined as "murder."


Now let's look to see where 69 degrees 54 minutes does with LBJ's chart. This point is within four minutes of equality (and I wish it was closer, like within 3 minutes) with a Uranian astrology midpoint tree that defines "employees of a defense corporation involved with a murderer who will have an international impact."


Now let's look at the five common midpoint formulas (or "Type-A Planetary Pictures") used in Uranian astrology that define "murder." These are displayed below.


Sun / Kronos (at 61 degrees 13 minutes below) is a Uranian astrology midpoint that defines "the president or C.E.O." In regards to the placement of this point on the JFK Assassination event chart, two of the "murder" formulas showed very good definition in terms of defining what happened to "the president" according to the assassination charts below. My methods for explaining these calculations are included with "Step 1, Step, 2, and Step 3." PLEASE NOTE THAT MINUTES MUST BE CONVERTED INTO FRACTIONS (minutes / 60) AND THEN RECONVERTED INTO MINUTES FOR FINAL RESULTS (fraction x 60).


The chart above defines "the president is murdered while traveling," and the chart below defines "the president is murdered with firearms."


PART FOUR: Continuation of Uranian Astrology Applications With The JFK Assassination And Questions.

For the final video that corresponds with this discussion, click The remaining other three "murder" formulas form a cluster near the Sun / Kronos placement (but not in "equality" with it per orb distance. I like midpoint formulas or midpoint formula trees to be within 2-3 minutes, maybe 4 minutes, and rarely 5 minutes (unless it involves the Midheaven, Ascendant, North/South Node, or Aries points. I will usually consider an orb of up to 7 minutes with those points since they move very fast in the sky and due to debates over True versus Mean calculations of the Nodes). Nevertheless, this "murder midpoint cluster" near "the president" warrants a calculation of the average of these murder midpoints, similar to our Mercury-Chiron-Uranus T-square. This calculation (and the three remaining "murder" midpoints relative to "the president" (Sun / Kronos)) is displayed below.


The average of these remaining "murder" midpoints is 61 degrees 9 minutes (which is within 4 minutes of the Sun / Kronos "president" midpoint). Let's place this degree reference on the charts of JFK and LBJ, similar to what we did with the Mercury-Chiron-Uranus T-square average.


The chart above is JFK's natal, and it defines the JFK Assassination point of 61 degrees 9 minutes to be one minute away from a midpoint tree defining "a deception of intelligence or a deception of surveillance by those who are in contact with others." The chart below is LBJ's natal, and it defines the JFK Assassination point of 61 degrees 9 minutes to be two minutes away from a midpoint tree defining "super luck in regards to competition or competing with others."


Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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