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Muslims offer halaal meat.

Muslims deceptively offer meat of an animal whose neck is half-sliced very slowly, letting the animal die in deep pain. The brutal act is done to allow the blood flow out completely from the body of an animal.

Muslim kill animals

They use anti-god words ‘Bismillah wa Allahu Akbar’ while slicing the animal and think that they are making halaal meat from haraam animals with the brutal act of killing them. 

Halal Meat should be banned from as many countries as possible and those who are addicted to halal meat can get back to their own Muslim countries where this all started. They are spreading the sales of halal meat and now even in all UK schools making the children eat halal flesh which will eventually lead to beings who will act and behave like zombies.

All meat eating is bad but halal is spreading more and forced into young kids who should be really encouraged to eat fruits and veggies  


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Those who care remove your children from schools serving bloody Halal meat

Those who don't listen will one day regret and then it will be too late.
You should know when Kalki Avatar shows up all the meat eaters will be terminated from Planet Earth by his spiritual sword.



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