I know many people expected some sort of dramatic event on 21 December 2012. I for one was also slightly disappointed that I might have missed a climax, but not too much as I was not ready to ascend without my husband who still does not believe in such spiritual things, so part of me was glad that I was given more time. Also part of me understood this was not the time for the Mother Earth fully to ascend with us. We were told by galactic friends time and time again that there are signs or steps before the ascension occurs such that the cabal and their minions would leave the planet, UFO disclosure, ETs to come down from the ships and mingle with us, or they will have their own TV and radio channels to inform us of ascension, etc., none of these have happened yet.


Keisha Crowther said consciousness of all beings on earth including human's make earth consciousness. There are too many people on earth who fear for their life right now in Middle East and in Africa right and in other areas for whatever reasons they may have and it tells that the earth is simply not ready to ascend yet.


I do not possess a telepathic ability to communicate with galactic beings or my own guides. Only tool I have is my intuition and that tells me the Earth ascension is real and will happen when the time is right, so I still believe in ascension despite of very little , if not nothing at all, happened on 21 December and hope to ascend with all my beloved family soon!


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  • ^_^

  • I agree. but I am hoping the earth will close her 3D matrix in the next couple years rather than 3 years. We will see.


  • i dont think they will come because they trapped us ! i wouldn't go on earth would you ? earth is hell other world is heaven who would sent him self to hell when he lives in heaven nobody is dump to go into hell where you can die i know i had there immortal life i cant accept death!

  • Hi,

    Just do not wait, make the change!

    Quite many people have worked for dark ones agenda (lies, wrong information, waiting game and doing nothing). I would think most of them were cheated simply. Quite same for this website as well by removing members and subjects which are not allowed to talk/view.

    Please read "remember who you are" by david icke, 2012. There is a lot of information everyone should know. youtube of lion sleeps no more could get you started or check my blog for good youtube links.

    I can also share my thoughts if someone is interested.

    Love and light


  • @ ASsiya - I agree ascension is very much real, but we are still clinging to the old ways. There are lots of people shifting and changing, waking up right now. I think to make it feel real is when you have been doing your personal/spiritual work when you are with people your energy will be much different.

    I think it is important to not look at the world and just see the "bad" and get discouraged or bitter and then use the bad things as proof of (fill in the blank)___________. To let others take the wind out of your sails....to listen to your own heart and to listen to spirit....

    To cultivate faith and trust.....in spirit

    Imagine millions of friendly eager indigos wagging their tales and setting to work....
  • Ascension is real regardless of what many are saying against it. they say it because they still want to cling on to the old ways and without any changes. Those changes must be done on personal level first. We know that this planet is in serious problem due to human wastefull behaviour which keeps this planet in a low vibrations. Why ? because we are directly connected with earth on mental and phisical level. Ascension is possible when a person makes changes in his/her life ; such as a diet that does not require a sacrifice of animals every yr instead a diet of clean and high vibratory consumption of fruits and veggies, a change from work slavery to big corporations and their deceptive energy of either you with us or there are no jobs for you, from driving cars and flying planes to walking and riding bicycles, a change of not using pharma drugs to using herbs and nature as healing remedy, turning off television and never seeing another violent hollywood production, not using any chemical household products and finding natural remedies for it, practicing yoga and meditation for self empowerment and so forth. When a person makes such changes and implements them in their every day lives, ascension will feel real...........However we know that opponents of such changes will never believe in a power of spiritual awakening and connection with the creation. They will fight to the end as long as they can to continue their destructive daily practices and argue about it all day long on various internet sites.

    When we, collectively, will make changes on personal level first, the collective will finally feel the energies of personal ascesion; that's where it starts...........it starts within not witthout.....................

    • Hi Assiya,

      There are far too many people on earth who are only interested in making money regardless of environmental effects or welfare of animals. I am surrounded by people who are good in nature and well educated, but spiritual awakening is something that is against science and hence not intellectual. We need our galactic friends to help them awaken. 

    • What comes with "Ascension" under this word? Is it a gradual process of expanding awareness/conciousness by mutating and unlocking DNA and changing body structure to something that is more able to house more light and vibrate at a higher frequency? 

      Or is it an instant miraculous event that takes place like so many want it to look like? 

      What you said about being able to ascend is to stop eat meat and being a slave to this and that, it's all external things. You said that things need to be done on a personal level first what I percieved as changing external things instead of changing for isntant your intention and mindset. Would eating a piece of meat really stop you from any of those two? Like if I were to eat chicken meat that would keep me from being able to upgrade my body or "Ascend"?

      Remember, I want to first hear what your view on what the word "Ascension" brings as well and all that it's meaning. Intantaneous or gradual.


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