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Is anyone else waking up in the middle of the night around 3am, all the time?

Hello friends,


So I understand the waking in the middle of the night is a part of ascention ( I think so?? ). But lately, for a few months, I have been waking around 3 or 3:30am almost on the dot, or on it. I wake with energy and a feeling of purpose. But sometimes its different, sometimes I feel fear, and I don't like it. I just want to hear others experiences or opinions. I thank you in advance, and I hope the best, brightest day for everyone. )))))Hugs((((((



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Yes - I am... I wake up various times, but most generally its somewhere in the 3am time frame.

Yes!!! marianinia I feel the urgency too, and the energy, concentration! At least we are in this together hehe.... I get the mixed waking emotions, why I don't know, but my apartment building is filled with energies that are not very bright per se, but I don't want to interpret this negatively....simply it is how I feel........but thanks for the replys ladies. xoxo

Oh goodness yes......It has been that way for awhile now.  I have also have had some really interesting hot flashes during that time as well.  The feeling of expectancy is there fear though.  I go outside and look at the sky, say prayers and send Love. : D

i'm getting excited now!!!!

Yep, I've been waking up, too, but I never look at my clock.
Each time I have a strong feeling that I was awakened by someone in the astral realms.
Why do they do this? No clue. I don't ever remember any dreams just prior to waking.
I don't feel any fear, though. Usually I'm just bewildered and go right back to sleep.
Maybe the person you're sleeping with is causing the fear. Just a guess.

Yes i have been for a couple of months, sometimes 2.30 ish lately more 3.30 ish, I am normally feeling wide awake, no tiredness, i thought maybe there was some thing wrong with me as i have been getting palpitations, which sometimes send my head spinning,and fear too, i get tem for 4 or 5 hours in day time too, then it suddenly goes, was thiinking it was my thyroid or adrenals, but hopefully it is part of ascension, its good to hear other people wake early too thanks for your post Jovial love to all

Yes,  I was waking up for a time around 2am or so because of intense dreams, and would stay up and drink some water. sometimes I would just lay in bed downloading information while my mind went wild, which is not always the funnest I am sleeping through the night....and woke up at 5am the other day naturally, and yesterday. I am sleeping much better now. I was having a hard time sleeping due to energy, fear and dreams...Meditation, changing my diet is helping me a tons.

I am not sure if this relates to this topic but I've beem waking up early in the morning like 3 or 4 every day for past 20 could be the habit from old job, it could be something more however it's always super early...........first I do meditation, bit of streaching excercises, feed the critters , start the fire in the wood stove in the winters, get my computer time before the old lady gets up and then my usual 10~15 mile walk around the mountains..........all that before 9am.............

Okay, esseya

There's no doubt you're a starseed or a being from somewhere else, because you ain't human!

All that before 9 am? That's more stuff than I do in a month!

I bow to you, brother, for you are super.



Yeah almost on the clock..

Bursting with energy..

Not once in a while but every night..

Apparently its also the best time to get in touch with friends above, so if possible, try and stay awake, go sit in a comfy chair or on a pillow and do your meditation.

It usually wears off again around 0600.

Then, in my case, fatigue sets in again and its back to bed ;-)


Follow up post....

Been reading all your answers by now and have noticed that several of U mention getting up and turning on the computer...

A friendly suggestion.....

Dont turn on the computer at that time.... if not done already.. unplug the tv, not just turn it off, unplug it and make sure no electronical gadgets are running.

Keep cell phones far away from U at that time as well

They all interrupt and disturbes your brainwaves and corrupts your "communication"

When all is quiet U have a far greater possibility of actually hearing Yourself, your Guides and ofcourse Our Friends above ;-)




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