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Sometimes back, I almost join Jehovah's witnesses (JW). But I could not harvest all the fantasies I neaded while dodging all the absurdities it never made sense. The fantasy is what I found it to be incredibly beautifull picture of a paradise. The absurdity is the idea of some sureptitious origin of sin in an earlier paradise, a WAR (killing) amongst IMMORTALS in the land of PEACE!! An EROR that was found in the works of a PERFECT being!!

To put it simple; I love paradises but I still love the devil as well!:)

The following chapter is the bread and butter of JW

"The wolf will live with the lamb,
the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling together,
and the lion will eat straw like the ox.
The infant will play near the h*** of a cobra,
and the young child put his hand into the viper's nest.
They will neither harm nor destroy
on all my holly mountain,
for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD
as the waters cover the sea. Isaiah 11:6-9

That day, the impossible will be possible! Of course JW sees the 'ascension' more deeper than many here do! That day, even lions will go vegans! It makes perfect sense, if man must go vegan at some point in his spiritual development, so must lions! Spirituality should not be something that belongs to man alone. Farthermore, such must be a longing of someone who TRUELY care for animals cause it matters less whether a man or a lion kills an animal, anymore than it matters if a man or a lion kills your child etc. They die, that is all what counts! If we must create a paradise, DEATH itself, not just KILLING, must become something of the past!

I know there are the dare devils who will come and pretend here that the fear no death and/they even embrace it! I have seen many who say that yet when an HARMLESS lion without teeth ROARS from the door, they are always the first to reach at the window naked!

When JW paints the above verse in their magazines, it gives a magnet like attraction to that paradise! I had colored my house with all those wonderfull paintings. It often makes lots of sense in modern town life where we leave in something like an artificial superstructure with pollutions of all kinds, from smockes to incesant noices. We can hardly tell what the original, natural world was.

So JW rarely include artificial things in their paradises. The only machine that I once saw was a GUITAR! This may be one of the reason I liked the paradise!:)

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Paradise and Hell are both within your very being. States of Soul and Mind. Oneness within Spirit can be interpreted as Paradise. Since you find harmony within everything.

This doesn't mean there isn't any paradisiac or hellish plane outhere. There're many "Creations" this's just one of them. There's an infinity of realities.

I've seen many places, worlds and creations on my astral journeys, which you may call "Paradises" as well as hellish ones. You should try it, it can be a beautiful experience, but also a very disturbing one, if you happen to fall in the lower realms.

Those places... not pleasant at all. Still I can hear that mannequin chasing behind me, across the desolated streets of that forgotten place.

Beware If you see a little girl, a child, in a place that doesn't feel right. She will ask you to fallow her... it's not a good idea to so. Fortunately enough, I wasn't alone that time, it was in that very place where I was told "Don't look at those mannequins in the eyes"

I didn't do it, I did look, but at one of its shadowy cracks, and suddenly an eye popped out from within a crack on its neck. Those things were full of eyes!

I don't mean to be offensive to anyone who is a Jehovah's Witness, but I must say that they are a CULT.  My mother was a Jehovah's Witness.  You cannot celebrate ANY holidays - including your birthday!  You cannot associate with someone unless they're a Witness!  You must devote 5 days a week to them!  When someone drops out of the CULT or are "disfellowshipped" you cannot talk to them even if they're a member of your family!  Grandparents are not allowed to see their grandchildren!  Many families have been broken up because of this!  STAY AWAY!

Fourier my sweet friend you stole my heart. You my friend are beyond amazing full of lite and love. For the most part people are amazing on this site and I love it. Don't ever change im proud of who God created and called you to be. Love you dear dear sweet friend. Blessed be.
I will hold you to that

Just don't forget that all cults, religions and faiths eventually end up having s** with children.

It comes with the territory, apparently. ;)

Lol good point

People can say what they will about JW's but they know the scriptures better than any other religion and they do teach a lot of truths. They taught me the scriptures and for that I'll be forever grateful. They are not perfect as no religion is so it's wrong to expect perfection from them. I left their organization because it no longer served me...they taught me well enough to know fact from fiction....they have the right idea but in the final analysis they are all about control which is what religion is for.

Fourier...I plan on being on the paradise earth too.

What people seem to forget is we are the sanctuary of God we are to hold his word in our heart. Jesus preached and healed wherever he was not in a building. He preached in the desert on mountains not in a building and he wasn't afraid to sup with thieves prostitutes poor he loved to be there with them to help them addendum to something better.

One of my face songs I sang in choir says lord make me your sanctuary tried and true I want to be more like you.

"He preached in the desert on mountains not in a building and he wasn't afraid to sup with thieves prostitutes poor he loved to be there with them to help them addendum to something better."

Seems He were doing Then what I am doing Now. :)
Makes me feel I'm on the right track. It also makes me proned to accept the fact that I get "crucified" every now and then as well.. I used to feel those instances to be incredibly unfair to me as a person, but... It's probably just a part of life for someone being a Radical Paradise'ist, as I am. :)

You are so intelligent so blessed as your friend
Acute lol Jesus turned water to wine for a wedding lol so I also took it upon myself to be like him to learn to make beer and wine yup a girl with many talents lol

I must be a little extreme then because the only thing I am good at at that department is to turn water, yeast and sugar into booze. I also may have accidentally managed to turn wine into vinegar once. :)



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