Many channelings from the Ashtar Command lately are not only decreasing in number, but have a different sort of point comming from each channeler.For example, I recently noticed that August Stahr had been channeling the 'Solar Star Command' formelly known as the Ashtar Command, while of course the main being who is being contacted is of course Ashtar himself. But they suspiciously have said things which many Lightworkers like myself 'do not like to hear'. Not that I am implying to be the truth teller or saviour etc. But it has said promises such as new president of the USA, Barack Obama, to be a hope for humanity, and the best which could happen, despite alot of political backfire lately (yet this was said in a channeling in 2008).And Here is another one, it now states from the same website that the recent plans for 2012 will NOT HAPPEN because of the large new comming control of the Lightworkers. Not only that but that all Lightworkers will be awakening more this year and loosing doubt.Sadly that isn't working for me, This year at the beggining I slowly gained some doubt (which is normal at times) and suddenly got more into casual 3D activites and a common lifestyle (wow and im still at school lol). Then after a while there was just too much different channelings saying too much different things (yet still very beautful indeed) and very 'choking' on the mind and heart. Barack Obama at first seemed to me like the right guy for the job, but i found out more about all the coming leaders of the United states and all over the Globe and how they all lead to this New World Order (i am aware of this being a buzz-word, but try to bare with me lol). Films like 'The Obama deception' helped and also Zeitgeist, debates, documentaries, and so on... To someone like me, The Ashtar would not approve of a political leader in this way, and call him the Hope for humanity, To someone like me i would expect them to refer more to 'Us as ONE' or 'Love' being not only our hope but our key towards the path forward.Times are changing, and it may get slightly irritating to remember, but after October 14th last year, very few have trusted much channelings the same way, it was to me a test of our belief, so maybe these 'obsurd' channelings could be of similar value. Time shall tell, and i would LOVE to hear what you all have to say about my point i have brought up here, maybe some can help as i struggle recently and sometimes even want to get away from it all, Feels like i "just want to go home" to my higher self and back to my home galaxy with my Crew and Family.Lately so much bad negativity has happened with me and family and friends. Deaths, break ups, divorces, suicide attempts, and well so far no change really from 2008. Yet we still need patience, i won't judge too quickly, but It sort of jumps from one point to another recently (forgive me as this could be my former aetheist self critisizing beliefs again lol)Hopefully i shall have more time to reply to comments and write to you all more often, but as i keep saying i have exams at school, and have had to research over my holidays (holidays yeah right lol) but i do my best in Love and hope, it's not a thing to play with.With Love, Light and Harmony.. ~*Namaste *xxOen~*

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  • Hi Eon - it's interesting what you say about the Obama dilemma - I also viewed the Obama Deception and it kinda put things straight for me. Also, when you know where his and most of the other president's bloodline comes from you get to join the dots ...

    Reading a great book right now which has a spiritual bent to it! -Planet X forecast and 2012 Survival Guide by Jacco van der Worp etc.

    Hope you feel better.

  • Greeting Starseeds
    Yes I agree that there has been very little to no contacts or channelings from AC and i think it is due to the major egos of the contactees themselves I have listenened to August Stahrs channelings and and I find them to be very selective and not pertaining to all starseeds but it seems that they only are pointed to a chosen few much like that of the Jehovah witness religion . Claiming things to only for the few and proud while , disheartening everyone else with false prohenices of ships coming on a certain date and then nothing happens.This in itself will make many lose heart in their new found consciousness.And this should not be so I think the only ones that we should take channelings from as a truth are those
    who real credibility backing them and listening to our selves in the silence of our meditations or those we feel have a REAL hidden messenge in their writings.Just trust in your instincts fellow Starseeds, feel for truth and knowledge in such matters.And in the matter of things seeming more discerning and sad in our lives . Were we not told by the ascened mastersthat these things were to happen during the time of great awakenings and growing vibrations? Then why are so many acting as though this is something new when you were already warned of it?It is because you werent paying attention. Being mindful all that you have learned. It's ok this will happen sometimes but that is where we must train ourselves to remain mindful of these things and not let ourselves get caught up in these things of this 3d world.Shine light , be thelight and feel things out and trust yourself.

  • Hi Oen :)

    Just wondering if you are still here on this site?? If so please email me @

    • Hello :)

      When I read your thread I felt like strenghtening your point there.

      At first, when I were reading Channelings i thought it was quiet cool and impressive, of course sometimes it didn't feel 'right' to me - you'd say it didn't resonnate with me. Later I realized that the messages which felt so right to me where the ones that actually were like 'already whirling in my head' for some days before I read them .. glimpses of wisdom that I ( for no reason I can understand/explain ) was catching at times ... like they were in the air. From that perspective I believe that channelers can catch more than just the little glimpses that I can. Whatsoever it's getting more and more important to train oneself to 'catch' our truth without channelers help ( it's crisis for them too ahahah ) and it seems that this is a period when it's somehow easier, to rely on our higher Selves/guides etc.

      About what's going on ... I think this is some kind of 'dark night of the soul', something very chalenging and never ever felt before. When most challenges were there to 'prove their points', to let us rely on our past experiences and wisdom ... this new challenge is built on pure nothingness but ... aim to everythingness ! Therefore it feels insecure, weird, kinda scary & crazy ... but I can't tell any better than what you said/felt : this is a nightmare for people who are sensitive but it's nothing more than the simple desintegration of negativity, toxic thoughts and energies - you could spend years working to make a tumour disappear, or you could as well tear it out ... well, we're tearing our tumours out, no more time left for sweet flowerish work on Self.

      So first it's kinda disturbing .. the transmutation of energy. But most of all, it's painful to have our scars removed and EVERY psychological ways we (wonderful human beings:)) found to trick them and go on with Life.

      Whenever it feels too hard, it's good to look to, without judging, the shadow side of us, our dark secret garden, what ever made you feel like you still had a bit of the path to walk. You may feel better as it leads the light of your consciousness to these dark places and make it evaporate.

      Peace buddies,

  • october 14th of last year was when i also stopped reading channelings, and giving my attention to those who claim to be channelers, but i also dont hate on them.

    i think that if someone receives a voice in there head from somebody, it should be only for that person, regardless of the outcome, whatever has taken place must have happened for a reason, or the reason may have been that their ego grew too large.

    as for information, and websites stating certain things... i also can no longer believe any of those.
    people create their own reality, sometimes we just tend to think others need to truely know how it is to live anothers reality.

    as for oct 14, i think we were slapped in the face with a big case of doubt to show us that if we do doubt something even slightly, we may fail, our world is thought responsive.
  • I see what what you are saying about Blossoms channeling and the effect, but there are some who say that it was designed for just that purpose, a failed prediction also remove the trust from the people for a prediction such as a false messiah arrival, and it kind of messed with that time table. If that was the case, thanks Blossom for taking the hit.
    • I have never really understood the messages that people are supposed to be taken into spaceships..... it somehow does not agree with the way I understand God's love and compassion and plan for his people...all people are his children and equally loved. It seems to me that this is our 'homework', to understand the meaning and reality of ONEness... to live in love and compassion the way God loves, learn to be look at our reality here on earth with spiritual see the higher/greater walk our walk in joy and gratitude, because we are privileged to know so much already....we KNOW we are Loved by the Great Spirit...many don't!! God cares about that!!
      I have continued to follow Blossom Goodchild's website and channelling and have found it actually worthwhile and insightful....I have found some responses, though spoken out of frustration and disappointment after Oct 14th, shocking! I was surprised how many 'people needed to be 'saved''... when that did not happen they became furious ...did quite a bit of soul searching re my own expectations of other's to save me/us.....
      I think many people learned a lot about themselves after Oct.14th..that can only be good for our growth....any which way we learn more about our deep motives and 'needs'.....great!....this journey is about learning and remembering who we REALLY are and what we already know........

      We are on our way Home and we are blessed to know that is probably best to not take ourselves too seriously...:).. just create a brighter and lighter vibration, being fearless by being who we truly are,the children of the Supreme Creator.... there is no fear or failure or darkness or confusion in God....All Is Well!

      We Are All ONE!.....and how we react to each other and our 'failures' and differences? shows if/whether we understand that in our everyday lives...... we are here to love each other HOME......
      So lets fear, we'll get there...that is what God wants!!!...who is going to oppose that??

      Blessings to All!

      • LOVE THIS RESPONSE!!!!! :)

        RIGHT ON Marion :):):)

        Everyone should read this & say OK I get it!!!

  • I think that Obama is being controlled alot more than even he had ever envisaged. It just feels like he has become another puppet. As for channelings, I try to get whatever positive I can get from them but dont take them as gospel.
  • We just wait and see,...and hope for the best. maybe the changes will occur or not occur in 2012 or maybe not even occur because the changes had already had happened just after christmas 2008 and suddenly slowed down this year with drastic and dramatic changes, is we just see....
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