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I saw a UFO tonight. It had wings but didnt look like a plane....made no noise. Had lights like a plane blinking on the ends of the fat wings, and then started to move slowly straight down. It was close...if it was a chopper, it would not have wings, and I would have surely heard it. I tried to drive towards it, but it was gone.....if it was a plane,I would have seen it on the horizon from Titirangi Rd. It just dissapeared into the trees. I saw 11:11 on the clock yesterday.... I feel weird.

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I see fast moving objects as far up as the stars and I know this must be our neighbors checking in.  I have seen one that looks something like a human.  The body was thin, long and agile but the head was a bit larger and seemed to be much darker than the body.  This being scaled a wall in fraction of only a few seconds.  I wasn't afraid, but very curious. 

Hullo my friend! when I was younger, I was talking on the phone with my at the time bf. I lived in a different area of the country, known as Hunterville...toward the center of the north island in the middle of miles of farmlands. I could feel something coming closer to my room, situated at the end of the house, there was an orchard outside beyond the fence, and farmlands beyond that. I could hear the ringing in my ear causing static on the phone, and my bf asked what the noise was... I could almost see an outline of energy beyond my bedroom wall and a big black fuzz...and it was draining my energy. Just as it arrived, it slowly went away, and I could actually speak again, and describe what had happened. If it wasnt for the bf on the other end...I'd swear I was dreaming. I feel things...and it almost felt like I could feel something the other night, when I had that weird feedback sound in my ear. I know they are aware of my "awakening". I am so thankful for the internet....just so...thankful. (and libraries, lets not forget them...) I am not afraid as I used to be...I didn't understand why I would be aware more than others...or why they would want to talk to little old me... All I know is, I have encountered a few beings from different origins and plains....I do not know where they come from, what they want or anything else....all I know is, I have had contact from more than one "type" of being..... I would love to be in a silvery blue sounds awesome. I can only hope that my patience and research along with my "feelings" and divination will get me one step closer...

it is ok... it can feel weird, we have seen them also!! No worries all is well :)

thank you for sharing!! Blessings and love to you


I believe this time is significant scientifically/astrophysically speaking.  I see it all the time.  It's definitely showing us a specific time when something extraordinary will happen.  An event to watch and wait for.

Hi, can you tell us where you saw this UFO? I would love to see one although I'd imagine that it would bring up different kinds of feelings, so I can understand you feeling weird.

I am from Auckland, New Zealand. For people who don't know, that is the southern most country under Australia made up of three big(gish) islands. I live in Auckland at the break in the upper North Island. I live in the suburb of Titirangi, which is on the west coast of Auckland City. I was at the top of the hill at the time, on South Titirangi Road, and then tried to persue it in the direction I saw it in...along Titirangi Rd. My descriptiopns, should help anyone with google earth. Also, we are very close to the south pole...people literally stop in here last, before travelling to the pole itself....

me too! i saw another one on 12/12 i believe; or the day before... anyway it was a sphere of light that just fell in the sky ; could of been a shooting star ; if so GREAT; if it was someone working with me ; GREAT.

i let go of all expectations.

i allow things to arise naturally.

i am a creator god.

You truly are an awesome person! I love the things you say...I cant even describe what I mean! LOL I have to say that I think geologically speaking, I am in a good spot...especially with the coming pole shifts.... I could imagine somebody somewhere wants to keep an eye on all of us down under... The south pole is close to us in little old New Zealand...

I must say that I never really had an ignorance to any of this...I have seen things, touched things, felt things my whole life. I saw a ufo one day while lying on my trampoline when I was a kid. It was high up, and white...but was moving different to the apparent sudden swarms of sea gulls around it... it was faster, and higher and seemingly completely round...the birds were acting weird...and I distinctly remember the happenings, even now. I am 31 now, I was around ten when I saw it. The other thing I have to say is, I could never determine what was real between the dream world and when I was awake.... Childhood is vivid in all memories whether they were dreams or not....hard to tell what actually happened sometimes... so I am glad my son was there with me when we saw what we saw the other night. I am tingling more and more these I can feel the energy and electricity running through my skin....

I am now in the same 'club' as you. About 2 months ago, I witnessed up close a very large craft  'float' in about 400 yards in front of me and land on the hill across from where I was standing. I had high powered binoculars. I saw it clearly though it was night. I did not know whether to go towards it, run, freeze, or call someone. It was very pervasive in the way this reality affected my senses and sensibility. To see it on the news, then hear all of the skeptics debunk it, or hear about it from another is like seeing a bear in a cage, or being confronted by a bear in the woods. Adrenaline pumps, possibilities soar, wonderment and a form of culture shock takes over. While we were watching the craft, we were startled by a very bright  brilliant and blinding light that seemed to light the entire valley. We joked that we had just been scanned. Indeed as we wondered: we could see them (the craft)... were they watching us? I AM changed. I was also serendipitously then introduced to Marshall Vian Summers work. It is worth reading....

I don't believe you at all. Sorry.

It is interesting to me, that you cannot, or choose not to believe. Would you ever be open to the possibility that it is true. Considering the size of just this Galaxy  that earth orbits within. I wonder if it is at all logical that we might be the only beings. I don't wish to convince you, yet, just open the door of possibilities.

I am 100% behind this suggestion. Opening the doors to possibilitieds cannot be harmful because after thinking about the possibilities, we still have the opportunity to exercise our free will and say no  thank you. When I was a very young man, much younger than I am today, I used to stand outside at night and gaze up at the star filled sky. I used to wondef aboout the possibilities of us being alone in all this and I eventually came to the answer No, we cannot be alone.


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