Inspiring spiritual-fantasy novel

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a chapter excerpt from the book that I wrote

"Knights of Eternity - The Forgotten Prophecy". It's about a noble king and his brave knight's struggle against a tyrannical empire. In this particular chapter, the king meets with a wise oracle just prior to departing on a quest into the mountains in search of a dragon. I hope you find it inspiring!

You can read more excerpts here:

I hope you like it! Myles/DRACO

Insights of Wisdom

The interior of the Oracle’s dwelling was like something out of a dream, with its brightly-coloured decorations and ornaments indiscriminately scattered throughout; quite in contrast to the elegantly-designed rooms of the king’s castle. Alectorious entered and immediately relaxed, feeling very much at home amongst the many curious paraphernalia.

“So, whatever busies you these suns of late, my dear companion?” he queried, looking in fascination at the many books, precious coloured stones and unusual ornaments spread throughout. In the middle of the room was a round-shaped table draped in a blue, purple and gold cloth, with two very comfortable looking chairs facing one another. The Oracle was frank in her response as she busily cleared a space on the table.

“Many things busy me; yet of late, there is more that troubles… than ever before. Please Alectorious, be seated.” she kindly invited; the pomp and ceremony of Eternity refreshingly absent. Megalia duly pulled a chair from the table, motioning to the king with that all-too familiar delicate smile. Alectorious fittingly sat, making himself rather comfortable on the soft, padded chair as the Oracle began to rummage through an assortment of bottles, plates and items on a chest close to the wall.

“May I offer you one of my special brews perhaps?” she asked, knowing it the king’s favourite. Alectorious unknowingly licked his lips in anticipation as he politely replied.

“Oh yes indeed, if you would be so kind.” The king sat back and relaxed as he could not elsewhere, the pressured nature of the kingship making it always most difficult to express the softer side of his nature. The Oracle handed him a glass of her finest brew before sitting directly opposite in an equally comfortable position. Alectorious took a sip of the potent beverage, looking above to the mysterious array of crystals and dream-catchers hanging from the old wooden rafters as they swayed to and fro in the gentle breeze blowing through the small window in the corner.

“We shall now begin.” she said without warning, the king bracing for what could be a great revelation. Megalia was suddenly deep in concentration, gazing meaningfully into the mysterious purple-blue coloured crystal sitting upon the middle of the table. The Oracle sat perfectly still and with eyes firmly shut, her delicate hands suspended close to the mystical crystal ball, waiting for the right words… and inspiration to find her. After concentrating deeply for several moments, she finally spoke, in that familiar voice of profoundly insightful wisdom.

“I see the never-ending winds of change blowing towards a better world, great king Alectorious; one of hope, brightness, fortitude… and betterment for all.  You have the power within to lead your nation to this enchanted place; if only you have the bravery to follow the pathway of your heart… and your soul…” she dramatically revealed. The king was instantly beguiled by her poetic words of wisdom, silent as if to signal his desire to know more. The Oracle squinted her cat-like deep blue eyes, concentrating more deeply than ever before; as Alectorious began to feel an intense, other worldly-energy permeate the entire room. “Your greatest nemesis… the one thing standing between you and this glorious place are the armies of the Gomercian Empire. Indeed they are strong; but are weakening – and will become yet weaker still…” the Oracle emphatically claimed, provoking a strong response from the king. Her powerfully prophetic words caused Alectorious to sit straight up in his chair, seeing there was more than just a slight glimmer of hope. His eyes and ears were absolutely fixated as the Oracle continued, unabated in every way. She began to slightly raise her voice as a subtle chill ran up the king’s spine.

“Nerosis´ unquenchable thirst for power and glory will be his eternal undoing; as it has been for all those, who have walked before upon this path. Of that there can be no question, nor any doubt at all. The thirst for power is neither one that can ever be quenched, nor a hunger ever satisfied. There is a part of he – and his followers, however small, that realise this undeniable truth. In this knowing, he tightens his merciless grip ever more upon the lands he rules, trying ever more desperately to conquer those… who will not be. This senseless desire to rule over the people of the known world will be his ultimate downfall; know this well, above all else. But complacent you must not be, King Alectorious; for before you is an opportunity to starve Nerosis of that which he desires most of all… and for you to lead Eternity and all the known world, once and forevermore back into the light. Know that Eternity is immensely strong, Alectorious; but the power within each and every one of us is far greater than any nation could ever hope to be. Heed well these words… and you shall be one step closer to victory…”

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  • I love your book, I love the genre and I love your way with words....This time period has always fascinated me.  Keep writing so I can keep reading your books...You are one of my favorite authors.  My grandson loves your book too.  I shared my book with him.  He is in the 6th grade and he loves it as much as I do.  So your book is ageless and timeless....

    • Thanks so much Marique, your encouraging words are a true inspiration! I truly appreciate you having shared it with others also!

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