is it safe to eat 1 meal a day?

i've been noticing i haven't been eating  and i have been reading about these sadhus who eat just 1 meal a day. i remember in my past i went without eating for 3 days and i just drank water and i was fine and i actually felt really good but extremely tired probably cuse i wasn't sleeping haha. so is it safe to eat 1 meal a day?

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  • i usually only eat one meal a day ,now for several months now, and diet has changed from mostly meat based to veg,fruit based diet,it has been a change evolving the last year or so.



  • To Snowcone.  Ogdoo thinks he is giving you good advice but in fact his advice is grossly biased.

    By studying a little bit about the human body we learn that eating one meal a day is not harmful to the body, but does have drawbacks.  By eating one meal a day you are telling your body that the world it lives in is lacking in food. So it will adjust your metabolism accordingly, if you eat one meal a day your body will focus on making fat to store food for later.

    As a body builder he is working hard and converting all energy to building muscle, so for HIS particular lifestyle eating once a day works for him, he would find however he builds muscle faster if he ate the same amount of calories spread out over the day.

    When your body isnt afraid that it is starving it will focus more on using what you put in it to make itself run better.

    He tells you protein isnt needed, hwoever the truth is that everyday you need to eat some protein, which can be gotten from many places not just meat, if you choose not to eat meat.

    Basically you are asking the wrong place and people what you should eat.  Read articles on the internet about proder dietary practices, speak with dieticians and other natural body planning specialists.

    When you ask people at a website who attack eachother about if a light in the sky at the olympics is an alien or not, you are going to get equally conflicting information here.  Especially since the motto around here from people seems to be "whatever I want to believe is the real truth and everyone else is wrong because I "feel" it in my heart"

    • I'm not the person that likes to argue but.. is this information you base on studies or self-experience? From what I've learned it takes up to 72-hours of fasting before you can even see changes to the metabolism, therefore it's considered something unproven that suggest that you should eat frequently to avoid "starv-mode" or "muscle-burning" to activate.

      I also didn't want to say that protein is not needed I just wanted to make clear that you can survive with little protein-intake as long as you're willing to sacrifice some muscle, as a bodybuilder protein is the highest macronutrient ALWAYS because it has the lowest calorie value at the same time as it works to stimulate protein-synthesis and make you feel well fed.

      This is also the first time I talk about nutrition in english and I understand that I may not be so good at explaining maybe since swedish is my native language. I apologize for some misunderstandings. But One, I would gladly see any studies that back up your claim that say the body thinks it's starving if you only eat one time a day. It does not makes sense and it is definatley proved by methods like "Eat, Stop eat" which is that you fast 24 hours and eat 24 hours without any changes to the metabolism under the 24h fasting.

      • Go check out any weight loss dietary suggestions, they ALL suggest eating the same caloric intake that is recommended for a normal person of your age, and they suggest to eat that amount spread throughout the day so the body doesnt make fat, and instead uses what you give it.

        Go research for yourself if you dont believe what is posted by someone.  Go do it, I dare you, I challenge you to LEARN FOR YOURSELF.

        • Yes dear friend I have researched a lot about this subject. What I found out was that the "all accepted" method that you suggest is just a myth not backed up by any evidence that this is the case.

          I have this on swedish but I don't know if I'm able to translate it all =P.

          It comes down to what you are comfortable with, eating many meals spread out per day can be good for those that work and are not comfortable with intermittent fasting, but the termogenic effect becomes the same in the end of the day if you ate 6 meals compared to 3 meals containing the exakt same amounts of macronutrients. But to say that the body is storing fat in a timeframe of 24 hours have been proven wrong and is not something that is often talked about. It's just a myth being supported by old beliefs and "bro-science" if you look at the scientific facts we have today about it.

  • Hi! I eat 2 times a day and I'm fine! To increase your knowledge about you diet you should read this:

    I'm Italian and we have here a Doctor ( Dr Pietro Mozzi) that talks about the importance of what you put in your belly regarding your blood type! 


  • i agree with Ogdoo above...and also if u like to eat one meal, its not bad to add some little things inbetween the day, or night...

    a few fruits, a smoothie, some nuts and seeds, a salad, and other small stuff like that.... it will help a lot your body, and energy...

  • As a bodybuilder I can say this: If you eat one meal a day it don't matter. What matters is how MUCH you eat in that meal. You get the same effect on eating 4 meals containing the same calories as 1 meal equal to that. If you do not care about losing muscles then protein is not really needed for survival but it takes a long time for the body to digest it and makes you feel stuffed longer, this comes down to fat as well.

    Carbs however is only negative if you are going to eat one meal because it will affect your insulin and usually you wont get stuffed with just carbs (without fibers). I would reccomend good carbs as: potatoes, rice, whole-wheat products and vegetables.

    But in the end, listen to your own body. I'm just telling you it's not dangerous to restrict your eating to 1 time a day. It all comes down to WHAT and HOW MUCH you are eating. Hope this helps :)

  • I went through a pretty tough period, the first half of last year, where I had throat problems and it was very uncomfortable to swallow, so I didn't eat anything. Like literally nothing. I'd eat like half a sandwich a day, or a very small plate of food, and a few tiny cups of water. I must've lost like 30 pounds, and went from being in pretty good shape, to being very skinny, almost sickly. I eventually got used to eating basically nothing, but I did feel a lack of energy and I felt weak most of the time. Eventually I decided to just eat, and tough out the discomfort. And I still have that problem, but it's not anywhere near as bad as it was when it started.

    So no, I don't think it's healthy to eat only 1 meal a day, at least not a small meal. 1 large meal a day is alright. I mean look at Michael Jackson, towards the end of his life, he would eat 1 small meal a day, and look how thin he was, he was too thin. There's a reason these sadhus are usually sickly looking also, we have to take care of our bodies, it's a responsibility. I think that's where alot of Eastern traditions are backwards, they almost completely ignore the physical, but I think true spirituality is having the physical and spiritual balanced, and making your physical life as best as you can make it. I don't work out anymore, or exercise much...because that takes away your thinking and feeling clarity to a big extent, but eating properly and giving your body the nutrients it needs, is important.

  • I have been eating one meal, sometimes two for many years - no problem.  If you feel that you only need one meal then go for it - We will feed only on light in the 5D.

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