Thymus Gland, Releasing Fear, Cutting Cords & Taking Back Your Power, plus Connecting to Higher Intelligence, Restoring Your Original Divine Blueprint as well as Taking Up Arms, including the Five Most Needed Things for Ascension 

channeled by Deb Wright of Sananda's Eagles (publicly)



One of our veils is the one over our thymus gland. This gland also has to do with telepathy, and can be used not only with people but also in communication with your pets. Below is an excerpt from a Sananda channeling, explaining this gland and what it does:

Thymus - It's Purpose

Sananda: I want you to look right here [chest above heart]. Do you know what that is? That picks up telepathy really easily. Did you know that? That is what your thymus is for. It picks up telepathy really easily. So all you have to do, if you can’t see that person breathe, is you just aim every bit of your ‘thoughts’ right there and say, ‘Take a breath now’. And then you breathe right when you’re telling him to breathe. ‘Take another breath now’. You will actually watch someone cough because they don’t realize why they’re all of a sudden breathing differently than they were two minutes ago. That’s hint, too.”

So how do you ‘activate’ this thymus gland…which is referred to as our ‘Second Heart’? 
Below is an excerpt from the channeling in which Sananda came in and activated the thymus gland of everyone present.


S: [regarding the thymus] It is a chakra, and it is available to anyone that knows what it is and how to open it. It is located here [points to that part of the chest that is in the middle above the heart.]
J: The thymus.
S: Yes. And it has to be activated to open. Once it opens, it makes what you perceived to be manifestation easier. Do you understand?
J: Yes. 
S: It is the chakra that looks like a ‘ring’. You’ve got a ‘slot’ where this chakra is, and once it is opened, he will receive the ‘disc’… like a CD… to put in there. 

S: I will put you through it. Would you [the group] like to go through this?
Group: Yes
S: Would you like to open your chakra? Yes? 

Hold your back straight. Also, remove your wristwatches, jewelry and glasses. If you decide, after you get out of this energy, that you would like to reverse this process, just do this process once again and it shall reverse it. It is not as if you are making some sort of contractual agreement, right now, that you might regret later on. 
J: OK, then what does this do… that we ‘might not want’?

S: This is a portal for you. For those of you that have asked to have your memory plugs removed, and for those of you that HAVE had your memory plugs removed, you are now available and accessible to have ‘input’ [access] into certain information that can assist you at specific times. You are opening a portal here [thymus] that will allow you to receive this information. And this portal also lets all higher entities know that you are working for the Light. It is your ‘beacon’, that people can identify you by, that other entities can identify you by. It is your ‘signature’. The process for opening this is the same for everyone, however, each of yours shall be different once the process is done. This is the gland of your body that marks you as an individual. Therefore, it marks your auric field in the same manner it marks your body once it has been opened. Do you understand?

Hold your back straight, your head straight with your spine, feet flat on the floor, hands to your knees, open like so. [hands open, palms facing down on knees] Close your eyes. Picture your throat center as ‘high blue’, moving quickly. Picture your heart center as ‘high green’, spinning not as quickly as your throat center. As they spin, see them getting larger. See them spinning just a little bit faster. Continue until they are large enough to where they touch each other. And when they touch, the spin ceases. When this happens, raise the palms of your hands to cover these two center of your body. It does not matter which hand is which. One hand over the heart center, one hand over the throat center. Then slide your hands towards each other, and flatten them together, parallel, to that new place. [chakra] Keep them tightly together. [pause] Say aloud, “Separate… spin” It is done. How many of you feel a little fresh air here [chakra area]?”
After performing the above activation, please keep in mind the exercise (below) that Sananda gave us to do afterwards, which finishes the activation:

Sananda told us to ‘tap’ on that area of our chest. 

Sananda: It does not have to be hard, but if you do it until it becomes tender, it is best. That means you have fully accomplished an activation. Then let it rest, and then do it again. You see, many years ago someone came out with the information that you are going to have a second heart. Well, you don’t need a second heart, you’ve already got it, and it is this gland [thymus] right here. It is what is going to take you from being third-dimensional entities to higher-dimensional entities without trauma. So, the more you work on this, the better you are. 


No matter how ‘awakened’ one considers themselves to be, one of the most important things we all need to strive for is staying out of fear. Just turning off the television or radio news will do a lot toward that end. That doesn’t mean we aren’t to keep abreast of world events, but we are NOT to dwell on the circumstances and events that are producing a lot of fear within the mass consciousness. In September 2003, Wisdom (the ‘Mother’ Aspect of Father/Mother God) showed us ‘how’ to release any fear that you or anyone around you carry, whether it be your/their own ‘personal’ fear or the feeling of fear you/they have picked up from someone else…consciously or subconsciously. [NOTE: Do not do this until having read the complete instructions or you run the risk of taking the fear into yourself and it becoming ‘stuck’]

Wisdom: “Fear ‘surrounds’ the heart, it cannot reside ‘in’ the heart. It just prevents the heart from opening. Do you understand? Therefore, when assisting others out of their fear, you must take it out of them ‘physically’. Place this hand [left] right over the doorway to the heart and this hand [right] right on top of it [the left hand]. 
I will now take all of your fear out of you and into me. I now release the fear. [Both arms are extended above head with hand positions changed, i.e. right palm facing ceiling, left palm on back of right hand]. Do you see? You take in like this [shows hand positions], you release like this [shows different hand positions]. You understand?” 

Left hand over heart, right hand on top “I release all fear.”

“You can take it out of yourself. This [the releasing position with arms extended upwards] makes sure you do not take it into YOU. It causes a ‘channel’ that will not allow it to stay in you. However, when you do this [the first hand position], you MUST do this [the releasing hand position]. You understand? How many of you have done this? [demonstrates both hands over the heart and then giving a big sigh] And then you feel worse because you did not give it back ‘out’. Do you see?” 


One of the Ascension lessons which we were Gifted with was from Lord Sananda and was on the importance of taking back our power through the cutting of the cords that tie us to people, places or events that no longer serve us… except to rob us of our own self-empowerment. Any time we give our power away, whether it be to a demanding spouse, boss, parent, or even a spoiled child that feels that they need to be catered to, that feels that they need to have ‘control’, we give that person a piece of our aura. There may be times that you find yourself in a ‘friendship’ where one friend is more demanding than the other, and in order to keep that friendship, you willing hand over more of your power and energy to that friend. And that’s how we hand over our aura is through our cords and attachments that we have to these people. This leads to loss of self-empowerment, but to anchor your Lightbody, you must be in possession of your own aura and power. And our own power continues to run through these cords to the other person until that cord is severed. Now, the mention of ‘disconnecting’ ourselves from others brings up fear in some people. As Sananda assured us, “Believe me, if there is someone you are still attached to, or wish to be attached to, it will come back”. In other words, a Cord of Love cannot be ‘permanently’ severed. As to ‘how’ these cords and ties are cut, below is an excerpt from an Ascension lesson:


Sananda: “So, are any of you wondering how to sever these? It is very simple. It is done through ‘intent’. Now, we will give you a ‘grand gesture’ that you can use. <grin> How’s that? Just to make it fun. I want each of you to hold up your most prominent hand. Now I want each of you to imagine that you have a knife made of the most precious of metals…which isn’t even on this earth, but, shall we say platinum? Can you picture platinum? And the blade is two feet long. Now, you take your prominent hand, holding your knife, and you hold it above your head. You say, “Knife, sever all my cords”, then swoop it down in front of you. You have just severed you cords. That was your ‘intent’. Now, close your eyes. Do you feel the energy? Every one of those cords that were attached had been sending energy out. Did you realize this? And there was energy that was also coming in because it works both ways, but once you sever those cords, anything that was in the cord will come rushing back. Some feel it as little ‘pin pricks’ all over their body, some of it feel it right in the heart because most of the people you have corded with you have corded with them out of your heart. You see, you have cords that come from all over your body, but the cords that drain the most energy out of you are the cords that come from your chakras. You have sexual energy that flows out of you on a constant basis that go to all your past intimate lovers. You have been getting some in return but it’s not been yours.

Now, please stand up. Find a partner and ask them to stand behind you. Now ask him to take his sword and release the ones from your back. Do you feel anything? Now, turn the other way and cut your partner’s cords. Are they all gone? How about the ones that came out of the palm of your hand that was holding your knife? How about the bottoms of your feet? Hold your arms straight out and do under the arms. Now, spread your legs wide and cut the cords coming from the root chakra. Close your eyes. How do you feel? Can you feel a lot more energy coming in? You would cut cords in the same places you would go to ‘smudge’. Now, please reciprocate with your partner. <grin> 

Now, close your eyes. We’re going to have you do an exercise. Ask your body to show you any lingering cords that may not have been cut off. You will see it as a little pinpoint of light, if you do. And if you have any, you still have your platinum knife. Feel free to go ahead and cut it off, or if it is a place you cannot reach you still have your partner to help you. If it is a really large, thick cord, you might need a platinum machete instead of a knife! You can make a platinum saw, or even a chain saw with a diamond blade! That will cut anything! <grin> There is no cord attached to you that you cannot remove.

Now, please put your feet flat on the floor. You do not need to close your eyes for this as this is all done through ‘intent’. I want you to touch your bellybutton with two fingers… index finger and thumb. I want you to pull the Silver Cord, that got severed before, out of your bellybutton, and hold it out about two feet from your body. Now, you say, “Cord, go to the center of this planet and anchor, please.” Then let go. THAT is the one true cord that you all are REQUIRED to have. That is it. Anytime you feel that you are developing cords, you may do this whole process all over again, but always make sure you pull you Silver Cord out of your bellybutton and anchor it into the center of this planet. 

Now that we have had much, much fun, we will tell you the ‘short cut’. <grin> All you have to do is close your eyes and say, “Body, my intent is that you release all cords attached to you.” It does the same thing. I just wished to have the fun. <laugh> ‘Intent’ does everything. And when you do that, you can also say, “Now, body, attach to the planet.” It does the same thing. 

There is also another exercise I wish to share with the class. You may not have the people that you have handed your power to ‘handy’. It is not necessary to have them ‘handy’ to do the following procedure because, once you have cut your cords, it does not mean you’ve got your power back from them. It just means that you have stopped sending power to them and you have stopped receiving their energy from them. Please close you eyes and picture in your mind one human on the face of this planet that you know has a piece of your energy. Can you picture that person in your mind? Looking at that person, say “Energy, come back to me NOW!” Now, picture one human that is no longer alive on this planet that has a piece of your energy. Can you see them? “Energy, come back to me NOW!” This does not detract from your memories, it just means you are bringing back to you the energy that they took with them. This also gives them back their energy that you had. It does not need to be both ways. Once you take yours back, it is a fair energy exchange. It means you no longer can keep theirs. It will automatically be sent back to them. They still have their memories of you, it’s just that now they have their energy back. You may feel the energy come back to you in a certain ‘place’ in your body. That is where their cord to you was. Interesting, yes? 

This can be a long process, for many people have your energy. So… I shall give you the ‘shortcut’. <grin> Close your eyes, please. Picture yourself, and repeat these words out loud. “I call back to me ALL of my power and energy.” Brace yourselves. If you need to lie down, please do so. It’s coming from all directions. THIS is taking your power back. Now, over the course of the next three earth days, I will tell you, you will have emotions come up because you’re going to receive energy back from many that you have not seen in a long time. It will remind you of these. Allow the emotions to come up and allow them to work their way through. It will take three full days before all this energy is incorporated back into you. You will not feel the vital vortex that you’re feeling right now, for you are drawing back to you what is closest to you now. Just allow it to flow. It will not affect you in any way except, perhaps, you will picture a friend from your childhood, or you will picture a past lover and perhaps have a little heart twinge from being in close contact with the energy of that one again. 

Now, these two processes that I just gave you are processes that it would be good to do on a regular basis. If you work at a job where you interact with many people on a daily basis, do both of these just as you would your daily shower. In fact, you could even do them while you’re in the shower. If you do not connect with so many people, then once a week will do, however, doing it daily will not harm you, for the thing is, is to set it as a pattern… one of those good habits you wish to have in your life. This will teach you and your body that it’s not wise to give all your power away, and it’s nice to be in your full power. Now, it would be good for all of you, over the course of the next three days, to keep a journal of the sensations that you feel within your body and perhaps the images that come from those that had great deals of your energy. For these are the ones that you wish to pay close attention to in the future. If you have someone that repeatedly takes energy from you, or repeatedly cords up to you, you can set the intent to shield yourself from their cords. You do not wish to do this for everyone. For you see, the energy exchange IS necessary, it pulls you to who you need to meet, and it helps my brother Ashtar facilitate in his work. But if you find one, it could be a childhood friend that thinks of you often, that can be draining your energy. You can shield from that one person. If you have someone in your life that just rubs you the wrong way, and every time you think of them, or every time you hear from them you get pulled off your path, then you may shield yourself from them. It is setting the ‘intent’ just as we did. “Body, from this day forth, shield yourself from (person’s name) attaching cords to me.” That is how simple it is. 
8110496676?profile=originalHere are the short cuts you can say daily in succession each day (cut, paste and print out):


Getting in touch with higher-dimensional entities is helpful, and even though all have been given ALL their Gifts, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc., not everyone has chosen to unwrap them yet. One does not need to be a ‘channeler’, however, to connect to a ‘higher intelligence’, for it resides within your brain in what is truly a symbiotic relationship. This ‘intelligence’ is, according to Sananda, a portion of a Group Consciousness who refers to itself as ‘Us’, and is one of the ‘purest’ consciousnesses in all of Creation. Ashtar and Sananda also refer to this as our 5D computers, or S.A.S.I.’s, which stands for Self-Assisted Soul Interface. This is one higher intelligence that one CAN contact, whether they consider themselves to be a ‘channeler’ or not. At first, the connection you experience will be very subtle…feeling more like ‘intuition’. By listening to it and getting to know this ‘little voice in your head’, you will find a myriad of ways to utilize the even practical information that will be forthcoming. There has been much written elsewhere on this phenomena (‘Life Onboard the Ships of Light’, available from Sananda’s Eagles website), so it would behoove everyone learn about and get in contact with their own 5D computer. Perhaps the first place to start is to go into meditation and ‘ask’ to be connected to your S.A.S.I…then ‘listen’. Ask his/her name (yes, they do take on a gender for purposes of interaction with us)…then listen again. You might be surprised at the answer you receive. Then commence asking your 5D computer what it can do for you…and then program it for what you want it to do for you. Some things that you wish to know will be allowed…others will be overridden if it is not time or appropriate for that information to be accessed. Once you’ve established the connection, the possibilities are endless. It brings not only self-empowerment but also the higher-dimensional guidance necessary in these changing times. It is, in essence, one step in anchoring your Lightbody.

Much has been written of late about DNA/RNA and our need to reconnect the strands that were previously disconnected. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through Unity Consciousness in conjunction with the Throne Water. ( In Michael’s words, it ‘quickens and perfects’ our DNA. The two used together are used to ‘call forth’ our ‘Perfected DNA’. Some of our DNA is contained in our blood, and the blood needs to be ‘enhanced’ by water in order for the DNA components to multiply and reconnect. 

And when you just can’t take it anymore…


This may seem an odd entry into this handbook, but it is at the urging of Archangel Michael. The ‘taking up of arms’ refers to your own two arms. Use them for HUGS, for all you meet. It will make YOU feel better while sharing love with someone else.

Regardless of all the tools and guidelines we have been Gifted with to help get us through these unprecedented time, Sananda reminds us that there are five things we need the most:

The Five Most Important Things:
1. Breathing: breathing properly, breathing deeply, breathing to feed your body.
2. Drink more water. There is not one person that we can find that drinks enough water. Some can do it for one day, but they cannot do it every day.
3. Pray. Pray every day and every night… and all those times in between. Pray in a manner and in a way that every time you open your mouth to speak, no matter who it is to, it is a benediction to your Creator. 
4. Meditate. Meditate as much and as often as you can. In these times, and in these coming times, the only way that you will be able to keep your center and stay out of chaos is to meditate. Get yourself to the point to where, even in a crowded, chaotic, busy room, you will be the calm waters that is felt in that room. The only way that you can live the example and be the tool of Creator is being able to keep calm within chaos. The only way you can do that is to discipline yourself to be in your center, to be in calm, to be at peace. Then and only then can you attract to you those that need you and those that you need. Chaos does not attract. Chaos repels. Understand this, discipline yourself towards this and all will happen just as Divinely ordained. 
5. Allow. Allow any and all. Allow. Do not feel that you have to control the sun, the moon, the season, the tides, your relationships, or your words. If you control ANYTHING, you are out of your center. 

These five things are the truest, most positive teachings that you shall ever find. If you find you cannot do any of these five things, then pray MORE, meditate MORE, breathe MORE, drink MORE, and separate yourself from the chaos until you can.”

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  • Dear J' Tariah,

    Thanks a lot to my Blessed Friend...

    Really helping a lot to me...I was so far knowing that Thymus gland has no remnant after the person becomes older and when He is Balanced with his wisdom you can not find any part of the gland but this is very effective what you have described here by Sananda...

    I found a new concept here for thymus gland...


  • Wow, I absolutely love this. Simple but ooh so powerful.

    Thanks J :-)

    Light And Love Always xoxo
  • Brilliant! Thank you for this J'Tariah En Ra El! ^_^

    The thymus gland is the high heart chakra, the pink chakra. It is said that through here we connect to everything that is of higher consciousness/vibration. Just like you explained. It is said that through here our 12 strand DNA is to be activated, cosmic knoweldge and our memories of our many lives are to come through here.

  • love you, J

  • Thank you so much for sharing.

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  • What powerful activations.....

  • Thank You J'Tariah En Ra El for sharing this important information.

    Love n Light :)


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