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So I understand the waking in the middle of the night is a part of ascention ( I think so?? ). But lately, for a few months, I have been waking around 3 or 3:30am almost on the dot, or on it. I wake with energy and a feeling of purpose. But sometimes its different, sometimes I feel fear, and I don't like it. I just want to hear others experiences or opinions. I thank you in advance, and I hope the best, brightest day for everyone. )))))Hugs((((((



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  • I pretty much wake up every half hour or hour, sleep is becoming a challenge, not a problem though if you have some healing herb

  • hahaha Labby,.......and so true too!

  • Yes sleep apnea can definitely feel like what I described.  My dad had sleep apnea and had to wear an oxygen mask at night because his throat would close off.  He used to snore extremely loud and then it would stop all of a sudden then he would wake up with a start gasping for air.   Not fun.  I wear breath-right strips on my nose and that helps with my breathing.  But I think I will mention it to the doctor when I go next week just in case.  Glad you mentioned it, thanks Labby.

  • hey JJ first of all CONGRATULATION

    Just like marianna said 'welcome to the club' so be it

    you must never fear INSTEAD you should be welcoming that with a BIG smile

    coz they are helping you in a grand manner which will help you to ASCEND

    theres nothing in this creation for which we should fear

    coz this creation is built out from LOVE,the love of THE PRIME CRFEATOR

    fear is always designed to shake our belief dont let them WIN dear



  • Wow Lezlianne, it sure is a relief to know someone else who has this crap happen to them, especially the part about the popping and clicks and crackling....The noises are what really get to me....I thought it was a sign that I going nuts, lol.  I never thought of calling out to AA Michael.  What a wonderful idea.  Up until recently I did not really think much about angels and guides, this is kind of new territory for me but I will give it a try.  I used to want to find out if I had any guides but alas I kept begging and emploring for my guides to give me a sign, but never got one, so I kind of gave up. 

    As for angels, I have always believed in them, but not any angel in particular like AA, just in general.  I thought I heard the talking in my ear when I woke up with a start last night at 3 am.....same symptoms as before.  This morning my roomate said that I was screaming really loud about three AM, and wondered what that was all about....wish I knew...getting so I hate to go to sleep at all, waking up in a panic is not my idea of fun.  I am going to try to stay up all night tonight and sleep from 7 AM to three PM and see if that makes any difference.  Lucky for me I don't work outside the home so I can change my schedule if I want to. 

    Thanks Lezlianne for telling me you relate to this, maybe I am not going nuts after all.  May be just an ascention symptom.  That I can deal with.

  • Hi Just,


    I used to wake up at 3am for months and went to an accupuncturist who dealt with chinese medicine and found out it was my liver. Had some treatment, took some herbs and never woken up at that time again for no reason..




  • yeah, it's not always 3 for me but anywhere from 1am -3am is pretty accurate no matter how tired. it's pretty normal.

  • middle of the night represents the depths of subconscious....day=conscious  night=subconscious or the hidden spheres of the soul....true mystics of any order are taught to worship and meditate at night and middle of the night being the best as it represents the time between the depths of subconscious which for most people represents (darkness..not in a negative sense simply sections that have not been brought to awareness so represent the hidden) and sunrise which represents the awakening of consciousness...so the middle of the night is a  bridge between two worlds and is very beneficial since when one is awake in the middle of the night it is becoming aware of what is hidden normally!  So it is a great time and fear is natural part of it for most people as it represents the hidden and unseen.  

    The night time also is the best time to work on psychic awareness and meditation and goals in life one has.  and good meditations are to visualize light entering all that is dark in one's being.  again darkness here does not mean good or bad!  Simply good=explored bad=unexplored and so creates the fear of unknown.  

    When we do not consciously do this, Our great and wise Soul which links us all...wakes us up so we can create a bridge between darkness and light within our beings.  Focus on  your heart let go...all will be fine.  Just be aware of what is taking place.   Love and blessings to all :) 

  • For me its usually around 2:59 and 59 seconds or 3:01 and 1 second but never 3am

  • Yep!  It used to be 4:20-4:30 for me.  I would also wake up with energy, these days if I do its around 3-3:30. 

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