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If you want to be happy then I've got good news for you:


All you have to do in order to have a fair chance to live a better live than I do is not to be me.


I hate myself - and not even I know any way for this to be any otherwise.

I want to die. I'm not fulfilling my own lives or dreames nor that of any other one.


I was told I came here to help. But I'm now realising that I ironically became a part of the problem and not of the solutions I wished to create.


All over my current live time I felt misunderstood and left alone.

I never tasted of what real mutual loving relationships are like.


My body is wasted and there seems to be no cure. All my life is pain, dissapointment, frustration, illusions and reasonless hope for anything to become better ever.


I had a vision of an entirely different way of life - but as I am powerless and poor I can not even afford grace for myself by myself.


I'm so sorry but I failed with everything I ever touched.

It feels like I was cursed. Cursed not to even know why I'm punished to live a worse life than those who did overhelmingly evil deeds to the world.


My soul is so seriously sad... :´(


Can it ever be healed?

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Thank you, thats a good point.
"you know what? yesterday i realized why god and all the other good guys dont interfere...

when everything is easy and done for you, life may be better, but it wouldnt be your own earning.

realizing this, you would feel even more useless than you may do now.."


I strongly disagree: Some soul who is ill or even have been made seriously ill and suffering does not care about if he/her/it would earn the healing by him-/her- self! The opposite is the case: One who is shown compassion and caring by others in very most cases show A LOT of thankfulness to those who are loving and compassionate enough to heal them - especially if they got so ill that they can not help themselves anymore.


Did Jesus heal others or did he told his own fellow travellers: "F*** off you fool and help yourself, b****!" ?!??

Of course he helped those who could not help theirselves!!


Though he reflected those who have co-created their own problems critically - which is perfectly OK - but did he leave anyone who asked for help behind?

UPDATE: The sadness is mostly overcome and now the primary emotion is anger!

Hi Cortex...firstly I would like to Honour the journey that your soul choose to walk in this time upon Earth. I embrace the wonderfullness of YOU as an integral part of the bigger picture that is here on Gaia during these transitional times that no human being has ever seen or been through before in history.

The HU-man species put their hands up to experience seperation > from the Creator of all that is > from our Soul/HigherSelf so that we could find our way HOME> > some of us even came from different Star Sytems to participate in this time of Acsention for ourselves & this planet...woooohoooo


The pathway for each and everyone of us has been different as it was with our individual "choices" (before incarnating) that we "chose" to experience certain things for our souls growth. This unconscious decision has shown up in our lives as many unfortunate & maybe even ugly experiences, but it is our "reaction" to those situations that will transend the continual wheel of karmic energies so we can be "FREE". That which we all have desired and will never give in/up till this is attained.

I've been transmuting & transforming  all the "uglies" from my life for a long time.....lesson learned!!! Through forgiving >{{ a challenging journey}}. You know, the hardest was forgiving 'MYSELF". 

To come to the place in your heart of Inner Peace, there is a kind of magic that happens. There just isn't any room for focusing on anything but the vibration of Love & Light. The tricky bit can be finding the balance, but through "COMPASSION" sooooo much can be shifted.

You know Cortex, there is a blessing hidden in your troubled times {life}.  LOOK for the silver lining....((maybe not an easy task but I challenge you}}

I only wish I had the luxury of a computer to have been able to reach out for help, understanding, support, some kind of kindness, communication and  caring when I was in my torturous days of living in a world & wondering where the heck the Love was. Count your BLESSINGS Cortex. Even if it's seeing the sunshine just for today. I had to make the journey by myself Cortex, but you don't have to. 

Would love to hear back from you.

Wishing you Open Paths

Health in your Body

Peace in your Spirit

Love in your Heart

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings

I am sending you lots of loving thoughts, remember  duality is where we are challenged the greatest, you should read TheQuest Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny by Aurora Juliana Ariel.

YOu can get your free e-book at I highly recommend it!

Forgive yourself, love yourself. How can you expect the universe to be kind to you, if you show to hate yourself so much? It's true, you'll be cursed for as long as you want to.

Follow the law of attraction boy, for it follows you even if you don't believe it.

Brother, I feel for you. And I will tell you something you might not really want to hear, but if you take it to heart, will have a tremendous empowering effect on you. The truth is, you are not a victim. You are responsible for your life. Your creations come from you, therefore, are a reflection of you. That might not sit well if you look at your life, and see one failure after another, but unfortunately, it is the truth. You can't blame your mother, or blame society, or blame circumstances, because doing so only gives your power, and the power of your life, away to sources outside of you.


It's a vicious cycle to be caught in, and we all have been caught in it. I know I have. My childhood was a disaster, and for years I would think to myself, ''Why me?'' I had a huge victim mentality. But one day, I realized, it was me who was responsible for my life. It was easy to blame my abusive father, my mom on welfare, the racist kids in the neighborhood who constantly picked on me. It was easy to blame them for making me feel so angry, and powerless, and ''less than''. Until one day, I really realized, hey, I had the power to react to the circumstances I experienced. I CHOSE to react in a negative way, I CHOSE to feel angry, and resentful, and feel like life was unfair to me. I CHOSE to feel unworthy, and powerless, and ''less than.'' Even though, I always knew I was great, and worthy of everything good, worthy of all the love and respect in the world, I let my negative attitude get the best of me. And that was no one's fault but my own.


Gradually, as I began to accept this, a great sense of empowerment came over me. One that said, hey, I am responsible for my life, I am responsible for how I react to situations. And I decided to react to situations from a space of love, compassion, understanding, patience, and acceptance. Since then, it has been a long process of purification and cleansing, as all of these engrained negative beliefs began filtering out of my system. The process is not quite complete yet, but it will be soon! Soon there will be only goodness. Soon there will be only love, and positivity, and patience. Soon there will only be confidence and determination, as my self love and self belief becomes untouchable. And the more and more I began to love and accept myself, and embrace what I always knew inside, that I'm a great being that can do anything and am worthy of everything, the more my life began to change! I suddenly starting creating successes. I started creating what I wanted. I began to tap into my own power by simply choosing to LOVE myself! And that's what it boils down to...POWER...and LOVE. The masculine and the feminine.

So, for you, my brother...I ask you to accept that you are a creator. You are responsible for your life, you are responsible for your thoughts and feelings. The only way outside influences can control your thoughts and feelings is if you LET them. Ponder this for a while. I ask you to accept your own personal POWER by choosing to LOVE yourself! Unconditionally. And obviously it doesn't happen overnight, no, it's about getting on that road. Getting on the path, the path of self love and self empowerment. Once you get on that path, you will start filtering out all these negative beliefs that hold you back from expressing your true potential. And once you do, you will see how your creations start reflecting more the perfection that you truly are!


I know it's hard to get out of a rut like this, but you can do it, I believe in you, I have faith in you, and I know you're going to do it! It all begins by taking responsibility for yourself, and accepting that you are the power in your life. Nothing else. Then, begin to accept yourself and your mistakes, show compassion, understanding, and patience for yourself and your mistakes, and begin to love yourself, despite your mistakes. Once you get into this habit, the old beliefs will start falling away, and you will feel a great sense of self empowerment that comes when you truly love and accept yourself for who you are! Then, you can use your power and love to create the successes you want, and live the type of life you want to live. Believe in yourself, and in God. Trust in yourself, and in God. Love yourself, and love God, and you will not falter!


So, with that, I hope this message has helped you a little bit. We all have been there, buddy, don't worry about it. It seems tough now, but have the audacity to hope. It's all part of your soul growth, just keep that in mind. If you take to heart the advice I've wrote down for you here, I'm confident you will be back on track in no time. Alright, brother. I love you and so do all of us here! God bless you!

I´d say you´re ok. And yes all states in need of healing can......

Hello Dear Heart,

We are brought to where we need to be in order to do what we need to do. We all have our days when we think we are not doing what we think we need to  or that what we do matters. It all matters, really, very much! (no one is here right now, that is not adding in someway to the collective energies.)

It is always said, that we are "right where we need to be". I know this is true, even when it feels like crap, even when we feel worthless,unloved, overworked, misunderstood etcetrea etcetera.

There is so much Stuff/junk/s*** that we need to clear from ourselves, in order to be who we really are. (Our Authentic selves)

 We picked this lifetime to bring all of our stuff/junk/s*** to the surface in order to transmute it/work through it.

From what I hear we are really very privilaged to be here now, as there are those who vied,jockied for the positions we are in now, this is a  momentious time to be here, no matter what shape we are in.

I don't know why we actually chose to work through so much at once, it was an awful lot to ask of ourselves, and I often think that when we chose to do all this work, we really weren't considering how God Awful hard it would/might be lol!!!


This right now is a particularly crucial time, as we are transmuting quite alot of negative energies, and it is hard to stay out of the negativity, hard not to feel fear, anger, hurt or even pain.

It is important to know that that is not us, not who we are, we must allow these feelings to pass through us and let them go, it is way too easy  to get bogged down in this negitivity.

We must find ways to raise our own energies/vibrations to stay out of the path of the collective energies of fear that need to pass on out and away from us.

Some of us agreed to transmute some of this collective energy through ourselves, which makes it doubly hard not to feel it in some way and also to feel it as our own!!

Its ok to feel what we need to feel. Seriously we don't know who we are helping by being right where we are right now!

It is also easier to stay our of the fear and negitivity by being greatful/thankful for what we do have, because when we focus on what we don't have, what do we do? We draw to us what we think about!!!

so if we are saying , not good, not good, what are we doing, drawing more not good to us!!!! so if we're stuck in bed, with a poor body, we can be Thankful for having a good bed under us, we can be thankful for the people that have to take care of us, the food we are given in some cases to the one who prepares it for us.

And...if we really want anything we can draw it to us, by living and being thankful as if we already have it!!

We draw what we think, as positive as possible, and know that there is purpose right where we are!!!

DO NOT GIVE UP ----Do not give in....You are here for a reason beyond your command. I feel like you do sometimes, but I know  I am wrong and keep trying to live up to the standard Ashtar provides. I suggest you keep trying, my friend. Namaste!
Yes, you can change your mind. What a liberty and freedom will come with that. Only you can change, nobody can do it for you.



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