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***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime (Phone Recording)



***INTEL UPDATE*** 30 Days to Showtime (Phone Recording)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Must Hear Phone Recording

This one is a Deal Breaker!


If you haven’t yet, you all need to hear this cc call from 11/29/11.

Talks about Nesara, White Dragons, Basel III, Arrests of the bad guys,
including Trump, Gates, Soros, etc.

RV and Prosperity Packages too.


All expected to go down by December 31, if not before.

Sounds to me like the White Dragons, Hats and NESARA all got together
and realized there was power in numbers.

And wait til you hear about Obama. I’m still having serious problems
with that one!

You don’t have to believe it all in order to gain a great deal of info
from it.

This phone call is going viral.


It provides a lot of backup to everything Ben Fulford has been saying. Go Ben!!!

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erm Lucy, but I spent 2 hours on the telephone per Mr. Ed's OP here and I am still expecting some "SHOWTIME" per Mr. Ed per 2011. 

I mean Mr. Ed still has free reign to post on here on AC so, I would at least expect -TO A MAN, that Mr. Ed would explain what happened with his 30 days to showtime that is now over 320 days plus and still waiting for SHOWTIME!

Yo Mr. Ed, got a pair?

LOL, has Mr. Ed EVER responded to somebody who called him out?  Somebody should seriously make a list of all the failed "intel" postings by Mr. Ed and all the failed channelings by Mothergod and of course the golden child Sheldan Nidle and all the bogus postings by Krishna.

That will surely wake up more lightworkers.

Good Lord Preparer, nobody had that kind of time!  That would take weeks if not months to make that kinda list!

Yeah, that's true Lucy, don't know what I was thinkin.  Besides, we only have 46 more days until December 21st and we'll all have the choice to ascend!  Yaaaaay!  I am so looking forward to that ascension chamber we hear so much about.  Won't be long now!



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