is it counting down to an alignment of the planets and the stars? the collapse of the Euro (which Rothschild just recent made a bet on)? an attack on Syria? or another false flag attack? I still haven't figured it out... :P

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  • Interesting....the clock has moved!!!
  • I was just throwing out the interpretation with no clear direction. Used reply button at bottom of page in sheer laziness. Was not directed at you at all.

    Omnilvx does have a homepage and application but I will not elaborate more. That's a personal journey.

  • My interpretation is very simple
    To understand my interpretation You must watch before this video...
    In this video the wheel of 12 arms rapresents the simbolic SUN
    The wheel can turn in CONTERCLOCKWISE , and this wheel is the BLACK SUN
    or the wheel can turn in CLOCKWISE and this is the WITHE SUN
    The same wheel is depicted in the center of illuminati symbol
    The illuminati wheel turns in COUNTERCLOCKWISE, this means that illuminati wheel is a BLACK SUN
    The wheel is inside the symbol of ONE SEEING EYE
    The one seeing eye symbol represents the CONSCIENCE OF HUMAN
    The CONSCIENCE like the real SUN is the center of generation of matter and energy. 
    In the same way, from the HUMAN CONSCIENCE born every ENERGY, every action that become new matter.
    The action , the energy can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, GOOD or EVIL , can be MALE or FEMALE,
    The action can be a vortex in CLOCKWISE or COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction
    In simbolic way THE ACTION  can be WHITE SUN or BLACK SUN
    Before the 9-9-2012 the illuminati page showed a countdown clock, the page showed the sentence " xxx NOCTES " missing
    The sentence says explicit  NOCTES and not DAYS,  becouse the time was relative at periodo of BLACK SUN,
    at the AGE OF HUMAN DARKNESS  .....
    In the top of the illuminati clock now is present the OWL , the simbol of the animal who seeks in the darkness and sees in the darkness,
    for the OWL darkness become light
    In other words the illuminati page rappresent a augury, a ritual symbol to promote a change in the HUMAN CONSCIENCE
    By: Emanuele Civetta (not me)
  • I hope there wasn't a miscommunication. Even the negative takes time to materialize but without our added energy it will be less destructive...especially with the "seawalls" of love and light we are building to deflect the force. Emoticons make typed posts so much easier to interpret ;-)

  • This we do not know. Like a tsunami, maybe the energy is invisible to our "sensors" as of now. But as the momentum grows and it get's closer to the shores of consciousness it may become a tidal wave of epic proportions. Quite possibly an anti tsunami of the most positive energy ever experienced.

    Time of arrival: 11:11AM  12/21/2012 !?! It's anybody's guess but this is my focus instead of the fear driven destructive side I've been prone to for so many years.


  • Absolutely!!!...and we have Ringside Seats!!!...Infinite Blessings...<3<3<3

  • The alignment comes @ 11:11 a.m. on December 21, 2012, on Friday Uranus goes into Aries conduct Pluto in Capricorn...The Revolution of Love is being brought on by Aries in Uranus...and the implosion of all existing structures like government, politics, and "power-over" structures of the world is being brought on by pluto in Capricorn...they are going to go down fighting for sure...but whom is yet to be seen...the media seems to be telling us it is with Iran I'm told...<3<3<3

    • Would that be 11:11 GMT?  :)

      • No...GST!!! Galactic Standard Time.  GST +11 on Earth LOL

  • I'm pretty sure the countdown was going to the University of Light website they were opening. :P

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