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The Title says it all...I won't take out any excerpts, but leave it to you to read for yourself.

(I personally have been aware & following the info > from a variety of sources for many years before sites like these were up and running)

ACCEPT OR REJECT...your choice!

In Oneness


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thank you for sharing this link i read about this before but the information here are in more details

Good research Sunspiritsmiles....i did a lot of research as well and the more i got to know of Inner Earth ..the more i want to know as it is true and fascinating.

One good site is

This is a very good site to start reading about Inner Earth Beings and connecting with ADAMA HEAD PRIEST OF TELOS


thanks for the website there's very interesting information,i'm exploring it, it's good for research and knowledge


 thanks again

Blessings Ravinda, I have had that website in my contacts for some time as well. Thanks for sharing with the others here.

Happy Dayz


Thanks, I have enjoyed the site, I have read some of the articles before, but this site had much more detail.  Inner Earth sounds wonderful!!!

Thanks for such a great piece.  An interesting thing happened about an hour into my read an AVG virus notice popped up giving me 3 options.  When I clicked to send it to the virus vault a notice popped up saying it was too large a file to "move".  The only other options were to go to the file or ignore and when I tried to delete the notices themselves they turned into more viruses... all in a game file that I do not even know I have... this computer came with dumb and dumber games already on it.  So I pulled the battery and expected it to open in the "safe mode" but that did not happen either.  The AVG notices were apparantly false.  The third option was to go to the file itself, and I did not go.  I just shut her down and restarted her with no problem.  Just thought I would mention it here so if the same thing happens to anyone else they maybe will choose to do what I did and NOT go to the file.  I think if I had gone to the file I would have been kicking my own ass while looking for a new computer!


I fully accept that there is an inner earth.  Why else would Admiral Byrd and later in 2002 someone risk their reputations and everything else on a lie?  Humans right now just are not fit to go with their egotistical and prejudiced ways.  I look forward to the day when I am acceptable to the Agarthans, but right now I still have a long way to go and definately lack full consciousness.

Read your link Sunspiritsmiles! Very very interesting info this... The stories from the Fishermen travells in the opening in North-Pole. Lived and learned in the inner Earth for 2 years, and vent out in South-Pole.. And the story from admiral Byrd were Amazin!Earth is like a Aple on the top. Inside the circle of ice the fishermen travells/bending down, and into the hallow Earth. They se the sentral sun and water become fresh and drinkable, without Salt. They see Mountains, Rivers, Fjords, Big Animals (Mammut and Elphants), and met People who was 12+ feet high..GOOD READING !!!

Earth start flat out on 70 Gr North ( See the red Circle). On picture you can see Scandinavia. I live in Norway, the yellow land with the coast, more precisely ; Lofoten. So i wonder if i gonna take a boat and travell to INNer


Thank you Drome for extending on the info for myself & others. Very interesting viewing with some outstanding facts.

Much Appreciated

i read this last night and had a major "oh my god i remember" moment and also realized that a strange childhood dream was really a memory (which i've always wondered was true.) thank you!!!!!! this helped me connect a few very important dots! in fact i had to write about my dreams in a forum for help interpreting them =D



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