Selamat jalwa.......!!!

In this instance, we have a rare piece of camera work taken in Southern Europe, which captures a diplomatic telepathy, conducted in flight, between member star nations of the Galactic Federation of Light...

On the left, a single craft, a scoutship...and on the right of the shot, further up, six Sirian scoutships, comprising a double triad.

Watch this video in "full screen" format, for a better perspective as to the aerial events unfolding.

I'll continue this explanation below, as a recent dialogue between myself and Krishna Kalki:


Well, here is an example of my Sirian kin, meeting fellow ETs of the GFL, in Earth space....This was a telepathic protocol dialogue, between two important GFL star nations and fortunately captured on camera.....Happened about 2-years ago in Sardinia...

Anyone who is familiar with my posted Sirian ships data, will be more than aware of Sirian scoutships, which are spherical, often emitting bright white light plasma fields and frequently operating in triad formations....Here you will see two triads, so 6-Sirian ships in total and they are greeting fellows from Eta Ophiuchi....The single scout seen hovering is the standard 45-feet diameter and with an unusual design 30-feet height, possessing a lens-shaped circular appendage (powerful implosion motors) on the underside...

If anyone wants more data about the Eta Ophiuchians, let me know..... 

A reminder that Sirian scoutships have distinctive spherical hulls, with a middle flange...This photo shows the hull, during a flight vector phasing, which has lowered the powerful plasma light, to levels in which more structural details, may be gleaned...

I feel that all should be educated about GFL ship designs, for the purpose of familiarity and cultural acclimatization with our star kin, prior to official First Contact and especially so after that event.



Yes please Cmdr Drekx Omega lets us have more info about Eta Ophiuchians for the benefit of all.


Right, now from what I have discovered, the five ship occupants were humanoid Opiuchians, from their planet named "Yadahshinglar," (translates as; "joy of lighted lands," in Andromedan language,) which is a water-world within the Eta Opiuchian star system and that there are other inhabited worlds within this system, in which the inhabitants are benign reptilian allies and good friends of theirs and ours...In the reptilian tongue, you may pronounce their fellow water-world as "Daakgugboqh," which literally translates as "swamplands." That is Opiuchi 4, and is 8,502 miles in diameter.

So the human world is more like Earth and was colonised from Andromeda, some 3 million years ago and the entire star nation ("Sabik,") of all it's diverse and highly evolved peoples, was admitted to our Galactic Federation, 2.8 million years ago...

Important example of a star nation, in which it's reptilian comrades have become fully light body anchored, so ascended...unlike the dark reptilians of the former Anchara Alliance worlds of Sigma Draconis and Orion's Bellatrix.

If you need more data, just let me know...


Very interesting information hard to find ...if you have more data please add on for the benefit of all.


Glad you found the data useful and we can add that the humanoid people of Sabik had settled there millions of years ago, originally to defend the indigenous Reptilian peoples (then neutrals,) from the dark Anchara Alliance...

Now the whole system is GFL, as mentioned and located 84 light years from earth..

Eta Ophiuchi is an 8-planet system and they adopted an 8-clan social structure, to reflect their system's beauty...albeit, the original Andromedans practiced a 12-clan system, at first..

As mentioned, they joined the GFL, 2.8 million years ago and they stand as a special EXEMPLAR star nation, which demonstrates to the dark, that humanoids and reptoids can live together and co-operate in harmony, as was accomplished there..

Humanoid males can reach 8-feet in height, but are more often in the range of 6 to 7 feet, rather like Lyrans.

Many of them have the distinctive "Latin" features, and many are also "Nordic."

The 5-man crew of their ship, had been conducting surveys of the tectonic plate potential for earth quake activity, that extends along the southern part of Europe, between the continents..

It is customary to meet fellows at mountains, as these are high energy locations, in which much tellurian force may be gleaned, while stationary at the site...

Many blessings to all readers......We hope you have all garnered further insights into the massive diversity of sentient beings from cosmos, who serve silently, incognito and necessarily, behind the scenes of this reality matrix....That will be so, until the day of declaration and official First Contact may then be announced to the world.

It is important that cultural acclimatization be gradual to the cosmic truths, that earth humans are not alone, as the elite powers of the former minions would have you believe. It is also very important that people who seek this truth are reassured that not all beings of the reptoid physical type, are "evil," as some have claimed, among the conspiracy theorists out there. Within the GFL we have a great variety of genetic bodily types, who have achieved a high light quotient and corresponding cosmic consciousness, which qualifies entry to our cosmic union, of member star nations...

Kindest regards,

Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew, East Anglia Sector, England, United Kingdom

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  • Very interesting!

  • I know this is an old post, but I enjoyed reading this, thank you for the insight.

    I do have a question though, and I tried asking you about it a while ago but never got a response. (For some reason the picture I posted to your page glitched when uploading it.)

    Are there any ETs that use ships resembling 'white cylinders'? I've seen one out in Texas a few years ago and did some digging around the Internet to find out that I'm not the only one who has spotted it before.

    I've heard some people say that cylinder-shaped vehicles are usually owned by ETs that are hostile towards humans. Just want to know if that's true or if it's just a wrongful assumption.

    • Pleiadian motherships are massive silver cylinders, but normally used beyond the atmosphere.

      Atmospheric cylinder-shaped craft are known as "rods," which are varied in size, massive to small. Research "rods." They are living beings and can vector between dimensions. The kingdom of Devas...

      • That's amazing! If I had to guess why they looked white at first glance, it was probably from the way the sunlight was reflected off their exteriors if they're silver. Are the Rods like living/sentient starships in a way?

        • Alliance work offline...; apology for delay in reply. Rods are a parallel evolution to humans/ascended masters/logoi.

          True angelics have no humanoid form features. Kingdom of DEVAS...Microcosmic to macrocosmic. Their vast space-faring forms, inspired advance galactic human societies, to create cylindrical motherships, aeons ago. A natural template.

          On Earth, submarines mimic vast oceanic whales, similarly.....

  • After First Contact it would be a joy to assist our fellow former Anchara Alliance comrades achieve light body status. One question. How does a qualified limited conscious reptoid or dinoid group achieve light body status? Do they use metamorphosis chambers in those scenarios to speed up the evolutionary process?

    • With an altered freewill expectation, any sentient being can re-set evolution in consciousness, to 5D...LIGHT CHAMBERS ARE MONO-CALIBRATED FOR EACH ASCENDEE, including those of the Reptoid body type....These Reptoid vibes can be greatly raised in willing and enthusiastic Light-seekers. It does help cosmic metamorphosis....
      Theta Draconians are far more co-operative, far less belligerent....

      • I can imagine Reptile energies polarized to the Light could be similar to the Leonine energies of the Warriors of Heaven from Sirius A, lol. An impressive Light being indeed.

        • Actually, the Pschats have a totally different energy, on planes lower than [cosmic-aetheric] Buddhic...On MONADIC levels, resonance matches closely, proving Spirit is a unified universal field of expanding consciousness, whatever forms of expression utilised...

          Noting the Divine Monadic plane, to be the 2nd cosmic aether, in the planar septenary..

          • Yes, I connected with the Pschats a few times. They are very evolved beings you are right, and probably a bit older than humanity as well. Thanks for the data. You mentioned the Eta Ophiuchi have an 8 clan system reflecting the beauty of their system. Does that mean they have incorporated Art Clans into their overall clan structure? I am interested in art myself so was just curious.

This reply was deleted.

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