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I am interested in just about everything, and I have lived many lives in this life, some as a young boy in the country as a would be farmer, and business person in different industries such as computer, real estate, advertising, and other types of sales. Currently I am a computer professional, and part time Adult Webmaster, and it would seem now a also a ET contact. Due to a number of physical changes and feedback i am also in the Empowered Ascension process, which takes up most of my time everyday. The end result is that my focus is on Metaphysics, and helping others find their own path through my path, and to continue my Empowered Ascension to some yet unknown density of the Universe, which on some level I have most likely already been there.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I have had many teachers, George the neighbour who let me watch him build and fix his motorbikes, and Eddy the farmer who let me help him plant and bring in his crops. Then there was big Texan who gave me a drive when I was hitch hiking, and Margaret who let me work at a young age in her Apple Orchard. In most recent days I tend to teach myself, because from those people in the early years I learned we can all teach ourselves and do many things if we believe in ourselves,

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  • Jeffery, saw your video re: Gilliland Ranch and interested to know if you asked and were answered about what group occupies Mt. Adams?


  • I hear you Jeffery. But whe I try to relate these experiences, things disrupt my intent. Rather than be mad, I accept it as the will of the Universe (for the time being ) and abate. I would love to tell people what I have seen someday. It is not the gov't I fear but Powers and Principalities (for lack of a beeter word)
  • Hi Jeffery,
    You're not crazy by the way. I just wondered if you heard that enough. Sometimes we tell ourselves that it must be us, not the world that is messed up. Anyway, I cannot talk about my experiences too much, as I am affraid I will lose my voice. I just follow my inspirations and they encourage me to have the expereinces and not to slander ithem (with a defficient language). Atleast I don't feel comfortable describing them on a public channel, then I'd really lose my voice. I will say this much, I have met beings on planes that are not human and they are much smarter and wiser than me.
    PS, the sky is getting more active out here in Hali lately. Or maybe I'm just notcing it more. Take care.
  • it was white with a blue/green tinge. not very big or high. totally quiet and it disappeared faster than it should have been able to. If it was angelic (that means plejaran right) it was probably coincidence that I was in the right place at the right time. But I'm always looking up, day and night.
  • I saw something odd in the sky tonight. It looked like a flare or something. Flew straight. Out of view then disappeared.
  • I've written to NSPower asking them why they burn coal when energy is all around us? And a couple different MPs over issues like agrigulture, health care and common sense. The success wasn't direct, they are planted seeds whose roots will erode the current structures. Keep Faith in the Future. Keep that Vision.
  • I just saw it. You have some valid questions. I bet they publicly don't have a policy, they've got too in rreality though. What do they do with all the reports every year? Who do they have working on it? What do they know and how did they come up with that?
    However, Stephen Harper being Stephen Harper. He is not the most progressive leader, or best known for public relations. I commented on your vid with this in mind, trying to taunt the gov't into response.
    Kudos to you for doing it. Write him one a day for a century if you have to. Every letter to a an MP is considered to be the equivalent of tenthousand people. It is probably more for a PM.
  • BTW modern science is catching on to something that you might find interesting, the epi-genome. It is the thing that switches on or off what ever genes are naturally ocurriung from nature. And it is somehow susceptible to diet (and probably EM fields as well).
  • Hi Jeffery. SoulOrb. THis is ColinElderGrant from Hali. I found this site because of you and I am really enjoying it. All the best to you in Edmonton.Stay warm and stay healthy. Peace profound.
  • Hello J.,

    I do not know how to react on this... but anyway, have it all right and take it cool! I will do so by myself and love my close ones... I am living joyful period of love in my life. I am getting engaged on 15th.

    With love and light,

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Jeffery Hinchey posted a video
The week prior to this video has been busy. They revealed either by mistake or intentionally the shape of their ships in the clouds, and now I have a good idea of what the ships look like, and I know they are in the area. The ships are massive.I…
Nov 2, 2020
Jeffery Hinchey replied to Captain A's discussion The Difficulties Of Living On Earth - How Do We Deal With It?
"This is so well timed. This week has been a real melt down, and I by in large have had some major challengces from homelessness to serious panic disorders and I grew thorough all of those.

I decided due to changes to move across my country to…"
Nov 13, 2009
Jeffery Hinchey left a comment for Elder
"I really encourage you to share your information, and there is much technology today to help. WebcamMax for example has features where you can morph your camera with different effects to hide who you are. There is many free speech modification…"
Nov 11, 2009
Jeffery Hinchey left a comment for Elder
"elder, can you write a description of the beings you met in meditation, and what they said on my youtube. Thanks."
Nov 5, 2009

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