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Illuminati Making Their Final Move: Everyone Needs to Prepare for This - The Rise of the Beast

They’ve been planning this since the beginning of time!

It’s so much bigger than you could have imagined, the evidence there to see. Worldwide the connections almost unbelievable, all connected from A to Z. Organizations excepted as for the good of man, all the secrets that they hide. The satanic symbolism within the system, the places where evil does reside. Evil knows no borders embeds itself everywhere, it spreads across all land.

For centuries and more its enslaved us, deaths and hardships all planned. As the truth enlightens it’s waking many, it spreads opening other’s eyes. Those refusing to see or still unaware will soon be in for a big surprise. The great awakening is happening, light is exposing all of the dark deeds.

Unseen by the public a cosmic battle is taking place, it’s good that succeeds. Those who committed the atrocities will face justice, none will getaway. The Epstein case unlocking all, Justice coming… tick tock to judgment day. Derf

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Try as much as they can ..

Remember the good always wins in the end


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