Dear friends,

Many times I wonder why people are contributing the way they do here? What is their motive to participate on AC? Clearly everyone has a right to be here, but one can find so much rudeness,  accusing even hateful comments. Some are just posting to make sure that everyone sees that he/she is right and the rest has it all wrong without considering that everyone has his own truths, my truth is that God and Jesus exists  your truth can be that they are fiction. Others are most of the time name calling and accusing, some talk of retributions.

Deep inside I feel that these comments do not belong on this page, a page that should reflect unconditional love, compassion, support to all. Just maybe we should look at our comments and take care that they do not cause more Karma

Besides let's take into account that on this site, there will be people who are paid to write negative comments. Locate them, do not take their comments serious and still the best advice is too ignore them completely. If we do not react to their comments that bear little love and light, they cannot answer back. But let's make sure we've got the right person, if possible.

What do you think about starting this today?

Love, light and laughter

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  • Well said, Rianne!  Personally, I get really frustrated with many of the negative comments that people post.  I've been tempted to unsubscribe from this AC webpage just for the reasons you mentioned. 

    • Dear Atlantis,

      running away will never help.

      you will be meeting similar people throughout your life.

      positive and negative - are necessary for current, stay neutral and properly earthed,.

      dont give your life's remote control to others.

  •  What a wonderful sentiment Rianne. Sounds so easy in theory. yet in practice it is so difficult to achieve, 

    What I have noticed in the online esoteric community is a personalized version of the factioning of religions. Instead of having groups of people arguing the point against each other, the concept of every path to God has been taken and used as a reason to argue. It makes us all look really silly. We speak words of love and compassion yet the way we treat each other speaks of fear and anger. We claim to want to be seekers of a higher truth yet our inability to find common ground suggests  that is not our agenda at all.

    What we never stop to consider is "what if what the other party is saying is right, or even partially right" . It is not beyond the realm of possibility that someone else has had a life experience, or read a book, or met someone that has imparted them with a piece of information that you have yet to become aware of. What if that piece of information was the only thing standing between you and your enlightenment. It just isn't worth it for ego's sake to resist the potential of truth.

     I made a comment in a recent discussion I posted that there is truth, and that everyone has their own, incomplete, version of truth. When you put them all together you get truth. This is a principle I believe in, A principle that I have allowed to influence the way I handle relationships. And it has served me well. In my opinion, it is not a display of weakness. Because at the end of a conversation, I AM the one who walks away empowered with the other persons truth. I AM the one who has taken a step closer to enlightenment. Because that is my goal. Not to be right, But to enlighten. And if it's been done properly all involved parties have had a similar experience. And we are all just that little bit closer to each other as part of the deal. And moving on to the next subject on our path to enlightenment.

     So I ask you, what is it going to hurt to put your ego and your fear in your top pocket, for 15 minutes, try on the other persons truth as your own, see how it fits, discuss it, tailor it to suit yur needs. And if you don't like it, You can always take it off again. And if ends up fitting you, Congratulations. You've both just taken another step up the ladder of enlightenment. 


    Let your success be the proof that you know best.

    Let your humility be the reason we all know best.



    • Dear Peter,

      The aim is ascension, the way to get there will be different for each and everyone. After all, can we blame a caterpillar  that he is not a butterfly yet?

      If we'd put our noses the same direction, there would not be any Illuminati left.

      Thank you Peter.

      Love, light and laughter.

      • Dear Rianne, 

        One of the reasons that we choose the incarnation  route is so that over much time, and many lifetimes, we have the opportunity to experience the full depth and breadth of creations frequencies.. It is the gift of duality. To be incarnate here and now, and having had synchronicity lead you to a community like this, one must assume that you've done the exploring. You've pushed the boundaries. You've learned the lessons. Now is the time to unlock all that wisdom garnered, and put it to work helping to usher in the new Renaissance of Planet earth. Yes, we are tired, and battered, and rejected. However, you were aware of the potential; for this to be the case prior to your incarnation,. And you agreed to come in with this understanding. And the understanding that you wouldn't know who you are, why you are here, or thatyou have free choice to work it out, or not. From this perspective, the duality game is beautifully judged. Because it doesn't matter who you are, or what your circumstances are, the Creator of the Universe exists between your nipples and a couple of inches under your chest. and you have free choice to look for Her there or not. and the Creator wants to be found. He doesn't care who you go about it. Because all 7 billion individual paths to God have one thing in common. The key to the door is pure intent.

        So follow your path with conviction. And let your actions be the mechanism that inspires others to move down their own path with similar zeal. It's much more fun being on the path when you have company.

        We are in a race where everyone who crosses the line wins wins. And it is in all of our best interests to get together and encourage and guide those who are a bit less fleet of foot. Because then we all win sooner.


        Let your success be proof that you know best.

        Let your humility be the reason we all know best,.

      • Last night I decided to watch The Celestine Prophecy again. Each time I do, I get more insight into the insights. And into my own personal direction. I'm grateful to everyone who gives me the occasional nudge back onto course. Thanks, guys.

    • P.s 

      we bitch and moan that family, friends, and the general public won't accept the fact hat we believe in aliens, uf'o's, lemuria, energy work, crystals, galactic alignments,and so on. 

      My question to you is why would they? All we do is tell each other that we're full of the brown stuff.

      Time to start walking our talk people. Invest our energies in presenting a united front. And then lets see how they respond.



    let us all agree to disagree, we may be treading different paths, but the destination is same- so more important is reaching rather than arguing.

    • I am rededicating myself right now to being more careful of the tone I use when on this site. 

      • the moment you take care of the tone you use on this site, YOU WILL NOT BE YOUR TRUE SELF.

        you need not be careful, but AWARE of your thoughts and expressions.

         be an observer, if you wish to grow spiritually.

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