This book is about a 7 years old boy brought by his mother to a psychiatrist because he is in contact with a voice from another Planet.

The child's name is David and despite his very young age on Earth, he holds the answers to the Universe, as you will see.

David tells the psychiatrist (her name is Aryana) that the voice he's hearing belongs to a being from another Planet. He calls the voice by his name, which is Aghton. They both came from another constellation and will keep contact until David will end his journey on Earth. He will stay here for about 200 years if we count the years like we do now, but soon we will understand time differently, David says. Before the first session ends he tells the psychiatrist that Aghton wants her to write a book so that his message is spread all over Earth.

David says that the Planet he came from is called Inua, and is located close to Orion. The beings from Inua are called Inuaki.

At this point I was a little intrigued because everything seemed like a hoax made after the Aunnaki stories, and I was afraid that this book will be a fraud. But soon I found out this was not the case, so please have patience until the end. Allow me to present you something interesting before speaking about the connection between the Inuaki , Anunnaki and us.

David describes Inua as a planet more beautiful than Earth. It has similar relief with: mountains, planes, waters, but the plants are different. And the trees from Inua have colors that look like our silver, only a little whiter. They have seasons, but don't have winter which David really loves. They also have sees and oceans. The seas are called Avata and the oceans Surim.

The Inuakis are beings that stand 2m high, on 2 legs and walk just like us. They have soft skin just like ours, but look like lizards. They also have 2 hands, but with 3 fingers each. Also have a thick and powerful tail. Their skin is white and their eyes are golden-violet. No hair it's found on their bodies. They can communicate in two different ways: by speaking, like we do, and also by thelepaty. The Inuakis don't eat meat; only vegetables, fruits and seeds.

These are David's own words about the Universal Matrix:

"The Universal Matrix is an independent kind of energy, from which all beings are made of and where everyone belongs. It is the primary way of energy, in which are stored: all ideas, thoughts, prints and energies of everything that was ever created or it will be...from all Universes (David said there are 10 different Universes). Any wish, word or idea has a vibration. When you think at something, that impulse transforms into shape-thought-energy and accesses a specific segment from the Matrix that will allow your wish to happen. It is just like planting a seed and waiting for it to grow in order to reap.

As a matter of fact, now, the human beings have the greatest creative power they have ever had. But before anything else, a human being must restore the conscious connection between his mind and the higher self. The higher self is the truth. The true, real knowledge that stays hidden inside each one of us. It is the direct access to the Matrix, which everyone has, but which is highly dimmed by the existent interference."

David gives an example of how the Universal Matrix works when one makes a good thing or a bad one:

"In the Matrix enters this energy, the good thought, your wish to help, and leaves there a print. This energy is stored and at some point when you need it, it’s sent back to you.
The bad deeds (if we can call them this way) are actually shape-thought of negative energy. Nothing will happen into the Matrix because of them. The creator is the one that will have to suffer from it. When considered necessary, the negative energy will be sent back to its creator. It has to be a balance (equilibrium). The more negative shape-thoughts you have, the more often you will be bombarded with them. Because the Matrix, in its primordial state is harmony, love and perfection. Therefore all facts which do not meet its polarity must be removed and disposed. And how to do this? By sending them back to the one who generated them, because only the creator can dissipate his product into energy and elements."

David was asked by Aryana how one can find the true, real answer to a question.

This is David's answer:

"Stand up, with your eyes closed and think that you want to connect to the Matrix to find out the Truth. Then say to yourself: if the answer is yes, then my body to lean forward, if the answer is no, then my body to lean back. It is very simple. The answer given is always the true one. You can start with questions whose answer you know: but you must be careful! Do not give yourself the answer consciously. Leave yourself surprised by it. Ask as if you know nothing."

(Ask, and then let your mind empty. The Matrix will give you the correct answer)

Later on, David tells Aryana that Earth will make a vibrational leap, entering the fifth dimension. This may be confusing because we think we live in a three dimensional World. When Aryana told him so, he said that we actually live in a four dimensional World, because we have to consider as a dimension the temporal side. So, time is a dimension, and we are in the forth dimension right now.

(From what I’ve put together from different sources, after the vibrational leap we will enter the fifth dimension and forth density. The forth density brings great changes to the human body, making it lighter and different in shape and structure. But David also said that every planet has a different mission when the leap occurs (always a new experiment). Our mission will be to experience all the changes but keeping our shape and structure. The same thing will happen to Earth. This was never done before and we will be the first to experience this. Will this also mean that we will not reach the forth density? I don’t know. But I know that our body will become a little lighter but without any other major changes in appearance. We will also receive new energetic DNA strings. So as a final conclusion, this probably means that our great changes will occur in the energetic bodies, not in the physical ones. Right?)

Every Planet has its own vibration. And all beings correspond to it. The human beings, for example, correspond to Earth's vibration.

When a human being dies, the soul separates from the body and returns to the Matrix. Also, every soul has its own personal vibration, witch corresponds to a level of the Matrix. But if the soul evolved above Earth's frequency he can no longer incarnate back on Earth. This means that the soul learned all his lessons and his frequency became higher than Earth's. These evolved souls remain in the Matrix as Earth's coordinators and they help us in our quests.

(In the Universe there are no such things as "good" or "bad"; only high / low or positive / negative frequencies or vibrations).

If a low vibrational soul like the one of Adolf Hitler was able to incarnate on Earth, this means that Earth has generally a very low vibration. If starting today, Earth's vibration would change for the better, then from this day forward no souls with low vibration could ever again incarnate on Earth, since the vibration of Planet Earth would be higher than the vibration of the negative soul. The negative vibrational souls would be relocated.

The vibration of one Planet is generated by the vibrations of the souls which incarnate on it. So we are responsible for Earth's low vibration, we created it.

In order for David to incarnate on Earth, the Inuakis interfered in Earth's Matrix. So did all other beings from other Planets in order to give their souls the possibility to incarnate on Earth. They are here also to raise Earth's vibration with their presence and help it before and after the vibrational leap. Some of us are old souls which came from other Planets in order to help the humans and Earth, before and after 2012. Some remember, other don't. It is in their program not to remember anything until after 2012.


Now I will let David tell the story of his planet:

D: "Inua, long time ago, about 800,000 Earth years, was a planet just like Earth. It was inhabited by primitive creatures, vaguely resembling today's Inuaki. At one point, a ship landed on Inua, which had on board two strange beings, aggressive, but very advanced.They’ve studied the soil and water and took samples. Before leaving they took with them two inuaki children. Those who had contact with them, remained with the idea that had been visited by supernatural beings. This was due to both the vessel with which they came, but also to a special device which they left mounted into the ground. Given the low degree of evolution, the Inuakis began worshiping the device. A long time passed after this visit, about two generations..."

A: How did The creatures that came from space looked like?

D: They looked like today's Inuaki but their skin was dark gray and their eyes had the color of ash. On their backs, along the spine, they had large and thick spikes, greenish-brown color. Their skin was rough. And had a peculiar smell ...
Strange, like mice and sulfur.

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(A Reptilian Anunnaki would be similar to this: only more muscular, 2.5-3 m high, bigger eyes, dark gray color)


At first, everyone thought they were good. The inuakis gained confidence, because the visitors came accompanied by similar beings with the inuakis from that time. Nobody realized that these were the descendants of those who they took with them in the past. Because of them, the interaction between the two species went easily. These new residents have brought progress to the planet and to the Inuakis.They brought tools, both simple and also sophisticated machinery. They taught Inuakis to use them and how to work with fire. Then, they chose a few and appointed them leaders, and taught them how to manage and control the population. But the Inuakis did not observe that the descendants, who were born since the colonization, were different. They were handier and more skilled.


Because the new residents combined their genetic material with that of the Inuakis. This way they created a new generation of Inuaki, because they needed skilled workers who could use the tools they've brought.

A: What were they looking for on Inua?

D: They wanted gold, silicon, crystal and other types of ore. They were sending the materials home. They used them to build ship, and to sustain their specie.

A: And who were they?

D: They called themselves Anunnakki, and came from a Constellation named Draco."


David tells Aryana the history of Inua, and how the Anunnakis built a religion in order to control the Inuakis. He speaks about one point in history, after 30,000 years, when the Inuakis realized they were slaves and fought against the Anunnakis. After a long and bloody war, the Anunnakis pretended to leave Inua. But this was a lie, because they already had underground bases, where they fled. They gave the power to some faithful Inuakis. When the appointed Inuaki leaders died, their children would inherit the leadership, just like a monarchy.


The heirs were educated to serve the Anunnakis from childhood. In this way, the Anunnakis rulled Inua from underground for the next 200,000 years. 

But finally, after so much time something good was about to happen, Inua was preparing to go through a vibrational leap. The new vibration no longer allowed the Anunnakis to stay. Their vibration was too low, so they finally left Inua. They went to other celestial bodies.

Next, David tells Aryana about how the Anunnakis controlled the Inuakis with chemicals and poisons spread through water, soil and air.



Aryana: "You said today you want to talk about Earth.
David : Yes. I wanted to tell you that what happened on Inua, I mean the colonization, happened on Earth too. Aryana: Who colonized us?
D: The Anunnakis. About 500,000 years ago here came a craft who took soil and water samples, then left. Some time later more crafts came, bringing with them Inuakis took from Inua. The Anunnakkis considered it will be easier if Inuakis worked on Earth too, because the Earth's population was too primitive. In time, because they needed more working power and also because the Inuakis revolted againts them, they had no option but to take humans and put them to work.

(So, before this we knew that the Anunnakis worked THEMSELVES on Earth in the beginning - according to the Sumerian tablets - but in fact another reptilian races worked here as their slaves, the Inuakis).

But humans made things even worst because they had no skills, so this is how it came to the human genetic modification. Only that this time they took the genetic material from the Inuakis, not straight from them.

A: Then why don't we look like Inuakis? 

 D: The Anunnakis always keep what is perfectly adapted to the environment. Our appearance is adapted to the environment we come from; the body perfectly matches our planet's conditions. That was the first genetic modification. Around 40,000 Years ago, on top of the existent DNA, the Anunnakis added their own genetic material, because the humans begun understanding who the Anunnakis really were. So they thought that by making us more similar to their structure we would accept them. But the second modification could not be done to the entire population. Therefore a mixture occured, between those who received the additional DNA directly from the Anunnakis, and those who had it from the Inuakis.

But there were also pure blood lines, and these families kept with holiness the Anunnaki blood conservation. They respect their origins, and do not accept blood mixtures. The Anunnakis never left Earth, just like it happened on Inua, they are here but hidden to our eyes. They are the ones who lead us from the shadows. They rule the world! Our governments are under their control.
Humans have inherited from them a part of their DNA and an area of the brain: the one responsible with the negative emotions and aggressiveness.

About 6500 years ago, due to a revolt of the masses, the Anunnakis decided to retire and work in the shadows. They've set up secret organizations, and put together today's religions. Next, they've trained priests and sent them to work in their benefit. They introduced truncated dogmas and truths. This proved to be a very good thing for them, because people begun to worship and obey them.

One purpose of these secret organizations is to transmit these truths. Today, these occult organizations are found all over the world. They work through governments, national institutions or companies, banking system, army and police, laws, education and media. They are everywhere, they rule the world.

A: And how did they manage these things?
D: They are an ancient race. Their knowledge is very extensive and well planned. They've mastered the matter and know all aspects of the universe. They are good astrologers and can influence the human mind, weather, energy and mood. They can do anything, anytime and whenever they want. They've used religion, inducing false or distorted perceptions, useful to them. They've made people believe that astrology is a satanic teaching.

They've induced to the people the idea that dreams are sent by the devil. In fact, the devil as we know it doesn't even exist. And dreams are actually gates to the Universe and the Matrix. Earth has many beneficial areas and areas with transmitter capabilities. In all these areas gigantic monuments were placed in order to neutralize these benefic effects.

They've managed to rule the world with religions which used a malicious program of indoctrination, by annihilating human's intuition, by using politics, and especially by using the financial system. In fact, the Anunnakis ARE our money. They give us food, heat, schools, homes, holidays, health... everything.

The Royal families are their descendants. In our President's veins is their blood. In one way or another, they are all associated to these occult organizations. The Royal families and the presidents know their origins and respect it. We are born, we live, we work and we die... for them. Science is theirs too. In a certain extent, it took the place of religion.

Today's science has nothing to do with the truth and The Matrix. At some point in human evolution, doubts began to emerge about the religious dogma.

The Anunnakkis had to find a way to continue their supremacy and indoctrination. So, they've invented science. They are terrified that people will wake up.

Their access is blocked on other celestial bodies because they've reached that point where the Matrix is about to modify them. They will be extinct then transformed. They don't want this because they are scared. Since the 60s, Earth's karma began to clean up. More and more elevated entities were allowed to incarnate on Earth. Massive incarnations begun. After the 90s these incarnations have increased. The new arrivals were able to develop the so called paranormal abilities. Even though, between you and me, I don't understand why you call them this way, because this abilities are very normal. The new arrivals are a great threat to the Anunnakis, so starting with the 60s they begun to poison our food more and more every Year.

Everything we receive as food and drink, the medicines, the water we wash ourselves with, everything is programmed. All chemicals that are added to water and food, medicines, food additives, are all specially designed to make the human brain react to certain stimuli, or the contrary, not to react.

Vaccines are the biggest scam. My mom forced me to take one. So I've personally seen how the microbes introduced attacked me chakras; then it spread through my entire body, influencing my lymphatic system and glands in a bad way. I felt very sick.

The Anunnakkis don't want people to wake up and understand the truth. Therefore they poison us with false information and substances designed to keep us in lethargy. These substances function as inhibitors of the pineal gland, blocking it. Human glands are very important. For example, if we would consciously activate the thymus gland we could extend our lives. Every gland has an important purpose. In order to properly adjust them, we need to take our information directly from the Matrix - not from Earth's lower field, like we do now. In lower field are stored all shape-thought-energies of low frequency. Because of the artificial blockages created by the Anunnakis we take our information from here only, instead of taking them from the Matrix where the true information is.

Here, the Anunnakis stored everything related to evil, fear, hatred, horror, phobia, death, and much more. They don't want us to understand that we exist beyond the body, that we are part of the Universal Consciousness that we are free and unlimited, just like the Creation. The most toxic substance is found in the toothpaste, the fluoride. It has no effect on teeth. It is given to us intentionally, as an inhibitor of the pineal gland. It is 100% toxic.

See more at:

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  • PLEASE Take a Look at This Reply. 

    I have a background in chemistry, and am also spiritually awake and aware. Much of this post is VERY much in line with what I have found about the Annunaki and the control systems on this earth. However, I do want to protect people from one part of the post, near the end:

    "The most toxic substance is found in the toothpaste, the fluoride. It has no effect on teeth. It is given to us intentionally, as an inhibitor of the pineal gland. It is 100% toxic."

    Many people, when they wake up, myself included, come to the realization that Fluoride is toxic to the body, and does calcify the pineal gland. It is therefore natural to try to remove start using toothpaste without flouride or switch to baking soda. Here is where it is very important to pay attention to very significant, subtlety. If you are like most Westerners, and enjoy sugary sweets/foods some of the day, then combining this diet with fluoride-free toothpaste will likely cause an enormous increase in dental cavities. It is currently happening to thousands of people, and I have to say,  it happened to me as well. I wanted to get all fluoride out of my body,after realizing the insidious agenda of the Elites, even though, with a chemistry background,  I should have known better.

    Here is the very important distinction. Fluoride in drinking water does NOTHING to help prevent cavities, calcifies the pineal gland, and according to some reports, even increase the chances of atherosclerosis and heart attacks/strokes. I continue to do everything to get Fluoride out of my drinking water, and I suggest that you do the same. It is a scam. However, fluoride in toothpaste is different. Bacteria in the mouth, especially when sugar is present, produce acids which dissolve the hydroxyapetite structure (made of calcium, oxygen, and hydrogen) that makes up tooth enamel, This leads to cavities. Fluoride that is used topically will bind to the hydroxyapetite to make fluorohydroxyapetite and also calcium fluoride. This is MUCH more resistant to dissolving in acid than the hydroxyapetite enamel that is naturally found in teeth. If you plan to eliminate fluoride from your toothpaste, than you are likely to get more cavities, unless you also eliminate most or all sugar from your diet. For many of us in the West, that is difficult to do.

    What I do is to filter all my drinking water with a fluoride filter. However, I do continue to use fluoride toothpaste, and of course try to swallow as little as possible.

    I hope that helps you. Many spiritually awakening people are finding the unfortunate side effect of more cavities. Its happening all over the western world. As is often the case, pictures cannot be always be painted with broad strokes. Fluoride in toothpaste,  applied topically, is helpful. Fluoride in drinking water is unhealthful, is an elitist and media/military industrial complex scam, and should be eliminated.

    Here are some good links to fluoride in toothpaste:

    Blessings to you all! Let the Light of Freedom and Ascension uplift all humanity.


  • This was awesome... thx for sharing....
  • Very interesting. Far out. Isn't this stuff just fascinating? Whether it is true or not isn't something that I feel compelled to decide. Nevertheless, I must comment that I think and feel that it is entirely possible. It is also possible that it is just some sort of delusional fantasy or even a trick perpetrated by something like a negative astral entity for their own sick entertainment. It would be very nice to know for certain one way or another. Someday, maybe...

  • Thank you RainbowStar!  I  am feeling the love!

  • Great post.. thanks for sharing. This resonates with me too.

    A good fluoride toothpaste substitute is 3 parts bicarbonate of soda, 1 part salt as a powder on a wet tooth brush.


  • Excellent and interesting post, thanks so much for sharing.....I resonates with me.

  • I read the book few years ago and was trully fascinated by its content, This child is a miracle, aswell as some others around the globe, like Boriska from Russia, Stefano de Matias from latin Amerika etc. We can learn a lot from them.

    Thanks for this post RaibowStar, it is great.

This reply was deleted.

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