I've been awakened for sometime now and have mostly been successful with raising my vibrations. I've been feeling more at peace and feeling more love. As well as a freeing power surrounding me. But lately, family issues has been testing it. I've been feeling pulled down by the stress though underneath it I still feel that new me. It's always been this stress for me and I don't see it changing anytime soon. Since I don't want to give up my husband and kids. As well as the feeling that this is were I'm supposed to be. It was this same feeling that led me here in the first place.I live with my in laws and its that that is stressful for me. And I'm powerless to change that fact. I try my best not to let it get to me. I do let it go and continue on with my efforts to raise my vibrations and do a complete overhaul of myself. It seems as I started with this process that the stress increased. Is this some sort of trial, the overwhelming stress? And is it possible to rise above it and truly become my higher self? I just see myself falling behind at times and want to guard against that. Thank you for any advice :)

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  • wow im glad i stepped in here, this has helped me too and i can identify with everything thats being talked about =D


  • I have some problems too and you helped me as well

    Thank you!

    Love and Care Anna

  • Dear Soul,

    It seems as you are prompted to overcome your fear and assert yourself. You should not be a victim who lives her life as other people want you to.  Do not mind me, I am talking to myself. Because that is me. Just recently I am finding strength to feel that I am a very important person in “my world” and if my world is changing so I am changing too. I am not to serve others needs any more. It is different to have love and compassion and kindness. But if those people are selfish and self-serving type that can not understand that every one is unique and respect it, then I am not doing them favor by forgetting myself to follow their desires and their visions. I am just equal as everyone else and have God Given Right to feel and express it.  In love and Light. Lena

  • Luckily for me, its my husband's family though I think we are from the same bloodline in ancient times. I just usually let the situation go as it will and I've humbled a lot though I still have a little more to learn. My biggest issue is impatience that I still have to tackle as well as some other issues with responsibility taking.
  • :) Hi SkyDreamer, you can definitely still work toward it, but it might make things more stressful for you. It's hard to say how it'll be for you when you do it, everyone's different and few of us even have any good clear insight on the process since it's still so new to us en masse.


    I have been reaching what I would definitely term a possible culmination point of ascension. I don't know what the end is supposed to be like, or how you tell if you're finished or anything like that, or if you simply keep 'ascending' in some fashion. But, the point I'm at, regardless, is one I would ever want to have to be around people who were anything less than 100% supportive of this kind of thing and understood totally. It is a lot to handle, physically, emotionally, mentally, perceptively. Other than all the changes, I've been releasing massive amounts of emotional blockage, screaming and crying my heart out at the drop of a hat. Anxiety, fear, every fear I have that's blocking my progress is being highlighted and assimilated out of me, through a combination of intentionally working through it and trusting completely that my guides are helping me a lot too. I've also been losing density. I move slightly faster, more fluid as if my body is syncing up with my thoughts.


    But I can recommend a book that might help you tremendously. Have you read Oneness by Rasha?

    • No, I haven't read it. I wish we had a bookstore here that had English, the only one that was here was closed to make way for a bridge. It's the same with me, a lot of days I find it hard to concentrate and people would look at me like something happened to me. 


      It's only temp that my in-laws are living with me and things have been getting better since I posted. Thankfully :)

    • I have my twin flame and my two kitties (Who are our twin flame cat counterparts. ;P)

      But I don't often leave the house. I went to the grocery store with my mom the other day and it was soooo confusing and hard. I was half in another world as I walked around XD trying to figure out how to push a cart or concentrate.

  • You said........Quote: "I'm powerless to change that fact".............not true my friend. You are mighty powerful, YOU/WE are the 'CHANGE'.................. We are at the edge of something amazing




    Live & Act from Love & Light..... 

  • Thanks so much for your inspirational reply, James. I definitely feel the changes going on, I live in the Middle East and the changes going on around me is giving off a very powerful sense like a massive tidal wave has just unexpectantly hit the country. It's a little overwhelming at times and my in laws don't really help. But this new energy that I'm feeling is so wonderful. All I can do is continue on with becoming my higher self and will not let others hold me down.
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