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Im new to this and have got a few questions, I'd really appreciate all answers!

Well iv'e just signed up to this site, and think it's amazing!
Well Im very interested in Aliens and all of that And want 2 be like you guys, who all are really welcoming and nice!
How do I awaken! and get in touch with reality, and what is really going on with the earth and my mind!
Well Bascilly I really want to know about EVERYTHING this site talk's about.
I want to know about these aliens and everything.
Well thank you for your time if you reply to this, I really appreciate it.
And whenever I am feeling sad and lonley I can always come on here to talk to you about it.
Thank you once again you amazing people!

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The Ra Material...
Well , lets see The United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon, begun chem trail cleanup and depositing antidoites to help heal humans and the aninmal kingdom and Giea (Mother Earth). So there was annoucement that during opperations you will every once in a while, more than before.You will see a ship that has a light glow about it, even if it looks like a cloud. Also Air Elementals (Slyths) a.k.a ThunderBirds in Native lore have been doing much of the cleanup.
There is so much happening now, even for new ones like yourself whom find your way to ask questions and awaken from the veil of forgetfulness all I can say is "Good Morning, Sleepy Head" There is plenty food for thought and Welcome to the site. Oh if you want to know more about The United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon look under Documentaries link also check out Planet Balqui there is so many great sites sprouting up as others waken.
I'm a LightWorker.
In Love & Light
Crewmate Umphrey, E
Welcome BB,
This website is a good place to start learning and growing. I would ask one thing of you: Please use discernment in all
that you read. What does not resonate with you, toss aside. What makes your heart center open wide and bring tears to your eyes in a good way, learn from that....
Wishing you much Joy and Love in your journeys!
welcome blues brother to the land of the living. some times we are laughing crying
and sometimes we are SERIOUS can you believe that but most of all if we
dont know we simply ask and sooner or later an answer appears wonderful
isn"t it uncle ben arion will always be at your service god bless we are your
friends mike jay ps here"s some info for you put in your seach engine CILICK ON ANYTHING YOU SEE
Hi! Best thing to do is find a way to meditate. There are lots of ways. Choose one you like best. Let your intuitiion and if you know who your guides are guide you. Read and research is great but there is a lot out there not true. If you feel it resonate
in your heart after meditating that is good. Greg my freind always verify info times 3! Three different sources then most likely it is true. If it feels negative then stay away from it. Gracie
Blues Brother,

I`m from Portugal soo sorry for my English.
About Extraterrestrial beings and another stuff, go to project camelot:
About your awakening start doing meditation, puting your mind in your heart, thats where is the Soul, and see what hapens!
The awakening processe could be long, and everybody has to finds his own Way.....!!!

I found David Wilcock's information very awakening and refreshing - youtube - David Wilcock
also my Girlfriend "Pleiadianlightbeing" on youtube has amazing inner info. Project Camelot -
Following Your Heart is the most important thing. Sending out your light to the Universe is another. Meditation and looking through you 3rd eye is key. You have to learn as much as possible make all the connections, connecting all the dots, both in our past history and in your past history. You are a Soul in a Body not a body with a soul. You always have been and you always will be. Because you have free will, you have to ask the your Guides, Master and Freindly E.T's to help with your awakening, - you are by far in a very good place spiritually already you must understand - You will be tested in your dreams and in real life, be strong, you can do it! peace love and light Brett (Sirian from Sirius)

Hi and welcome!

Pasiel is so right ......don't take it too seriously.

You don't really need to just need to let yourself remember by letting the layers of conformity fall away, and what you may not remember?....just be open minded and enjoy the ride...all eventually is reveiled.

Love and blessings to you   xo




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