• Neither is there a shortage of navy and nuke submarines!😆

    But that is besides the point anyway. They boast that UK is a 'capitalist'. So why complain? If it is more profitable to sell alcohol than to sell food, then why sell food?

    But another thing is that the other day you were saying 'all refugees should go back home'. Especially true for Somalis is that they are very good track drivers. This is a well known fact! There are surplus of them in Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya etc. Isn't it ridiculus for there to be shortage of drivers in UK, upto the point of leading to food shortages, yet there more than enough drivers in Somalia, while at the same advocating for removal of Somalis from UK??? Is there wisdom in UK politics?
    • Another way of helping you to see it is 'lock down'. We have seen that if we say 'pple from this town cannot get to that town' will only create havoc in a countrie's economy, as there will shortages etc. But what is true locally is also true globaly, albeit magnified. You should be able to see that immigration rules is kind of 'global lock down policies'. It is just saying 'pple from this country should not get to that country' (may be for 'terrorism' concerns). This only serves to returd global economy!! Covid measures has tought us that free movement of pple is paramount to an healthy economy.

      You should discern that the cabal pursues their wicked agendas using both 'conservatives' and 'liberals'. When appealing to the 'conservatives' they lock us down and undermine our liberty using 'terrorist threats', 'china threats' and the like. When dealing with liberals, they achieve the same using 'virus threats', 'climate change' etc. We should recognize what fronts peddles the same agendas and not be clouded by political parties and personality, 'messianic' politics such as 'Trumpisms'.
      • Another good example of how the cabal pursues the same agenda regardless whether they are dealing with 'conservatives' or 'liberals' is in the infringement of the US's second amendment. The original spirit behind the amendment was that ultimately, 'state security' is maintained by militias, and not a special elite group. So there should not be a too much gap between the elite forces and the militias. So there are two ways of undermining the spirit behind the second amendment:

        1 ) Disarm the civilians (the use liberals in the guise of 'savety from internal enemies')
        2 ) Excessively arm the elites (they use the 'conservatives' in the guise of 'security from external enemies')

        To elaborate on the second point a bit, consider when there was no guns, only swords. If we said 'pple had the right to bear arms', we meant 'swords'. But then once the fire arms were invented, the elites could simply reinterpret the 'right to bear arms' in such a way as to circumscribed it to swords! But you should note that arming the elites with guns without arming the civilians is the same effect as disarming the civilians, when they had the fire arms already! The end effect is 'democracy' proceeds only as long as the far better armed elites allow it, which was exactly the same thing that the amendment was trying to avoid! It wanted to put power, both 'soft' and 'coercive' in the hands of citizens, rather than the elites, and in so doing, the recognized that we must 'brave' some 'insecurity' both from 'internal' and 'external' enemies!!

        We must recognize the same snake oil sold in different bottles, if we are to defeat the cabal! To break something, we can pull it to the left or pull it to the right. While it looks like we are doing two totally different things, we are, infact, achieving the same thing, and this is all what cabal was aiming, while all the while, we are too absorbed with the 'should we move rightwards or leftwards' and not noticing the common hidden thing!
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