I'm in need of guidance. I feel that I accept truth very easily and I have the biggest drive inside of me to truly deeply connect with Love (God, Source) But I have been having trouble with a very intense anger that I feel in the middle of my chest. I just want the feeling gone. I don't want to be angered by things anymore. I grew up with deep insecurity about myself feeling anxiety almost my entire life. I just want to be Happy! I try and force myself to stay positive and I try to control my thoughts but I can't had from unhappiness when I feel it so strongly in my body. PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND AND RELEASE THIS NEGATIVE ENERGY THAT HAS CONSUMED MY LIFE!!! PLEASE!!!

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  • Selfishness is only a perception in the eye of the person that holds that precept. The idea of selfishness only exist at the level in which it was created. I don't see selfishness I see people that hurt in need of healing! But I do feel anger because of my own hurt.
    • Let me say it a little different: HAPPINESS is the TRUTH but seeing unhappiness in others don't feel very good! I want to create a happiness in my self that can't be affected by unhappiness. And in doing so I know I will create happiness in others!

      I just don't want to be emotionally affected by things. I WANT TO BE FULLY ACCEPTING OF OTHERS!!! Sincerely
      • Wanting is contra (against) factual.  Don't just want, do, be, embrace it. All is choice.  If you feel these things own them.  Crank it up.  Feel it even more. Give your emotions a voice. Express it. Go out in nature, in the wild and scream it to the wind. What is all this pain and suffering trying to tell you? There is a message there.  

  • I see what your saying. I have attempted to follow this type of understanding in the past... and in doing so I was left in darkness with know guidance! In tremendous fear willing to walk in righteousness but finding no path to walk. Left alone begging for help. This guidance you give me by my first hand experience lead me into darkness(fear)! Trying desperately not to do any thing wrong I LIVED IN FEAR separated from LOVE! If I begin to see myself or my soul as something that needs to be purified, then this is what would be going in to my subconscious mind, and the deeper part of myself would begin to believe that this is what I want... Is this not exactly the same thing you just tried to teach me?
  • A good therapist works.  But a therapist, someone who will help you cathart and reprogram, not simply prescribe pills that medicate and eventually destroy your body.  I could work with you but we live in Maui, Hawaii and so that would probably not work for you. You are probably in the mainland.  A phone session may help. We could schedule a session with you if you like and see if we can get somewhere with you long distance. We've done lots of therapy long distance.  But, if you could find someone in your part of the world that does Primal Therapy or Holotropic Breathwork, that might help. Or a highly skilled hypnotherapist might work. 

    Love and Blessings and Good Luck,

    Janet Kira ~

  • Lance... It's time to dance. It's time to step into the driver seat, take the wheel and steer yourself where you'd like to go. Stay clear on what you want in your life and don't waste time contemplating what you don't, which doesn't serve you. You have the power within you... there are no limitations with pure spirit.

    I suggest you try a few commands out loud and observe the results... "All negative energy, be gone from my space, right this second."
    "All anger, be gone from my space, right this moment." See how you feel after taking charge of the situation. You may find benefits also from writing some poetry and experimenting with music and singing your highest visions to the universe. Every thought and word is making a difference. Recognize your own power, and use it... wisely. : )

    Blessings Brother...
  • Hi Lance, I just want to help in some  way so here are my thoughts.  The anger is your creation, bought about by the pain that has been inflicted on you by others whose opinion you value. 

    It's coming to the surface to be released because the source - Father/Mother God knows that you have suffered and you haven't been able to express it. 

    Tell the Source/Father/Mother God what you are angry about, and what has hurt you and why you can't understand this life.  Tell them what has been cruel in your eyes and that you don't understand. 

    That is releasing and I know that when it is gone, love will come through.  It must be let go first. Know that we all love you and we know your pain.

    • Thank you for the comment. I say this softly but I do these things and have been for awhile. I have spoke my heart in tears many times to Source! I'm just not happy with the separation we experience with one another and the feeling of separation we feel with the Source.
  • It seems to me there is lots of stuff floating around about raising your vibration, but from what I have read about anyone who has ascended about this existence is that the key is to do nothing.  Increasing your vibration takes energy, but lowering your vibration takes nothing.  Just stop exerting effort and consuming energy.


    Let me try to give some analogies. 

    A glass with high vibration sent through it will change form and eventually shatter, but if we were to nullify the vibration causing the glass to have its form it would dissipate back into “source form”.

    I have heard people measure frequency/vibration using a line with the frequency wave, and saying that the higher the frequency the more points of contact with that line and that the more points of contact with the line the better according to them.  In thinking about this it consumes energy to get a stronger higher frequency and although you can get close to constantly hitting the line in the middle, it never does.  But when you stop the frequency all together the measurement by default will synchronize with the line without the exertion of any energy at all.


    Okay, saying lots of random stuff there, but I think if you stop trying to force the answer, and putting energy into forcing the answer, you will find peace.  I see lots of people looking for happiness, but instead search for peace.  If you want happiness, then you need to accept the sadness… you know the saying, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”.  Not sure that applies here, but I’m only human.

    • Thank you for the comment! After thinking about what you said this is what I came up with.
      The glass that breaks with high frequency is a glass that was created in the lower frequencies. So in the same way was my mind created in a lower frequency, so in perceiving the higher frequency my mind wants to break. It think it has to happen to all of us. PEACE :)
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